Zach Shedd (Hank 3 & The Damn Band / Assjack, Hellbound Glory, Slim Chance & The Can’t Hardly Playboys, Satan’s Teardrops), Bob Wayne (Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies) and Wayne “the Train” Hancock recording “Everything’s Legal In Alabama” from Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies’ Outlaw Carnie album.

Winter 2011

We’re all gonna die alone. You can’t sing to a pile of bones, and there’s no such thing as love. So we might as well have some fun, and the bedrooms always warmer than the grave.
—  Bob Wayne (Love Songs Suck)
DC Relaunch “Not A Reboot”

With a lot of panic and speculation around the internet over DC’s proposed rebooted franchise, many fans have fallen victim to the hysteria of September rebooting the DC line of comics, wiping established continuity.

DC Senior VP Sales, Bob Wayne has sent another letter to retailers, outlining just how the renumbering will be handled with the new same day print and digital release.

Most significantly, however, for fans is the following comment in the letter:

“And by the way, let me just reiterate this point: this is the launch of the New DCU. It is not a “reboot.” I think you will soon discover why that is.”

[Bleeding Cool]

You can check out the letter in full at the source.


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