Park Avenue Armory has completed the renovation and restoration of the Board of Officers Room, one of the most important rooms in America. Originally designed by Herter Brothers and one of the few surviving interiors by the fabled firm, the room was likened to a “royal apartment” by the press when it first opened to the public in 1880, but fell into disrepair due to the poor maintenace and water infiltration in the decades since.

The restoration, led by Herzog & de Meuron, infuses the room with a contemporary sensibility through a series of subtle and delicate interventions. Through close collaboration with expert conservators and skilled artisans, the revitalization breathes new life into the room and transforms the extraordinary space into a state-of-the-art salon for installations, intimate performances, and other contemporary art programs beginning with the inaugural recital series on September 29, 2013.

Name: Rosa Maria Flores
Room #: Community Board Office

Job Description

The Community Board is looking for someone to help your favorite board runner Rosa Maria filter through messages. Sometimes Rosa Maria forgets to post the notifications for our themed days, so having someone else who can do that just in case would be rad.

All you would have to do is help answer asks during Fantasy Friday, Confession Sunday, and TMI Tuesday.


  • Literate
  • Reliable post-taggers
  • Capable of using a computer
  • Quirky!
  • Able to call out people who leave rude messages
  • Capable of self-defense for when people who leave rude messages get extra rude and try to beat you up in the parking lot

Work Hours: all day Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday

Contact Information: Leave me a message here at the community board!

It’s an intimate, sumptuous, mildly spooky space, rich in reddish mahogany and adorned with a spear-tipped chandelier that looks as though it had been repurposed from the torture chamber of Gilles de Rais.

Alex Ross in The New Yorker on the Armory’s Board of Officers Room

☛ Take a 360° tour here.

Assotech Proprietorship Cresterra - Have Great Elaborateness Activity Park

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Public Morals: Series Premiere Review

One would think that the failure of 2013’s Mob City would make TNT reluctant to try again with another period drama about crime and corruption in the big city. But clearly not, as the network is placing a lot of muscle behind Edward Burns’ Public Morals, debuting Tuesday night. Though the first episode explores some well-trodden territory and takes a while to fully sink its teeth into viewers, it does appear that Public Morals has the gumption to succeed where others have failed.

Given that the show is set in 1960’s-era new York, it’s not surprising that comparisons to Mad Men are brought up as frequently and loudly as possible. However, the show is about as far removed from the swanky offices and board rooms of Madison Avenue as possible while still remaining within the city limits. Public Morals is more concerned with the Hell’s Kitchen crowd, featuring a large cast of mostly Irish American cops and gangsters and exploring the oddly intertwined relationship between the two. The officers that comprise the NYPD’s plainclothes “Public Morals Division” are tasked with ridding the city of vice, but their job is more about keeping alcohol, gambling and prostitution under control than waging a holy crusade.

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Straits Trading Building Office Available for Rent, Office For Rent by Ram Senivasan |… CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME PROPERTY! - Commercial office - Sky terraces -Fitted w/ceiling board and lighting -w/ Function rooms -High Ceiling -Lobby frontage with 2 office units per floor only -Low Floor -Available Immediately Building Details: Straits Trading Building is a commercial building loca… -

U.P. Alumni Association board of directors meeting, UPAA board room, Ang Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman, 18 August 2015. In a subsequent election of officers at the UPAA Board Room of Ang Bahay ng Alumni on 3 July 2015, the following were elected to serve in their respective positions for the next three (3) years until 30 June 2018:
President: Ramon M. Maronilla, Sr.
1st Vice-President: Oscar P. Palabyab
2nd Vice-President: Reynaldo C. Laserna
3rd Vice-President: Teodoro J. Herbosa
Secretary: Pacita C. Gavino
Asst. Secretary: Remedios Lapidez-Fernandez
Treasurer: Nazario S. Racoma
Asst. Treasurer: Amroussi T. Rasul
Auditor: Romeo D.C. Nones
PRO: Neil Andrew N. Nocon
Legal Counsel: Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr.
Board Members:
Louis C. Biraogo
Feliciano G. Calora, Jr.
Andrew Byron V. Co
Pedro L. Dela Cruz, Jr.
Hermenegildo C. Dumlao
Leticia De Ocampo-Elegado
Fernando B. Malveda
Emmanuel T. Mangosing
Yolanda Bello-Pajaro
Pastor Marcelo M. Reyes, Jr.
Ligaya Lualhati-Tankeh
Victor B. Valdepeñas

138 Summer Street

Kingston, MA 02364, USA

$ 389,000 USD

Wonderful New England Farm house on just under and acre of land in the heart of Kingston! Great location for an in home business! Main house has 7 sun filled rooms with two full baths. Fabulous open kitchen with sunroom or breakfast room with bead board ceiling. Huge fireplace great room and an office or den. First floor master bedroom with beautiful bow window. Add central air and mostly new windows!. There is a legal three room in law apartment with full kitchen, living room and bedroom with a full bath. There are two sheds plus another out building 20 x14 that would make a great artist studio, dog grooming or small home business. Electricity is all ready to go just needs to be hooked up. Great lot with plenty of parking and level back yard for gardening and outdoor fun!

Reference MLS ID: 71884316

The mezzanine is being divided in two! This will be the Board/meeting room and the staff office is being developed next door. They’re gonna be nice! (at CoCA - Centre of Contemporary Art)