It may not seem like alot, but for me it is ! I started out small. When i started writing, I had absolutely 0 people. I have released two stories and now, I have 200 !! You guys, like I want to cry.

In celebration of my achievement, I’d really like for y'all to push me as a writer…

Send me a one shot request/drabble of whatever you’d like. Supernatural pairings please. It could be any ship, x reader, or even, just a silly winchester moment.


Send me a one liner. Example: “He was so mad, he didn’t know whether to rip the giraffe in half or cry.” And i will make a beautiful story to accompany it. Also let me know of character you’d like to pair it with.


Send me a description of yourself, and I’ll pair you with a character. And I’ll write you a small drabble of your meeting.

I’m so happy ! Please, i hope you guys are motivated to send me anything ! You guys are amazing and I’d like to appreciate y'all. ❤

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Somewhere, Someday, part five

Characters – Sam x Reader, OC x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Cas

Summary – The reader’s father fights to get custody back; Bobby and the Winchesters do what they can to help.

Word Count – 6,580 (Oops!)

Warnings – Child custody fight, allegations of neglect and abuse; eventual self-esteem issues, depression, verbal/emotional abuse

A/N – Please read the author’s notes at the end of the story! 

Catch up: Part One, Part TwoPart Three, Part Four

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“Mr. McKinnon, will you please take her down to the car?  I’ll follow in just a moment.”

Mr. McKinnon took hold of your arm again, gentler this time, and began to lead you out the door. “Wait!  Please wait!  Can’t I say goodbye?”

“I’m sorry.” He muttered, pulling you out of the apartment.  The last thing you heard was your father shouting at Ms. Clark, and Bobby trying to calm him down.  Sam’s face was the last thing you saw; he looked as terrified as you felt.

The ride into Sioux Falls seemed to take forever.  The car was uncomfortably silent, with your sniffles and shuddering breaths the only noise.  Ms. Clark had initially attempted to ask you questions about your home life, your apartment, and your dad, but when she was met with your look of scorn, she soon gave up. Mr. McKinnon didn’t say a word once you left the apartment building, though all the way down the stairs, he was trying to tell you that it was really a good thing you were being taken away from your “horrible situation.”

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