Click here to support Lil Sebastian's Vet Bill Fund by Zoe Benfield
Help me get this kitten to the vet and have dangerous abscesses lanced!

On 6/21/15, I found a tiny long-haired bob-tail kitten in a bush in my great-grandparents’ yard. She’s the friendliest kitten I’ve ever come across, and takes well to anyone who is kind to her.

While checking to see if she was born with no tail or if it had been cut off in some horrific accident, I noticed that she has an abscess (possibly more than one) on one of her anal glands. This is a condition that is common and treatable in cats, but can become life threatening if not treated soon enough. We are in a race against time to get Lil Sebastian to a vet to have her abscess(es) lanced by a professional before they rupture on their own and cause further infection. Abscessed anal glands can make defecating uncomfortable, painful, and even impossible for a cat, and Lil Sebastian has not defecated since she’s been in our care.

Donations to this fund go toward Lil Sebastian’s vet visit(s) to pay off examination fees, vaccinations, and treatment of her abscess(es).

As always, if you cannot contribute, sharing is extremely helpful!

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