Bob Fisher

I accidentally became one of those pop culture witches like I totally wasn’t intending it but now I’ve got a pantheon of deities that include

  • Bob Ross - god of art, love, and kindness
  • David Bowie - god of kick ass music, bisexuality, and being rad
  • Carrie Fisher - goddess of self love, sass, and wisdom
  • Keanu Reeves - god of chaos and youth
  • Oscar Wilde - god of homosexuality, literature, and sass

In Carrie Fisher’s autobiography/stage show there’s a little section where she talks about meeting Bob Dylan and I thought it was pretty funny so here it is:

“(Dylan) was calling because this cologne company had contracted him to see if he would endorse a cologne called Just Like a Woman. Now Bob didn’t like that name, but he liked the idea of endorsing a cologne. And he wanted to know if I had any good cologne names. Do I look like someone who would be wandering around with a bunch of cologne names rattling around in my head? Well, tragically, I did. I did have quite a few ideas for cologne names and so I told them to Bob. There was Ambivalence, for the scent of confusion. Arbitrary for the man who doesn’t give a shit how he smells! And Empathy-feel like them and smell like this. Well, Bob actually liked those! And then he said he thought he might like to open a beauty salon, and I said, ‘What? Like Tangled Up and Blown?’

 Anyway, a couple of weeks later, I saw George Harrison at this dinner party, as one does, so I tell him that Bob called and he said, ‘Don’t worry, because you know whenever Bob is on the road for a long time, he starts thinking about finding a regular job. You know, a job that will take him off the road.’ It turns out that Bob had phoned George the week before to see if he wanted to open The Traveling Wilburys Hotel.

So, a short time after this, I invite Bob to a party at my house and he arrives with his girlfriend (who was my neighbor at the time) and he’s wearing a parka with sunglasses. And I say, ‘Thank God you wore that, Bob, because sometimes late at night here the sun gets really, really, bright and then it snows.’

Later, at the party, I introduce Bob to Meryl Streep, and he takes her hand and says, ‘Oh, yeah, I know you. You were great in—.’ And while he’s holding her hand, she now has to go through what turned out to be basically all of her movies, which takes a while, becuase his favorite turns out to be—Ironweed.”

-Carrie Fisher, Wishful Drinking, pgs. 102-103


Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

Directed by Rian Johnson

Cinematography by Steve Yedlin

I’m sorry, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how talented (& attractive) young Australian stars are?


Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher  (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016)

“One of the great things to pretend is that you’re not only alright, you’re in great shape. Now to have that come true - I’ve actually gone on stage depressed and that’s worked its magic on me, ‘cause if I can convince you that I’m alright, then maybe I can convince me.”