Bobby has comic ideas


The Atom (TV program idea)

College Student Rhonda Pineda (Shay Mitchell) joins a physics class at Ivy University in Connecticut, taught by Ray Palmer (John C. Mcginley). A “washed out” super scientist who uses unorthodox methods to teach his students. As well as being known for conducting unknown experiments after class hours.

After making the acquaintance of Ray’s T.A., Ryan Choi (Orsic Chau) looking to volunteer for college hours, she accidentally walks in on an experiment Prof. Palmer is working on involving, Dwarf star matter.

After being exposed to the experiment, Rhonda becomes unconscious and is given a special belt by Prof. Palmer to regulate the energy now surging through her body.

He explains to her about his experiments with White Dwarf Star matter and how he and Ryan had found that it had a strange effect on objects. Causing them to lose mass, but retain other properties.

Palmer also explains that the belt was made to siphon off any energy that might be exposed on him or Ryan during the experiments, but that he doesn’t know how it will effect Rhonda seeing as no one has ever been directly exposed before.

Rhonda eventually finds that she has the ability to shrink while wearing the belt. With Ryan’s help, she also finds that she can control her density at any size allowing her to either gain great strength or even be light enough to glide on air currents.

Using some various materials, Ryan makes her a suit and convinces her that she should use her powers for a purpose, to do some good in the world. Wary at first, thanks to the sudden change in her life, Rhonda accepts the idea and calls herself the Atom.

The two become a team, Ryan being her support and Rhonda doing the field work, looking for any problems they might be able to solve. Prof. Palmer acts as a mentor of sorts, keeping their secret as long as the two of them stay safe. Although he apparently has a few secrets of his own.

Comics you should let me write

DC: Untitled Noir Detective book featuring J'onn J'onzz/ Martian Manhunter and King Faraday as the lead duo.

The book would detail the origin of Martian Manhunter. Going from a Scientist and father, to a super soldier in a war he doesn’t want to fight, to an unwanting and unwanted visitor to earth. After spending a few years on earth in secret trying to find a way home, he is tracked down by Agent King Faraday.  At first Faraday believes J'onn to be a threat, but after a face to face discussion and J'onn showing him his history though telepathy, Faraday offers J'onn a job and a way to make a difference in the world.

Over a course of ten years, during the mid 50’s to early 60’s in a noir setting. The two being sent on assignments to solve supernatural crimes ranging from Alien, Scientific abomination and the other worldly.

Various characters such as Jason Blood, Giovanni Zatarra, Circe, and Solomon Grundy would make guest appearances or play a pivotal role to the plot of the story. 

Most importantly Martian Manhunter in a suit.

I had this neat dream about this kid who was a superhero in his neighborhood in New York. He didn’t have a secret identity, but he was being taught by his mom and a down and out former superhero who people called Clark. The kid had a metal shape shifting exo suit. His mom was a nurse and Clark had super strength and flight as well as this protective gel he could put on things to protect them from impact.

I wish I could draw cause I have an idea for a sick ass Magneto redesign that has him wearing a multi layered armor made of thin, malleable, but durable metal. And he would still have a boss cape and helmet, but the helmet’s design would reflect the whole No mind reading thing.

The whole point of my Martian Manhunter noir show would be a test of J'onn’s morality. Because of him being away from Mars for so long and having no idea if his people are alive or not and having to live on earth which is obviously less developed. Plus working as an agent with King Faraday and knowing how easy he could take care of most of these situations, but realizing the moral implications of using his powers to much. Specifically telepathy.