Bobby Draper

Okay, but THIS woman. What do we say about her? Bobby Draper of The Expanse AKA Frankie Adams, a New Zealander of Samoan descent. Not only is she a respected boxer and an awesome actress, but she was very clear that she wanted a role she could identify with. 

“Adams, reached via phone just before the show’s premiere, said that when she found out she got the part she “screamed in excitement,” as not only was she excited to play a character with her same ethnic background — something that happens very rarely for her — but the character of Bobbie met at least a few of the things she looks for in a role. ‘Do I agree with the things she does, yes or no? Would I get a crush on this woman, yes or no?’”


Bobbie Draper in The Powerful Women of The Expanse Promo

She would cut off an arm or a leg for Mars, basically. But also, I’m really excited about when you get to see Bobbie in a more vulnerable light. It’s really important for people to see she’s not just this stoic woman all the time. - Frankie Adams
‘The Expanse’: How The Syfy Series Found the Unfindable Actress (Which Means Other Shows Can, Too)
The men behind adapting the popular “Expanse” novels to the screen faced a massive challenge in Season 2 — finding the perfect actor to play a beloved favorite.
By Liz Shannon Miller

The key priority for them was finding someone who matched the book’s description to a T: “Someone who is of Polynesian descent or looks Polynesian and six feet tall and can have this strength and then also this vulnerability behind it,” in Ostby’s words.