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  1. pass the cranberry sauce- bobs burgers
  2. stan wrong song -gravity falls
  3. lion’s mane demo- steven universe/jeff liu
  4. everybody needs a thneed- lorax company
  5. GF night of enchantment musak- gravity falls/brad breeck
  6. pig is soos 2- gravity falls/brad breeck
  7. eye water- snk st/hiroyuki sawano
  8. The Christmas Song- Nsync
  9. Thats Unusual- Steven Universe/AiviSura
  10. Rick and Morty Remix_- WASD
  11. Strawberry Battlefield/The Sleeping Pyramid- Steven Universe/AiviSura
  12. Almost There- Steven Universe/AiviSura
  13. On The Run- Steven Universe/AiviSura
  14. For the First Time in Forever- Frozen
  15. After These Messages- Steven Universe/AiviSura
  16. God Bless The Child- Simpsons/Yeardly Smith
  17. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye- Train
  18. All That Matters- Estelle
  19. Nobody Needs a Thneed Demo- Lorax Company
  20. Steven Universe Season 2 intro

I didn’t skip any songs but I will disclaim and say I haven’t listened to some of these much at all and they aren’t what I usually listen to so take with a grain of salt.

tagging manicpanicroom (as tho I dont know it’ll be 90% weird al hahah), eldritchbooky lapisbepis dismaydreamer beyourowndensity gruvvulous dokiis

idk why but I was listening to Welcome to the Black Parade on really good headphones and I heard a little bit of the bob’s burgers theme song

I have no life