Make The Cut

Last year we saw a massive influx of celebrities and bloggers all making the decision to take off a few inches of hair. Emma Watson and Taylor Swift had been one of the first celebs to start the trend before it was taken on by many other girls, including YouTuber Zoella. All have taken on the new hairstyle known as the ‘long bob’, but why has this style been so loved?

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Energy [m]

Summary: You were Jungkook’s sunbae and trusted mentor, you never intended to seduce him but when you turn him on after a performance, when he already has pent up sexual energy coursing through his system, it leads to something explosive.

Rating: M

Warnings: None. It’s pretty vanilla just super explicit.

You were standing in the corridor when Bangtan came offstage, waiting with a cheerful smile for your favorite dongsaeng. Though there were a lot of newer artists who looked up to you, and you tried to look after them, Jeon JungKook was the only one that you made an effort to never forget.

You had taken him under your wing, so to speak, ever since he said on TV that he wanted you to be his mentor in singing. It was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen. You were really flattered, especially since he made a cute little video message to you saying that he really respected you as an artist and was your biggest fan.

Over time you came to really admire JungKook too. Something about him struck you as special from the moment you first met. You thought he was a really talented artist and you were sure to always encourage him or brag on him to others whenever you had the opportunity. You always wanted to help JungKook in any way possible.

That night your group and his were performing on the same awards show so you had made a mental note to say hi to him. Your schedule was really tight, so it had to be now. Even though you hated to bug him when he first came offstage it was better that than to lose your chance altogether. And so you were there when Bangtan came down the hall, laughing and talking, sweaty and buzzed from their successful set.

“JungKook,” you called out when he got close enough to hear you.

When he saw you his already happy expression seemed to brighten even more. While his group members carried on to their dressing room he came over to greet you, smiling his brilliant smile at you.

“Hi noona,” he said, his honeyed tone caressing your ears as usual. You had noticed that JungKook seemed to be born with a particularly pleasing voice but it still surprised you how you never got sick of hearing it. “Did you watch us just now?”

You nodded. “The performance was great. You worked really hard,” you said, beaming and practically bursting with pride.

“Really? Thank you,” he said, starting to blush and fidget and play with his hair. “I’m so glad you liked it.” 

You could have sworn that he glanced down your dress at your cleavage, but you knew you must have imagined it.

“I always enjoy watching you perform,” you said. Then you immediately wondered if it sounded pervy?

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Bob says Hello.

Long after the war with the Giants and the suffering and everything Percy and Annabeth were lying on the deck of the Argo II and looking at the Stars.

They saw a gleaming constellation that looked like a girl with a bow running across the sky.

Annabeth felt her heart tighten with Nostalgia.

But there was another bright patch of stars that looked like a burly mess of Silver in a Janitor’s Uniform and It seemed to spell something-It said Hello.

Percy started crying.

Annabeth snuggled into him and put her hand on his cheekbone wiping away the tears. He pursed his lips and kissed her.

Suddenly a cat dropped down from the sky startling them. It was a Skeleton Cat, with a familiar face. Annabeth picked it up.

‘I think I’m going to call it Gingersnow.’

Trimberly Short Fic

Based on the prompt:

“I borrowed your pen and it’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t returned it because every time I talk to you, I am reminded of the massive fucking crush I have on you which always ends up leaving me speechless” AU courtesy of daeguarchives

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She knows it’s been long overdue and at this point she practically owns the damn thing, but Trini can’t seem to bring herself to return the pink and silver ballpoint pen back to its rightful owner.

Twirling it skillfully in hand, the bland monotone voice of their history teacher - who Trini’s fairly certain is just a clone of Ben Stein - drones on in the background of her daydreams as images of Kimberly vividly flashes in her mind. Her sarcastic gibes, no holds barred attitude, and a smile so positively radiant that it can cure cancer (it’s a scientific fact) Kimberly is by all means everything that Trini didn’t even know she wanted in life.

And now she’s everything she needs.

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