can we talk about “Mr Jack’s Dad”

  • bob zimmermann is the original Meme Dad and i will not be convinced otherwise
  • so naturally, he does not let this go
  • the first time bitty gets a birthday card from the zimmermann’s they’ve signed it love, alicia and mr jack’s dad
  • when jack and bitty get engaged, bob nudges bitty’s elbow and says “well, congratulations, mr jack’s fiancé
  • at their wedding bob cracks it out in his speech, bitty buries his blushing face in his hands as soon as he hears “let me tell you about the first time i met eric” 
  • when will it end
  • alicia doesn’t manage to hide her laughter and bitty feels BETRAYED, they’re supposed to be in this together, dealing with their zimmermeme men
  • when bitty and jack eventually have a baby they name her jacqueline, after jack’s late grandmother
  • bob and alicia come over to see her for the first time and bob is cradling little baby jacqueline in his arms, alicia at his elbow, cooing at the little bundle
  • jack has an arm around bitty and they’re both staring fondly at the newest addition to their little family when, all soft, jack says, “there are three of us now”
  • bitty smiles
  • poor bitty
  • jack looks directly into his dad’s eyes and says, deadpan “three mr jack’s dad’s”
  • bob has never been more proud of his son
  • bitty wants a divorce