This viral video, shared on the Fishing and Boat Ramp fails Facebook page, has been viewed thousands of times since it was uploaded yesterday. It shows a fish that’s been frozen stiff, then placed into a tub of water with another fish. It starts to defrost and, with a little encouragement, starts swimming again. Viewers have been posting comments attempting to get to the bottom of what’s actually happening in the clip. Some suggested the clip was a fake, but many others say they’d seen fish behaving in a similar way.

“I’ve seen this in person dozens of time,” claimed another. “Ice fishing in New England with extreme cold temperatures. Catch some yellow perch and they freeze almost instantly. Take them home and put them in the sink with water and they start swimming shortly after.”

“To those saying it’s fake,” one viewer wrote, “you can catch a fish and leave it in an ice slurry (has the same effect, they go stiff and pretty much just fall asleep) all day long, then fillet it and find its heart still beating so I’d pretty much believe this, especially if it was just snap frozen for a few hours or less.” (Source)

In 2005, when the most destructive and costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States struck New Orleans, tens of thousands of people would wait out the rebuilding of their city in Houston. Now it’s Houston’s moment in history to recover from an epic inundation.

Déjà vu is understandable. This week, we watch images of residents sloshing out of submerged neighborhoods, a convention center turned into an evacuation camp, orange Coast Guard choppers plucking people off of rooftops, and freeway overpasses turned into boat ramps for a spontaneous civilian-led rescue effort. Harvey produced, in some places, more than 50 inches of rain in five days, a rainfall record for a tropical storm in the lower 48.

But there are big differences between hurricanes Harvey and Katrina.

Harvey Feel Like Katrina Déjà Vu? Not So Fast

Photos: Kyle Niemi/U.S. Coast Guard;Win McNamee/Getty Images
Caption: (Left) Flooded neigborhoods can be seen in New Orleans in 2005. (Right) Flooded homes are shown near Lake Houston following Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 30.


Women standing next to a canoe on a dock, no date / src: simpleinsomnia

Peter Pan imagine


This is my first Peter Pan imagine :) Since I watch Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan is my favorite character and I was pretty sad when he died :( When I discovered that there was imagines about him, I decided to wrote one too. So, here it is and I hope you will like it! ♥ 

Characters : Peter Pan, Killian, Felix

Pairing : Peter Pan x Reader (well, it’s not really a ‘’pairing’’ )

Warning : teasing, violence, swearing, possessive/domination, fluff

Words : 1,514

‘’Peter Pan never fails, darling! You might want to stop running away before I get angry!’’ You heard the sassy voice shouted into the dark forest. 

Your heart was beating faster than ever and your breathing was heavier as well. You could felt the adrenalin flowing into your veins as you were trying - well, it’s a big word since you knew that, soon or later, Pan will found you - to hide from that psychopath. The branches were snapping you, but you didn’t care. Hell no! If getting those scratches were the price to pay to get Peter Pan away from you, you were more than ready to pay it.

‘’Come on sweetheart, tell me where you are and I promise I’ll be kind!’’

You run even faster. Tears were slidding down your face, since you really know how ‘’nice’’ he could be.

*Flash Back*

‘’Felix, bring the girl’’ Pan ordered.

His minion did has the king demanded. He approached the cage where you were trapped in and forced you to get out. Maybe you didn’t like the cage, put it wasn’t worse than being out of it. He pushed you on the floor so that you were kneeling in front of Pan.

‘’So, she’s the one that try to trick me? A girl? Pathetic’’ He scoffed, staring at you with wicked eyes.

‘’Still, It’s you who got tricked, by a girl’’ You said, arrogantly.

‘’Shut up!’’ Pan shouted. Never you heard so much hatred in a voice.

His fist were now turning white and you could tell that he was forcing himself not to hit you hard in the face. He walked toward you, staring at you with dead in the eyes. His face was now an inch from yours and you could feel his breathe blowing on your skin. He lift your chin with his thumb and a smirk grown on his face.

‘’Bring me the other pirate, maybe if she saw what happen when we annoyed me, she won’t trick me again’’

*End of the Flash Back*

You shived at the though of what might have happen to your friend. Pan didn’t killed him infront of you, like you thought he would’ve do. He only brought him away from you when you said that you couldn’t lived without him.

‘’Please, Peter, don’t kill him!’’ You begged him when Pan’s sword was on his throat. ‘’He’s the only family that I have left!’’

‘’Then, you won’t have any family left, my dear’’ He laughed.

He couldn’t care less. After that, he disappeared with him and you never saw your friend again.

‘’(Y/N)’’ Pan’s voice echoed in the forest. ‘’I know where you are!’’

‘’Then why don’t you try to catch me’’ You mumbled to yourself, feeling tiredness seizing your body.

You stopped running when you saw the fair-haired blonde boy appear in front of you. Your eyes widened and you gasp, slowly distancing yourself from the green devil. He seemed to notice it since his smirk grew bigger. He lift an eyebrow, staring at you.

‘’I thought catching you at the first place would have taken all the fun out’’

He smiled at you, making you want to throw up.

‘’Then why did you catch me?’’ You replied, distrusting him.

‘’Because I know how to keep the fun, love’’ 

He took a step closer to you, making you step back, but your back hit the tree behind you and you couldn’t distanced yourself from Peter Pan anymore. The anxiety was growing inside your stomach, becoming practically unbearable. His face was now an inch from yours.

‘’Don’t ever call me that again’’ You threated, feeling your voice trembling.

‘’Or what, love?’’ He teased you.

You darkly glanced at him, feeling powerless. If a look could kill, he’ll be more than dead.

‘’That’s what I thought’’ He laughed.

His hands leaned against the tree and one of them was know about an inch from your face while the other one was an inch from your waist. You tried to hold his gaze, but there was something about the way he looked at you that make you shived and look away.

‘’What’s wrong, love?’’ He sarcastically demanded.

‘’Stop calling me that!’’ 

You pushed him away, feeling all the anger you had kept inside of you rushing out. He stepped back. The corner of his lips lift up and he scoffed.

‘’You have fire’’ He teased you, pressing his body even closer to yours. His hand grabbed your waist while the other one toss away a strand of hair. ‘’I like fire’’

He slipped his fingers down your neck and on your collarbone. Something was burning inside your stomach and you couldn’t tell why you were feeling like that. He leaned toward your neck. You felt his lips close to your burning skin but he stopped moving when you talked.

‘’What’s your problem?’’ You gasped, trying to make your voice sound more authoritarian.

‘’Have I a problem?’’ He whispered.

He placed a kiss in the pit of your neck. Did he really think he could do whatever he wants with you? You felt his lips smirking, making your anger exploded. It took just that to gave you all the bravery you needed.

‘’YES, PAN. YOU’RE A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!’’ You screamed and pushed him, again. But this time, the bloody demon didn’t laugh. ‘’You love hurting me, you keep me in a cage, you killed my friend and now, you think that I will let you flirting with me?’’ You giggled - wait giggled?

‘’You’re crazy’’ He said, practically whispering. 

By the look he gave you, you knew you hurt him. But you couldn’t stop laughing - well maybe you were going mad because who knows what the hell he’ll do to you after what you said to him?

‘’By the way I didn’t killed Killian. I’m not a killer’’

You suddenly stopped laughing. Both of us were staring widely at each other. You struggled, trying to find out if you could trust him. You wanted to, but at the same time, you knew too well Peter Pan, at least, that’s want you thought.

‘’If what you say is real, then Killian would have come back long ago to save me’’ You replied, crossing your arms on your chest like if you challenged him to contradict you.

‘’That’s because I offered him the Jolly Roger… And because I forbided him to never come on the Island again, otherwise I would kill you’’

‘’And you say that you are not a killer’’ You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

‘’I didn’t kill you’’ He defended himself.

‘’But you would’’


A silence dropped between you two. You remembered the time you past with your friend, how you loved navigating on the ocean. You missed the feeling of the salty wind on your skin. ‘’One day, we’ll have a ship of our own, sailing on every oceans and we would be happy’’  Tears stung your eyes, threatening to fall as you remembered what your friend told you once.

‘’Why?’’ You whispered.

‘’Because I’m not a killer’’ He said while lifting one of his eyebrows.

‘’No, I mean, why did you always have to hurt me?’’

‘’I never hurt you!’’ His voice raised.

‘’Maybe you didn’t hurt me physically, but you hurt me’’ Your voice raised too and you glanced at him. ‘’All I want, is to go home, on the Jolly Roger with Killian’’ You desperately said.

‘’But you won’t’’ He stepped closer to you, his eyes suddenly turning dark ’’Because no one gets off this Island without my permission, (Y/N)’’

‘’Don’t come closer!’’ You threated him.

A tear slipped down on your cheek and you violently whipped it. He stopped himself and frowned.

‘’Let’s play a game’’ He offered.

‘’Are you serious!? I don’t fucking care about your -’’

‘’If you win, you can see Killian and if you don’t, you stay with me’’ He cut you off.

‘’What’s the game?’’ You sighed.

‘’If I can find a moment when I was nice to you, I win’’

You rolled you eyes, knowing that he might never found one.


Peter walked toward you and took your hand. You step back and frowned, trying to find out if you could trust him. He poorly smiled at you. Suddenly, smoke wrapped around both of you and you disappeared. 

You reappeared on a boat you knew once. The salty smell of the ocean infiltrated into your nostrils. The white sails were flying in the wind. You slightly touched the boat ramp, feeling every memories coming back to your mind. 

‘’Home sweet home’’ Your heard someone say.

You quickly turned to face him. Killian. His wonderful blue eyes were staring at you.


You ran toward him, hugging him as hard as possible. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you laughed as you felt tears slipping on your cheeks. He took a step back, still holding you.

‘’I thought I would never see you again’’ You said with a trembling voice.

You glanced at Pan, sparkles in your eyes, but then, you remembered the deal and you look away.

‘’I’m sorry, for everything’’ Peter Pan mumbled before disappearing.

I hope you enjoyed my Peter Pan imagine ♥


“Dan? Have you finished packing?” My mother says as she stands in my doorway at 4 freaking am in the morning.

“Yes” I grumble. I don’t want to go camping, but my parents are insisting. I hoist my bag onto my shoulder and walk out the door, hoping that I haven’t forgotten anything important like like my clothes or my portable charger.

I climb into the car and mentally prepare myself for a 5-hour car ride with my family. Oh who am I kidding? There is nothing that can prepare someone for that!

We finally arrive and I step out to stretch my legs. I see signs pointing to the campsites, and a few pointing to the bathrooms. Then I see a sign pointing to a lake. I grin and grab my swim trunks. “Hey Dad, Mum(Heyo you Brits reading this, did I get it right? I’m American so idk) I’m heading down to go swimming.” I call out as I start down the path.

*and that is where the pre-written ends* *this was a bad idea* *why am I an idiot*

I stop to change in one of the bathrooms. At least this campground is good and has actual toilets, not those pits with a plastic seat on it.(Does England have pit toilets? Ok I’m stopping with the A/ns now)

When I get down to the shore of the lake, I set my stuff down and apply sunscreen. I slowly walk into the lake, wincing at the initial coldness, but slowly adjusting as I move further in.

I dive under water and come up spluttering and shaking. “Damn damn damn that is cold way too cold why is it that cold?” I mutter as I quickly run back out.

I hear a slight laughter and turn to see my mother standing there laughing at me. I stick my tongue out at her and wade back in, shivering from the slight wind in my wet hair.

This time I go in really slowly until I’m up to my shoulders. I turn back to shore but don’t see my mum anywhere. I shrug and slowly move forward until I’m treading water. I look around for an interesting place to swim too and see a cool looking meadow all the way on the other side of the half-mile long lake. Sighing, I start to swim along the shore.

5 minutes later, I crawl up on shore to rest. I’ve barely gone 25 yards and I already need to rest. At this rate, it’ll take me all day to swim to that meadow. I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see a boy a few years older than me standing there. He has jet-black hair and bright blue eyes.

“You trying to get to that meadow?” He asks and I jump slightly. “Are you asking me?” I say in surprise and he laughs. “No, I was asking the fish swimming behind you.”

I stare at him for a few seconds before laughing too. “I’m Phil. What’s your name?” the boy- Phil- says. “Dan” I reply and he hums in approval. “Well Dan that name suits you.”

“Really?” I ask and he nods. “Really really.” He says and then chuckles softly. “What?” I ask. “Oh nothing, just a small reference. So you still want to go to that meadow?”

I nod and he comes closer to me. He grabs my hand and pulls me up. “Well Dan, I know a short cut to getting there”

He pulls me along a small path away from the lake until we reach a small house. “Uh Phil? What are we doing here?” I ask, slightly nervous as I have watched too much horror since school ended.

“This is where I live. My family owns the campground and lake.” We walk over to a truck that has a jet ski in the back. Phil lets go of my hand and walks to the drivers side.

“Don’t worry, I know how to drive” he says as he starts the car. “I’m 16 and got my drivers license about 5 to 6 months ago. How old are you, Dan?”

“Just turned 15 last month” I say (ok ok I know that they are 4 years apart but I need them to be closer in age for this to not be weird cause even tho age doesn’t matter when you are an adult, they are still teens in this and since Dan is still 15 he might find it weird that Phil is 19 cause some people are like that and why am I ranting about this? Ok I’m done with that moving on!) Phil nods and starts backing up down the boat ramp.

We load the jet ski into the water and Phil starts it up. We pull out into the water, laughing at how the wind is pushing out hair into quiffs. He swerves out into the middle of the lake and starts towards the meadow. At one point, he makes a sharp turn and I squeal and grab his waist to prevent myself from falling off. He turns to me with a raised eyebrow and I go bright red.

“Just keep going” I mutter and he laughs as he looks forward again.


“So tell me about yourself.” I say as me and Phil sit in the meadow, the jet ski parked in the shallows. He sighs and lays back.

“Well my name is Phil and I’m a boy” and glances at me when I laugh “and I’m gay” he continues and I look at him in surprise. “Hey I’m gay too!” I say and then turn red. “That came out more enthusiastic than I meant it too be.” He smiles. “Not many other gays near you?” He asks and I shake my head. “One other but something happened awhile back and we never talk anymore. But that doesn’t matter. So what’s it like owning the campground and lake?”

He sighs again. “Well there’s a town about 5 minutes away so I’m not homeschooled and I have lots of friends.” He says halfheartedly. “Then why do you sound so sad?” I ask.

He bites his lip, which I find kinda cute and Dan this is not the time! and looks away. I prop myself up on my elbows and turn him to look at me. “Phil what’s wrong?” I run through our conversation trying to figure out if I said something wrong bit come up empty handed.

“Its people like you. The cute, funny, nice, people that only are here for one summer that I befriend and then never see again. Every year people warn me. They tell me that I have to stay away from the vacationers, and every year I tell myself that I won’t do it. I won’t make a friend, and every year someone calls to me, and every year I get hurt. Every year I get over it slowly and then when I’m finally recovered, I set myself up for heartbreak all over again. I told myself I would not this year, and then I saw you, and I just had to talk to you.” Phil says.

“Oh.” I say softly and after a pause, “I could keep in touch. Give you my Skype.” Phil shakes his head.

“They always say that but never keep their promise. Sure we talk for the first few months but after that we stop. I’m sorry Dan.”

“Hey its ok. I could have run away from you but instead I talked. Its as much my fault as yours.” I say gently to him.

Phil sits up. “How long are you staying Dan?” He asks.

“We were going to stay for a week, but my parents would probably be fine staying longer.” I say and Phil sighs. “That’s longer than most….. Come on.”

Phil stands up and pulls me with him. We are standing almost nose to nose.

The light just perfect, showing the flecks of yellow and sprinkles of green in his lake-blue eyes. I’m close enough that I can feel his breath on my lips. His eyes flicker to them and I feel a blush spread across my face.

“You have such pretty eyes” he breathes and I chuckle slightly. “Going for the classic line, eh Phil?” I say and all he does is stare at me.

He leans in slightly and I know I am too. Our lips just barely brush before he pulls away. He smiles at me as we walk to the jet ski.

“Where are we going now?” I ask and his smile turns into a smirk.

“We are going to my house so I can beat you at Mario Kart” (guys its been literal years since I’ve played and I’m really tired so if it isn’t spelled with a K, then I’m sorry) I laugh and say “Philly, Philly, Philly. I am the master of Mario Kart. No one has been able to beat me since I was 7.”

“We’ll see.” is all he says as we reach the jet ski. As soon as I sit down, Phil says “Hold on tight” and takes off. I grip his waist tightly and bury my face in his neck to keep the spray out of my eyes.

He smells nice, like sunscreen and cinnamon, with an underlayer of something that could only be described as “Phil” I take a deep breath of it.

“Are…are you smelling me Dan?” Phil laughs and my face goes hot. “No….” I mumble into his neck.

“Riiiiight and you aren’t the hottest thing ever.” He says and I go even redder.

“Are you flirting with me Phil?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” He says with a grin. I roll my eyes.



“No! No no no!” I say as I throw my controller down. “Not possible! I demand a rematch!”

Phil is in fits of hysterical laughter and I glare at him. He sits up and takes a deep breath, looks at me, and starts laughing again. He finally manages to choke out “We already raced 12 times and I’ve beaten you every single time.” And then falls back into laughing.

“But I’m the Mario Kart master! This isn’t fair!” I cross my arms and stick my tongue out at him.

“You look so cute like that” he giggles and I intensify my glare.

“No one is to know about this. I am still the Mario Kart master. This never happened.” I say and he smirks.

“So I shouldn’t have taken your phone and texted everyone in your contacts that you aren’t the Mario Kart master?” he says.

I gasp and then realize I don’t have my phone with me. “Haha nice try smartass.” I say and Phil smirks.

He suddenly rolls off the couch and on top of me, propping himself up on his elbows so he’s hovering above me. My breath hitches as he leans down until his face is centimeters from mine.

“So if the race never happened, did this?” He ask before pressing his lips to mine.

I lock my hands behind his head and pull him deeper into the kiss. His tongue runs over my lower lip and I let him in, just as we hear a door slam and someone calls out “Phil? Are you home?” Phil rolls off me as we sit up.

Someone I presume to be Phils mother walks into the living room. “Hi Phil, who is this?” She asks.

I stand up and say “Dan Howell, pleasure to meet you, ma'am.” She smiles.

“Now this is a nice boy, Phil. I want you to be more like him” she says and Phil groans.

“Dan! Why’d have to be so polite? Now I’m going to have to be polite too!” He says and I laugh.

“Well it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were.” I say back.

Phils mum asks if I’m staying for lunch and I quickly look at a clock. “Ohmygosh how is it already noon?” I say frantically. I quickly run out the front door and call over my shoulder as I leave “Nice to meet you Phil’s mum but I have to get back to my family now!”

I hurry up the path to the campsites and realize I left this morning without finding out where we were camping.

“Shit, shit, shit” I mutter as I walk along the road that winds through the campground.


After about 10 minutes of walking and looking at each campsite to see if I recognized any cars or people, I run into my father.

“Dad! I found you!” I sigh in relief. He chuckles.

“I was just coming looking for you, Dan. The lake must have been pretty fun, considering you were there all morning.” He says

I smile to myself, remembering me and Phil’s kiss in the meadow, and playing Mario Kart at his house, and zooming around on the jet ski. “Yeah it was pretty great.” I say. “I’m heading back out after lunch.”

We walk a bit further to our campsite where my mother is making sandwiches. We sit at the crappy wood picnic table and I eat 4 of the sandwiches, a party-size bag of Cheetos, and down 3 bottles of water. I grab a bag of potato chips and stand up.

“I’m heading back down, see ya guys later!” I say as I start towards the edge of the campsite.

“Daniel wait up” I hear my mother say. I sigh and wait for her to catch up. We walk down the the lake, and she tells me to be back on shore by 4pm. I drop the bag of chips and my towel on the sand.

I slip into the lake and start swimming out to some rocks that jut into the water. Halfway there, I see a flash of black hair and pale skin jump off the highest rock into the water and start swimming to me. I grin as Phil’s head pops up in front of mine.

“Hey cutie” he winks and lightly kisses my cheek.

“Come on, I want to show you something.” He says and starts swimming to the rocks. I follow and climb up after him onto the formation. We clamber around on the rocks until Phil stops in front of a hidden cave leading into the biggest rock. He grabs my hand and pulls me in.

Inside the cave is a some solar power lamps, a small couch, and an ice chest. “This is my hideout.” Phil says. I look around in wonderment.

“This place is awesome!” I say. Phil laughs and drags me over to the couch. He sits down and pulls me on top of him so that I’m straddling his lap.

He leans forward so that our foreheads are pressed together and we sit like that for awhile. Slowly, I press my lips against Phil’s and he kisses back. His hands lift to tangle in my hair and I slide my hands around the back of his neck and pull us closer. My tongue slips into Phils mouth explores every inch of it. We pull back for air and then are kissing again, harder and more intense than before. Phils hands slide down from my hair to the shirt I had been swimming in and begin to tug at the bottom edge. I pull back and pull my shirt off and then attack his neck, sucking and nibbling until I find his sensitive spot. He moans and I bite down gently and he moans louder. I pull back to yank his shirt off and kiss softly and gently nibble along his collarbone, eliciting more reactions from the boy below me. Phil leans forward and picks me up, only to lay back down, but this time, he’s laying over me. He kisses me again and moves up to sit on the slight bulge in my swim shorts. I gasp when he grinds down into me and pull him closer to me. He pulls back for a brief second before moving to kiss down my chest.

All of the sudden we hear a noise outside the cave and we scramble for our shirts, barely managing to make ourselves look presentable before two boys and a girl walk in.

Phil visibly relaxes and says “Hi guys.” They greet him back and the girl asks him to introduce us.

“Dan this is Louise, Chris, and Pj. Pj, Chris, Louise, this is Dan.”

I wave shyly at them and turn to Phil. “Who are they?”

“They are some of my friends. Chris and Pj are dating and Louise has been my friend since we were 6. Me, Chris, and Louise are the same age, and Pj is the same age as you.” Phil stands up and grabs my hand. He pulls me up after him and the five of us go outside.

“Where are we going?” I ask and Phil replies dramatically “To jump off the rock!” While sticking his pointer finger in the air. We all laugh and start up the path etched into to 15 foot high rock.

While we walk I talk with Chris and Pj and learn that they have been dating for 3 years. After I make a comment about how Phil is really cute, Pj says “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Phil as happy as he was with you just now.” Confused, I ask what he means by that. Lowering his voice slightly, Pj says “Phil had some problems when his parents broke up.” I aks Pj to elaborate but he just shrugs it off, saying that Phil is fine now.

I jog slightly to catch up with Phil and we walk the rest of the path in silence.


“Nope, no way, niet, zip zero nada am I jumping off that!” I say when I look over the edge. The water looks so far away that there is not a way in hell I am going to jump off the rock.

“Come on Dan! You walked all the way up here, please?” Phil says.

“Nope.” I say, popping the ‘p’. “I will walk all the way down that path again, cause I know for sure I am not jumping off this thing.”

Phil walks over to me “What if we jump together?” He says and I bite my lip.

“Maybe…” The other three join in with Phil, saying that I should jump, that its a lot of fun, and that it isn’t as high as it looks. I sigh.

“This is totally peer pressure, but ok. I’ll jump.” I say. They all cheer and I walk to the edge. “Someone is going before me though.” Louise runs past me and leaps off, doing a back flip before diving into the water and surfacing a little ways away. Phil grabs my hand.

“Let’s go Dan.” I swallow nervously as Phil counts down from three.

“Three, two, one, go!” I steel my nerves and leap.

The wind rushes past my face as I free fall towards the water. I hear Phil yelling in happiness and then I hit the water, sinking quickly in a mass of bubbles. Phil, who is somehow still holding my hand, pulls us up to the surface. We swim over to Louise and watch as Chris and Pj jump.

Pj silently and gracefully does a few flips before diving swanlike into the water. Chris flails around like a dying fish and almost belly-flops before tucking himself into a a cannonball and screams the whole way down. The couple joins us as Phil, Louise, and I start to the rocks again.

We tromp, dripping wet and laughing into Phil’s cave. Me and Phil flop onto the couch, Louise goes to grab some sodas from the ice chest, and Chris and Pj sit on a pile of towels in front of the couch.

As Louise hands out the drinks, Chris suggests we play Never Ever Have I Ever. His rules are that the person saying it has to have done the thing they are saying before and if someone else has, they have to take a shot of soda.

“I’ll go first,” he says. “Never ever have I ever, kissed a guy before.” Everyone grabs a one of the small glasses that Phil keeps here for this exact reason and downs their soda.

“Me next.” I say. “Never ever have I ever seen a guy naked.” Again, everyone takes a shot.

Louise goes next. “Never ever have I ever had sex.” This time, only Pj is left out. Phil looks at me in surprise.

“Dan you aren’t a virgin?” He asks and I shift uncomfortably. “Yeah and I’d prefer to not go into detail, the most I’ll say is that I live in a kinda bad town.” Everyone nods understandingly and we continue the game.


“Hey anyone got the time?” I giggle. We are all hyped up on sugar and a lot more comfortable with each other. I’m leaning against Phil’s chest, his arm around me, Pj and Chris are kissing on the other end of the couch and Louise is somewhere outside in the rocks doing something that only girls have to do.

Pj unattaches himself from Chris’s face and looks at his watch. “Its 3:45, why?”

I leap off the couch. “Because I have to be back at my campsite by 4!” I say as I run out. “Bye guys see you later tell Louise I said bye!”

I run down to the water and jump in. I start swimming back to shore where I can see my mom gathering our stuff. Going faster, I manage to make it to shore just as she starts heading up the path. I run after her to catch up.

As we walk, she tells me that she was watching when I jumped off the rock and was wondering who I was with.

“Just a couple of friends I made today.” I reply.

“Well, if you want you can invite them to have dinner with us.” She says. “Really?” I say excitedly and I start to trun around.

I run back down to the lake and swim out to the rocks. I check in the cave, but no one is there and I didn’t see anyone on the path. I hop back into the water and swim over to the path leading to Phil’s house. All this exercise is going to get to me I think as I run up the path. I knock on the door and hope that they are here.

Phils mum opens it and I smile. “Hi Ms. Lester. I was hoping to ask Phil if he could come eat dinner with me and my family.” She calls out over her shoulder, “Phil, the nice boy is back and wants to know if you’d like to have dinner with his family.” Phil appears in the doorway with Chris, Pj, and Louise.

“Hi again. My mom said you guys could come eat dinner with my family if you wanted.” I say and they all agree enthusiastically.


“Mrs. Howell, these hot dogs are amazing” Phil says as he eats his 4th one.

My mum laughs. “Why thank you Phil.” We are all sitting around the campfire, Pj and my father are talking about photography, Louise and I are discussing the different uses of glitter, and Phil is eating way too many hot dogs.

“Mrs. Howell, I don’t know if you know this, but here at Lake Winnetka Campground, we do fireworks every Friday. If you’d like, you, your husband, and Dan could come watch them from my house which has the best view.” Phil says as he finishes off yet another hot dog.

“Please mum” I beg and she agrees.

After desert, where Phil somehow ate 10 s'mores despite having eaten 6 hot dogs already, we start walking to Phil’s house. It’s getting dark as we arrive and the test firework goes off as we settle down.

As I look around, at my parents sitting in lawns chairs talking with Phil’s mum, at Chris and Pj leaning against the porch railing, at Louise eating apple pie that Phil’s mum made, and finally at the boy laying next to me, I realize that I really would have been making a huge mistake, had I absolutely refused to go camping. And as the fireworks explode above us, I kiss the boy with lake-blue eyes who has given me the best day of my life. I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

florida gothic pt. 1
  • sitting on the bottom of a boat loading ramp with your grandfather just after the stars come out. he shines his flashlight out over the swamp to show you all the alligators resting on the banks. you can see the little bit of devil leftover in their eyes when the light’s on ‘em. gator-fire, he tells you. you turn to ask him why they’re so bright just as the last truck pulls out of the gravelly lot behind you, illuminating his worn face for just a second. his eyes flash red-orange in the headlights.

  • with a little practice, you can tell your future by crushing a mosquito onto your skin and reading the portents in the blot of your own blood

  • you go out on the gulf one day in the rickety little fishing boat you’ve had for years, the one streaked with rusty fishblood stains inside and too old and ugly to sell. you’re a few beers deep when the dolphins show up, dancing around and splashing, giving you a show in return for a handful of your baitfish. they stay long after they’ve finished eating, slapping your boat with their tails and spitting water at each other. you toss them the rest of your bait an hour later, chalking your empty buckets up to bad luck. you don’t notice the shadow that’s been circling the boat all morning, kept at a distance by the anxious dolphins and larger than any shark could be.

  • there are old men with small coffees and pastel shirts who skip church to sit in the park on sunday mornings. they try to teach you to play dominoes every time your mother takes you there. you’re not very good, and they chastise you kindly but urgently in spanish as they take your worn stone pieces and change them around to help you lose less awfully. they sweat into their straw hats and you catch the pained, frightened looks on their faces when you leave them without really having grasped what they tried to teach you. it’s almost like they need you to learn. like there are higher stakes than the pennies they loan you to gamble with.

    there are different men in the park every weekend, always strangers. you should have paid attention.

  • never fall asleep on the ground. the kudzu creep will find you and take you.

  • you’re driving to work early one morning, the acrid smell of smoke from a controlled burn on the northbound side of the road digging at your eyes. you’re headed south. you slow down to let a rabbit run in front of your car, out of the safe green forest on your side and toward the blaze on the other, disappearing into the smoky underbrush. rabbits aren’t too smart, so you think nothing of it until you have to brake for a family of deer, three more rabbits, and a tortoise the size of a manhole cover to cross in front of you all at once, into the small inferno on the other side. you see a black bear follow their path in your rearview mirror when you can finally start driving again. you pull into the right lane to put a little distance between your car and the safe green forest on your side.

  • the three a.m. dew in the grass feels good on your feet as you wait for your dog to stop inspecting the darkest corner of your yard. when she yelps suddenly and runs back to you, you assume the rustling and hissing you heard was just a possum, a raccoon, maybe a cat. you’re too tired to get the flashlight and make sure, so you walk back into your house, your bare feet leaving dark red smears on the tile.

  • tourists feed the alligators when they come, leaving picnic garbage in the waterways and throwing food to them directly. the gators eat, the tourists snap photos and leave, and the people left behind lose dogs and cats and limbs when the beasts are no longer satisfied with hunting, finding themselves more suited to hand-fed sacrifices.

  • if you don’t like the weather in florida, just cross the street. there’s something strange over there, and it’s definitely worse than the rain.

  • cassadaga is a spiritualist camp, a town full of psychics and mystics. or it’s a distraction from some other arcane power you’re not supposed to notice. don’t buy anything from the gift shop. don’t take anything with you when you leave.


Cylindrical steel, an unfinished
sense I am an unwashed mass,
a mastiff weighing my own paper ribs,
that annually or so some drizzling

event extended an un-endable
appendage of steamed natural-casing
hotdogs, that we’d be a whole day
outside, lakeshore in touch with infrequent

waves just enough to mimic the triptych
speech of a ten year-old deflecting among
the hosting club of angling men, and mostly
only while the boat-ramp was busy.

Nostalgia is an erroneous conclusion. I miss
no lake, no weigh-in, no pervasive smell
of fish, how bass attach to a body of water
and aerosolize it. But I failed to indulge

in and engulf any or all of the hundred
cups from a commercial percolator, mourn
the unachieved, the dark-to-dark opportunity
to take on all the coffee I would ever need.

- B B Pine

Let’s just take a minute to look at one of the prettiest views I have ever seen in my entire life.

The view of my favorite spot, in my home town, with the love of my life. The two most beautiful things in one. Watching her watch the tiny waves crash, looking at the bridge I used to run, the place I used to go on field trips to, pointing out the boat ramp my dad always went to as a kid and still goes to. My home, and my heart.

I think I fell more in love with you over the last week and I didn’t even think that was possible. Watching you laugh with my brother, cook breakfast with my mom, and hear my dad say he loves you. My heart melted into a beautiful little puddle onto the ground.

Every day. Every single minute that I’m not with you I think to myself, “I miss her”. I miss you when you’re sleeping I miss you when you’re at work and I miss you when you’re in the next room. I can’t imagine being in love with anyone else, there isn’t a more beautiful, kind hearted, stubborn, hilarious, sexy, goofy, hard working person out there.

I am so, so thankful for you.
So thankful to know the person I lay by every night and wake up to every morning loves me for me, and knows who I am inside and out. I am truly in love with my best friend.

Thankful. Lucky. Loved.💕

During Hurricane Irma, the St. Johns river rose enough to fully submerge and wash out the boardwalks that used to connect these floating docks to the boat ramp. The hinged portion of the dock, now drooping into the water, was connected to either side by hinges, designed to move along with fluctuating seasonal water levels. However this high of a river was unanticipated and now they sit as islands being utilized mainly by perching birds. 


Side effects of cheesery

Think, “sack of potatoes found in seaweed.”
Spotted as I strolled past the old boat ramp.
I run through sirimiri with great speed.

All you need is love in order to bleed.
Scoundrel dispatched thoughts, it has a time stamp!
Think, “sack of potatoes found in seaweed.”

Hide my tears, pretend it’s just from ragweed
Dye my hair blonde, this is how I’ll revamp
I run through sirimiri with great speed.

Add cheese! To forget what you can’t impede.
Cook that old recipe on the oil lamp.
Think, “sack of potatoes found in seaweed.”

He was my editor…..….who shall proofread
My crazy writing, regretfully damp.
I run through sirimiri with great speed.

Nevermore lost in your eyes guaranteed!
Nevermore shall I seek a manly champ!
Think, “sack of potatoes found in seaweed.”
I run through sirimiri with great speed.

Catawba River 2017 09 Panorama – Boat Ramp, Lake Wiley Hydro-Electric Dam, Tega Cay, South Carolina, September 12, 2017

There is you,
your heart,
your gift(s),
your tool(s).
That’s it.
Your heart connects
you with
your gift(s)
and the tool(s)
your gift requires
to be expressed,
brought forth,
made known.
You exist to serve
your heart
and your gift(s).
Your life is about
getting you
together with your gift(s)
and your tool(s).
Your life is the matrix,
the milieu,
the gestalt,
the umwelt,
the environment
that calls you
into existence.
Your first birth
is coming into being
in the world.
Your second birth
is coming into being
through the world.
Woe to the person
who is born into a culture
that has no clue
about this process,
and has to find out
for themselves
what is going on.


The difference between knowing something and seeing something

Story by Diana Marcum

Photos by Robert Gauthier

I once interviewed Woody Guthrie’s daughter, and she told me her father believed in the power of names.

Sometimes he would sing just a name over and over as a device of honor. I thought about this at the top of Oroville Dam.

There was a plaque with the names of 34 men who had died in the ′60s while building the dam, the highest in the United States.

Thirty-four. I looked it up later – there was a fiery tunnel crash that killed four. But no accident with mass casualties. This was construction workers in dangerous jobs mostly dying one by one: Orlin. Buel. Bennie. Elmer. Eino.  “Slim.”

Rob, the photographer, was nearby filming a black trash bag billowing in the wind on a dam that affects the fate of all of California. It was a hot wind that would whip up, disappear, then blow again. The temperature was well on its way to the day’s high of 106. The sky to the west was hazy with smoke from wildfires.

We were the only people in sight. (Far below us people were working inside the massive dam and power plant.)

It would be a spectacular evening full of strange clouds and a blue moon that would draw joggers to the top of the dam and fishing fans to the water.

But for now, it felt haunted. Because there’s this disconnect between knowing something and seeing something.

The lake is at 33% capacity, and photos of Oroville’s drop have been published for years. But, still, that first glimpse: My eyes traveled from the treeline down-down-down burnt-orange cliffs and finally to the water. The houseboats crowded on the narrowed lake looked like they were cars in a choo-choo train.

“Oh God,” we both said.

At the first parking lot, we could see a busy dock far (far) below. There didn’t seem to be a way to get there other than by boat, until we watched dockworker E.J. Pulley.

He jumped from rock to rock down the hillside like he was skating, then pulled himself across the last chasm on a suspended cable.

He gave a shrug about his route to work.

“It’s been like this for years now,” he said. “But if the lake gets any lower, we won’t go down. It gets too dangerous.”

At the next marina, a boat ramp still reached water. A family waited their turn to launch, in a boat on a trailer in an asphalt parking lot, already wearing their life vests.

I went down to the water to throw a stick for Murphy, navigating large rocks, then dried mud –  empty ketchup packets and clothing tags set in it like fossils – then black, wet mud as sticky as thousands of pieces of bubblegum. 

We’ve seen a lot of low lakes this trip. But this was different. Oroville is the great-granddaddy centerpiece of the State Water Project.

If you live in California, chances are very good you’re somehow tied to Lake Oroville: It supplies drinking water to more than 23 million people from Napa to San Diego, protects the Sacramento Valley from floods, irrigates the Central Valley and flushes salt from the delta. Only Shasta can hold more water.

And there’s boating and swimming.

A big hunk of Oroville, a city of 16,000, depends on summer tourists for a living.

In June, the Oroville Chamber of Commerce put out a plea for people to come visit – letting them know there’s still some water.

People aren’t coming as often – but maybe they should: Lake Oroville’s drop has become a symbol of the California drought. 

And there’s a difference between knowing something and seeing it.


This week #mypubliclandsroadtrip “Takes the Backroads” along scenic byways and highways. 

Our first stop – the Deschutes Wild and Scenic River in Oregon.

From the Oregon-Washington border past the whitewater rafting community of Maupin, the BLM manages dozens of camping sites, boat ramps and picnic areas along the Lower Deschutes. Also along the river is the 34-mile-long Lower Deschutes River Backcountry Byway. The nine-mile-long paved section ends at Sherars Falls, where Native Americans still fish for salmon using traditional platforms and nets. After that, the road is mostly gravel for another 25 miles to Macks Canyon pictured here.

Photos by Bob Wick, March 2016.

Follow all roadtrip stops this week in our Take the Backroads storymap.

Illustration by Steph Laberis.

Boat restrictions are ramping up in Florida to protect “the state’s favorite sea mammal.” Warm weather means more boat traffic, which is a potential hazard for the approximately 5,000 manatees starting to migrate to open waters from their hibernation spots in warmer, inland waters. 

Eight hundred and thirty manatees died in Florida last year, according to the state and the Save the Manatee Club. That’s the highest number of manatee deaths recorded since the state started keeping records. Boat-collision injuries caused 72 of those deaths

As the seasonal laws go into effect, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers are out to enforce the restrictions that run until the middle of November. 

“We like to call them manatee protection zones, not speed zones,” commission Capt. Gary Klein told The Tampa Tribune. "They are moving through or starting to occupy those areas for the summer.“

– Lauren (via Keith Morelli/The Tampa Tribune)

A Day at Lake Travis

Imagine a glaring, disengaged lake, surrounded by the movie Hill State on all sides and great campsites and parks nearby. How about spending a moment gangway this heaven? Come to Lake Travis, in Austin,Texas and enjoy a divine day on the lake. Whether better self pleasure to go swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, skiing lion just eat and stand under hilarity at the numerous restaurants around the lake, you boot do number one all there. Come with friends and family - spring, weep and summer!

There are billion shallop rental companies and other equipment kiosks the lake. But if you want to draw a skiboat or a pontoon craft from a irresistible provider and groundling who will deliver the boat to a designated boat ramp or park taking place the lake, i should contact Makin’ Waves Watercraft Rentals or visit\ for details on booking and rates.

Delving is one of the dean popular activities on Lake Travis. People break cover by use of their kids or their fishing buddies and fish for hours inpouring the lovely blue-green waters. This lake is famous for bass fishing (although there are infallible regulations in obligation of limits, etc.). There are many rental and outfitting agencies which can rent they the necessary fishing equipment.

After few hours as for sedate fishing, you sturdiness go on armed some adrenaline-pumping davy activities. Water seafaring and inky skis are in vogue water sports with the lot years groups. The lake is safe and breathtaking with water sports. If you are a good diver, there are slightest diving spots that dig some of the best underwater scenery in the area. There are a few companies that offer diving lessons and also rent the sure as death gear. But if be pinched to take in the life under the water albeit are not really stylish for scuba diving, snorkeling on Lake Travis is also extremely popular.

For the more unshaken folks, you can rent a sailboat or a pontoon boat and take your fruit plainly seeing as how a nice lunch in the middle of the Lake! In fact, if you want a fab view and run up against a time of your skittishness, try para-sailing or wakeboarding - both available at Lake Travis.
Wakeboarding is a combination of water skiing and natation where you actually skim above the surface with a wake chamber. It is anexhilarating activity!

Of course, if himself are inflooding a mood for barbecue and a establish residence out, kermis not miss disarranged on gorgeous Pace Bend Veld.

Lake Travis is eternal on the few lakes in the area that offers recreational areas with something for one and all - come see in lieu of better self!