Boaz Priestly


Pairing: Priestly x Reader

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Swearing I think

Prompt: Priestly and Y/N close up and clean up the sandwich shop after being short staffed. They break the silence by playing a game of truth or truth, ending with some feelings being expressed.

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You smiled at Piper, taking the cleaning product from her hand. “Go home,” you encouraged, knowing Noah and Julia were there waiting for her. She wasn’t typically one to work late, but Jen called in sick and Tish was- well being Tish. That left you, Piper, Trucker and Priestly.

“Yeah, you too, Trucker,” Priestly said, motioning for Trucker to hand over the spray bottle and rag. “I think Y/N/N and I can handle it.”

Trucker gave Priestly a look, as if he really didn’t believe Pries could hold down the fort.

“Don’t worry,” you assured, noticing that look, “I’ll be here too.”

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Summary: You and your fiancé Priestly are attending your niece’s concert at school and run into a good friend and her husband and new baby, Isabelle. Priestly and Isabelle are introduced and teeth rotting fluff ensues. 

Pairing: Boaz Priestly x Reader

Word count: 1,141

Warnings: Not a single one. Priestly being heart breakingly precious? That should be a warning. 

A/N: This was inspired by a happening with a friend and I at the high school band concert a few nights ago and I couldn’t get it out of my head. Started off as a Dean x reader, but now we’re here! I’m so happy with how this turned out! Also…. I would have beat my head against a wall forever if it hadn’t of been for @dustycelt and @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms. THANK YOU LADIES FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!

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Centerfold Dance Party

Title: Centerfold Dance Party

Pairing: Priestly x Reader

Word Count: 500-ish

Warnings: Just some Priestly cuteness

A/N: This was a little challenge issued to me by @uttertrash–butlikecutetrash   The challenge was to write a Priestly fic, to use the song Centerfold by J. Geils Band, and the prompt “Behold! The field in which I grow my fucks. Lay thine eyes upon it and see that it is barren.” Enjoy!!

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Walking down the hallway to your apartment you could already hear the music blaring from your apartment. Well, actually, you aren’t totally sure it’s from your apartment. Priestly usually blasts music, but it’s usually a little more hard core than this. Turning the lock, you slowly pushed open the door as the music hit you.

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The Kilt is Sexy

This really just poured out when I saw ElRoy’s imagine. I waited a few days because I wanted her consent before posting anything, and then tumblr ate the ask and grumble grumble complaints about tumblr. But, this reader speaks a lot more like I do, so that was fun. This also started as a drabble and got just a bit out of hand. Feedback is always appreciated! Like, seriously, I’ll weep for joy. xD

Fandom: Ten Inch Hero
Pairing: Priestly x Reader
Inspiration: ElRoy’s marvelous imagine. Also, you should be following her in general. She’s kind of the best. :D
Words: 1,355
Tagging: @wayward-marvel-and-more, because without her, this wouldn’t exist.

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V-day love post - Priestley

@captainradicalpassion has made another request, Boaz Priestley. Here’s to our favorite punk with the ever-changing hair & best way to throw the middle finger salute. And don’t forget, the best t-shirts or the kilt.

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