Another new hair mesh? On the same day? I’m on a roll!

This is a cute maxis match long bob! I based it off the get together bob, as I really liked its style but I never used it because it only suited a few sims… so here is my own, revamped version! It comes in 18 EA colors.

  • requires get together (i tried to make it bgc but it didn’t work D: )
  • 18 swatches
  • custom thumbnail
  • the back of the hair goes through thick tops on some sims, but it’s not noticeable ingame.
  • follow my tou when using please :)
  • recolors are allowed but please don’t include the mesh :)
  • tag me in any posts you use with the hair, i’d love to see it!
  • download here! (sfs)


- lilssims xx

Make The Cut

Last year we saw a massive influx of celebrities and bloggers all making the decision to take off a few inches of hair. Emma Watson and Taylor Swift had been one of the first celebs to start the trend before it was taken on by many other girls, including YouTuber Zoella. All have taken on the new hairstyle known as the ‘long bob’, but why has this style been so loved?

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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 2 (NSFW)

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It was the morning after the night I slept with Bill, we’d both completely sacked off dinner and just ended up falling asleep.

I squinted as the sunlight poured out from behind the lightly coloured blinds in my bedroom, and rubbed my eyes with my fists.  

I let out a yawn before turning my head to the side and my heart almost stopped at what I saw, Bill wasn’t lay next to me, we always slept in my bed together, even after last night I had no doubt that he’d stay and spoon me like usual.

I covered my face with my hands and almost wanted to cry, he’d obviously got freaked out from the activities of the night before and changed his mind about being my best friend.

I was distracted mid melt down when I heard slight rustling coming from down the hallway, it sounded like it was coming from either my lounge or my kitchen as it was open plan.

My eyes narrowed and I hastily jumped out of my bed, it was lucky that I’d managed to throw a t-shirt and fresh underwear on last night before we fell asleep, so I was pretty prepared to face my intruder.

I crept out of the bedroom, my feet softly padding against the thick pile of my dark grey carpet.

I held my breath as I rounded the corner, bracing myself to deal with whatever or whoever was coming.

I breathed a sigh of relief when all I saw from my within my kitchen was Bill cutting up some fruit, completely unaware that I was staring so intently at him.

“You stayed.” I breathed, my arms falling loosely at my sides.

Bill jumped, slightly startled as he was completely unaware of my presence.

He lifted his head to face me, a gentle smile graced his perfect lips. He was stood at the counter, a knife in one hand and the other dropping strawberries into a bowl. He only wore his boxers, his torso completely bare and oh so inviting.

“Of course I stayed, why wouldn’t I have?” He frowned, watching as I walked towards him and perching myself on one of the stools at my breakfast area.

I shook my head and nervously ran my fingers through my blonde waves, they rustled around my shoulders in a long bob, messy from last nights antics and from sleeping.

“About last night… it was crazy. I don’t know what came over me, I’m so sorry.” I blushed, shaking my head in disapproval over my behaviour.

“Mya…” Bill trailed off, dropping the knife to the counter and wiping his hands on a towel.

“What happened was a mistake, Bill. It won’t happen again, it was stupid of me to tell you those things. To be quite honest, I’m embarrassed.” I admitted, watching as Bill frowned further.

“Was it not good for you? I mean, I thought I did a pretty rad job.” He chuckled, pushing some hair out of his eyes.

“It was great, fantastic even. But this will ruin our friendship and like I said, I’m not ready to lose you. You’re my only friend and I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t in my life, what happened between us definitely can’t happen again.” I confessed to Bill, looking on as he bit the side of his thumb while his other arm was crossed over his side.

“Well, okay, I guess.” He murmured, a look of hurt and sadness spread across his features.

I sighed to myself and hopped off the stool, walking round the counter to him. I wrapped my arms around his slim waist and rested my head against his bare chest, taking in his smell.

Bill immediately responded and I felt his whole body relax, his long arms wound around me and his chin rested upon my head.

“I’m not ready to lose you either.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

I was glad we were on the same page and I’m thrilled it hasn’t cost us our friendship, I just hope we can move on from it and forget that it ever happened.

“What time are you working today?” I inquired, moving away from him briefly to taste some of the fruit he’d chopped up.

“I’m not, I don’t need to be at the location until tomorrow. Don’t you have the same rota?” He questioned and I thought it over for a second, chewing slowly on a strawberry.

“I’ve lost track of where we’re at, is it sunday today?” I wondered, Bill nodded and I continued. “Can you drive me down with you? If we’re there all day then it makes sense, I’ll put my kit in your car.”

“Yeah that’s cool, it does make sense. I’m gonna grab a shower while you eat, save me some.” He replied, kissing my forehead again quickly before disappearing down the hallway and out of my sight.

Last night had really messed with my head, it was like Bill had relieved all my tension and made me forget about my worries.

I’d been so anxious about working on this new movie that Bill had been cast for and I don’t know why, I’d done make up for big jobs quite a few times, but the way Bill treated me last night just erased all the worry from within my body.

I shook the thoughts from my head and tidied up the counter top, leaving a bowl of fruit for Bill and placing a cup of coffee next to it, ready for when he finished showering and I could hop in.

I made my way out of the kitchen and down the hallway, past the bathroom and back into my bedroom, preparing for my shower.

I clipped my hair back and pulled out fresh underwear and a new t-shirt, I laid my jeans out next to Bills on the freshly made bed that he had obviously tidied up.

I heard the shower turn off and it was a few moments before Bill walked into my bedroom, his body bare apart from the clean boxers he was wearing, no doubt found in the stash of spare clothes he keeps here. His hair was wet and slightly dishevelled from where he’d rubbed it with a towel, he flashed a grin at me.

“All yours.”

“Cool, thanks. You better not have used all the hot water, you took forever!” I laughed, causing him to roll his eyes.

“Well, sorry…”

I burst out laughing and hit the bare skin on his side, he attempted to grab me but I was too quick and dashed to the bathroom.

Once inside I proceeded to cleanse my face and brush my teeth, spitting the minty remnants into the sink.

I pulled my t-shirt off and caught a glimpse in the steamed up mirror, my eyes widened.

I had bruises beginning to form in the shape of finger marks at my hips, with red scratches accompanying them.

I laughed quietly, I knew he’d leave marks.

I removed my underwear quickly, goosebumps erupting on my skin from being naked.

I turned the water on and briefly waited for it to get warm before unclipping my hair and throwing the clip onto the bathroom side, hopping into the shower cubicle, sighing in relief as the warmth of the water cascaded down my body.

I grabbed my shampoo, lathering it through my hair, inhaling the sweet aroma as it washed out, leaving a trail of suds in its path.

It felt good to scrub my body clean, although I was slightly sore from where Bill had grabbed me.

I reached my fingers up to my lips, running them over the skin. I smiled at the thought of how they were plumper than usual, no doubt from the intense kisses we shared.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of how good it felt, how good he made me feel.

I let out an audible scream the second I felt hands on me, spinning around in fright.

I wiped some water from my face, wearing pure shock as my expression.

“Bill, what are you doing?” I asked, facing him.

His eyes were dark with lust as he ignored my face and focused on my wet skin, he was completely naked despite just being dressed, he was also now wet again.

His head snapped up, our eyes connected.

“What you said was bullshit, I know you better than you know yourself. I know how much you enjoyed me fucking you, and you know how much you enjoyed it.” He grinned, gripping my waist and forcefully pushing me against the tiles of the shower.

I couldn’t speak and I definitely wasn’t going to stop him because he was right, what I said was bullshit.

His lips were at my neck, sucking and biting. I writhed in pleasure, arching into his touch.

“Don’t leave any marks.” I managed to let out, he nipped at my neck before pulling back and smashing his lips on mine.

I eagerly kissed back, my hands tangling in his dark blonde hair.

His large hands wondered down my waist, over my hips and one of them slipping between my legs.

My head tipped back against the tiles and a small moan left my lips as Bill rubbed my clit, moving one finger inside of me.

I couldn’t take the feeling of him not being inside of me, I had a burning desire for him and he knew it.

“Fuck me.” I demanded, grabbing his wrist to stop him from moving his hand.

Bill looked up at me with water dripping from his hair, licking his bottom lip and nodding, pursing his lips.

“You don’t need to tell me twice.” and with that he’d picked me up, wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my back against the tiles, entering me at the same time.

“Oh my god.” I gasped, clutching at his shoulders as he thrusted hard into me.

His ego must have grew ten times larger and I could tell by the look on his face, he was pleased with himself.

“Say my name.” He demanded, pounding harder and faster.

I all but screamed his name as I felt myself unwinding around him, my body convulsed in a fit of pleasure as he pushed me back hard against the tiles and thrusted harder if that was even possible, and it wasn’t long before he was finishing, panting into my neck.

He managed to keep me supported around his waist, kissing me gently.

We started into each others eyes for a few minutes, before Bill shook his head with a little grin.

“Let’s do that again.” He insisted, causing me to tip my head back with a laugh.

He was impossible.


Chapter 2 is here! I just want to say thank you for the great feedback, i can’t believe all the notes its got and all the messages i’ve received. I’m so glad you’re all enjoying it, hopefully chapter 3 will be up tomorrow!

(I really hope this build up is as worth it to anyone else but me)

So Bob and Suzanne keep up regular communication about their boys, even though Bob is partly doing it to learn more about his son’s new boyfriend and Suzanne is partly doing it for bragging rights with her friends.

One day when Bitty is visiting back in Georgia, Suzanne calls all “oh Bob, I just have to say how much it means to us that Jack still calls Dicky to help him with hockey, especially being so busy now!”

Bob is sort of agreeing but kind of confused because from Jack’s detailed gushing, Bitty doesn’t really need that much help these days, so he’s curious where this is going.

“I know I shouldn’t have listened but I was just changing over the towels in the bathroom and couldn’t help but overhear those two talkin’ on the phone about Dicky being captain…tryin’ a new role or somethin’. So sweet! Dicky kept sayin’ how easy Jack makes it look and how he had no idea how much work was involved until he was in that position himself! And I could just tell Jack was giving him all kinds of reassurance because Dicky got so passionate, sayin’ how he waned to keep tryin’ and he was sure he’d be able to make it last. There was all this talk about how Dicky’s so little he prefers to let the bigger guys go for it and Jack must’ve said somethin’ about ‘only doing what’s comfortable’ and ‘nothing to prove’ and knowin’ that Jack wouldn’t be at all disappointed if Dicky chose to back out because he should only do what feels natural to him. Oh Lord, I coulda cried over how much my boy looks up to that son of yours!”

Bob is like turning purple trying to hold in his laughter and Alicia thinks he’s having a heart attack until he scribbles it out onto a piece of paper and she’s rushing into the bedroom so she can shove her face into a pillow and not shriek with laughter.

They both feel so guilty and mean for laughing and they love Bitty’s innocent Southern family but holy shit the Zimmermann’s are bawdy and get wine drunk and have said the word ‘bottoming’ in front of their son more than once before he threatened to disown them.

Some time after….

So when Bob visits Providence and is watching an Aces game with Bitty while Jack is at practice, he totally picks up on the drop in temperature in the room when Kent’s face is on screen and he wants to do his future-son-in-law a solid but isn’t sure how.

The commentator is blowing smoke up Kent’s ass saying “you just can’t find a better play maker, the guy can score, he has speed, doesn’t shy away when he’s switched to defense… I mean, is there any position Parse hasn’t tried at this point?”

Bitty doesn’t react.

So Bob takes a long glug from his glass, looks over at Bitty and raises the glass in his direction.

“Sure is. Just ask Jack.”

Then Bob has like, tears in his eyes even though Bitty looks like he’s about to throw up or hug Bob or both.