Bob Sheldon

Stop treating the characters of The Outsiders like one dimensional tropes.

Ponyboy is a caring dreamer, but he’s also judgmental and immature.

Sodapop is happy-go-lucky and friendly, but he’s also reckless and damaged.

Darry is under a lot of pressure and has limited patience, but he’s also protective and arguably the most selfless character in fiction.

Dallas is dangerous and angry, but he’s also loyal and protective.

Johnny is anxious and sad, but he’s also a compassionate dreamer.

Steve is angry and violent, but he’s also emotional and intuitive.

Two-bit is a lazy drunk, but he’s also fiercely protective of his friends and cheerful.

Cherry is reserved and caught up with social status, but she’s also brave and understanding.

Bob is hateful and violent, but he’s also desperate and passionate.

Randy is judgmental and violent, but he’s also insightful and ready to grow.

Some Socs are obnoxious and dangerous, but some Socs are fun and friendly.

Some greasers are loyal and brave, but some greasers are violent and angry.

The book is narrated by somebody who sees others as very black-and-white, good-or-bad… but that isn’t the truth of the characters or the world.

The zodiac signs as characters from the outsiders
  • Aries:Steve Randle; forthright, quick-tempered, confrontational
  • Taurus:Marcia Michelle; dependable, loyal, likes luxury and comfort
  • Gemini:Two-Bit Mathews; youthful, witty, lack of direction
  • Cancer:Ponyboy Curtis; creative, emotional, resentful, clingy
  • Leo:Bob Sheldon; ambitious, confident, arrogant, charismatic
  • Virgo:Cherry Valance; mature, responsible, intelligent, aloof
  • Libra:Sodapop Curtis; flirtatious, diplomatic, easygoing, charming
  • Scorpio:Dallas Winston; intense, secretive, loyal, vindictive
  • Sagittarius:Angela Shepard; adventurous, blunt, charming, tempestuous
  • Capricorn:Darrel Curtis; ambitious, responsible, loyal, traditional
  • Aquarius:Randy Adderson; friendly, analytical, a free-spirit, idealistic
  • Pisces:Johnny Cade; kind, sensitive, compassionate

37 minutes into the Outsiders movie, right as he’s explaining to Ponyboy why he killed Bob, Johnny starts frantically clawing at the dirt, while still talking to Ponebone, and then PUTS THE DIRT THAT HE GATHERED INTO HIS FUCKING POCKET. I AM NOT KIDDING, CHECK MY FUCKING FACTS, HIS SHOULDER MOVEMENTS WHEN HE ZOOMS IN SUGGESTS THAT HE PUT THE DIRT HE COLLECTED INSIDE OF HIS POCKET. I am laughing so hard because imagine how weird it would be when the nurses were changing him out of his clothes after the fire and they’re just like “such a brave boy, running into a burning chu- is this fucking dirt in his pocket.”

Outsiders misinterpretations that I see constantly:

Ponyboy: Cute, completely understanding and accepting of all of his surroundings and the people around him. No ignorance here.
Sodapop: Stands around and looks like a pretty, fragile creature. Would never do anything reckless.
Darry: Constantly serious and angry. Cold expression. Never moves. Eternal, jagged rock lodged in the Earth’s core.
Dally: Amazing. Perfect. Not a bad bone in his body. Would never hurt anyone. Wants to treat a girl like a princess, have her babies, give her all of his money, cook for her constantly. Wouldn’t ever think about intense illegal activity.
Johnny: NEVER STOPS STUTTERING. Apparently blushes so much that you could cook a fuckin pizza on his face.
Two-Bit: Would sacrifice his girlfriend in the name of Mickey Mouse. Always makes stupid, annoying jokes without any wit, rhyme, or reason.
Steve: Complete joke without any sense of intelligence or problem solving

Cherry: Disgusting witch who gets in the way of queer ships
Bob: Absolutely repulsive, no character even assigned to him

  • Me:if you are taking requests I'd like one where Johnny kills cherry instead of bob because she tried to touch dally and no one touches dally because he's too pretty
  • Everyone in the fandom:*stares*