Bob's Burgers


ayyy finally figured out my lineup!

Friday - I’m gonna be God Tier Dave, thanks to the help of @hellachu, @wwheat, @dicaxasinus for lending me stuff to do it because if not I wouldn’t be doing anything for friday tbh. Expect to find me at the homestuck shoot!

Saturday - Starting the day off as Condesce, with a Signless possibly? But that might be only at the homestuck shoot. I’m really excited to debut her though! Later that day I’m gonna be switching to Equius and technically dead Equius for a CMV and normal Equius for a private shoot. Then at night I’ll be doing Boxerstuck!Equius for the Drawstuck party with my squad also doing boxerstuck!

Sunday - I’m gonna be Tina until I finally hit the road and head back home. I’ll be doing a little Bob’s Burgers group with @xainagal as my mom and @wwheat as my dad! I’ll also have my erotic friendfiction as well and anyone is free to write in it! I’m probably gonna check on the Homestuck shoot again? That’s where I will linger.