The Truth Behind “You are My Heaven”

A/N: Hello, my lovelies. This is not a fic, it’s actually a personal story. Or more like a word blurt. But I offered to share it and people seemed interested, so here it is. This is what inspired my fic You Are My Heaven. Spoilers below, I guess, if you haven’t read the fic. Also, I am working on an epilogue, but it might take me a few more days. You’re all wonderful. Read this if you’d like, but no hard feelings if you don’t. I will be tagging my permanent list below, though. Hope no one minds. Here we go. 

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“The best thing I’ve ever had in my life”
Imagine: You turned your humanity off after finding out Damon cheated on you. And now he’s desperate to get you back.

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Pairings: Damon x (vampire) reader! Humanity off. / Elena (mentioned) / Stefan (mentioned)

Warnings: Angst, a little of fluff I guess… Strong Lenguage and violence

Word count: 2619

A/N: This is the first thing I write abourt Damon but I’m very excited.. I had this in my mind for weeks or months idk.. So here is it. Italics are flash backs ;)

You were sitting at the edge of your bed, struggling with the tears, your heart aching and you could barely breathe. The only thing you could felt was your heart breaking a little more every second. That pain had a name; Damon Salvatore.

You arrived at the boarding house, and as soon as you put a foot inside, you heard some noises on the second floor. You sped to Damon’s room and you saw your biggest fear in front of you.

Damon was on the bed, shirtless and kissing Elena.

They heard you and they pulled apart. “Oh my god… Y/N” Elena whispered, covering her body with the sheets. “Y/N… Hey, it’s” Damon started. “It’s not what it looks like, right?” You said, trying to hold your tears. “Fuck you two.” You abandoned the room as fast as you arrived and you continued running until you get to your house.

And there you were… Crying over the love of your life, who had betrayed you with one of your best friends. You knew that he had feelings for her, especially because of the existence of Katherine in his past, but he had said to you so many times that he loved you. “Bull shit.” You took your lamp and throw it at the wall, shattering everything. You couldn’t take it anymore, tears pouring out of your eyes and there was no way to stop them.

As a vampire every emotion was heightened, happiness, love, but this type of pain was almost physical. Your limbs burning in pain as your heart broke more and more. And the only reason you transformed into a vampire was to be with Damon… But now, now you were alone and tired of crying.

You closed your eyes and slowly you reached that switch placed at the back of your brain. You knew that you didn’t want to turn it because of him, you didn’t want to give him that much power over you… But he had it. You only wanted to stop feeling. So, you turn it.

You cleaned up your tears and get up, ready to go anywhere, not longing care.

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“Daddy Buckwoo and Izzy”

Summary: In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a one-shot about Bucky, his girlfriend and her 3 year old daughter, Isabella Marie. Love doesn’t always occur in conventional ways. Sometimes, chance meetings can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

 Words:946 (kinda got carried away)

 Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Isabella Marie

 Warnings: Extreme fluff 

 Ah, yes Father’s Day, the hallowed 3rd Sunday in June. Some dad’s consider it Holy Grail Sunday because their loved ones showers them with breakfast in bed, homemade crafts, and a vast array of gifts; ranging from ties, tools, and fishing equipment.

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Get a Clue

Not really a request. Just something my fiance put in my head. @tallguy1130 Here you go. I do not own any of the Avengers, Bucky, or Loki. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Complete crack!fic. 

Pairings: Avengers/Loki/Bucky x fem!reader

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Game night. You wished you could say game night was peaceful, but it really wasn’t. Every single person on the team was competitive. It got pretty bad, but you’d learned several lessons. The biggest one was NEVER play Uno with Natasha. She was brutal. However, that night was your game. Clue. You were good at the game. You almost never lost. Something that completely irritated Loki, especially when you won your third game in a row.

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The Popular Class President (High School AU Yuta)

Originally posted by cihttaphon

Type: Fluff 

He gave a charming smile to a group of girls as he walked into the school. “He looks so handsome” Yaewon your best friend said as you closed your locker. “Yup” you say simply “I mean your vice president. You see him the most-did you pick the romantic place for our class trip?” she asked as you sigh. “Jeju” you say as she squeals.


“You’re cleaning today” one of the girls in your class said as she threw a rag on your desk. “Whatever. I mean those nails are getting gross” you tell her as she glared at you. “Have a good day” you say giving her an annoyed smile. She rolled her eyes before leaving you in the empty room. “Hi Yuta” you hear as you started wiping the board. The door slide open as Yuta walked in. “Hey Y/N” he said as you waved at him “student council meeting today” he said as you sighed. “I got stuck cleaning the class” you tell him. He grabbed the broom and began sweeping. “I think you’re the only person who actually comes to the meeting for the actual meeting” he said as you turn to him itching your face. “I mean I know most girls and some of the guys like being around me because they think I’m appealing” he said as you chuckle. “You’re not bad looking” you tell him as he nods.

Yuta looked over at you with a sweet smile not that you saw as you continued cleaning. Yuta walked over to you and cupped your face rubbed your cheek lightly getting the chalk off of it after you finished cleaning the board. He kept your face cupped as he leaned over to kiss you before you moved back. “What are you doing?” you asked him as he felt his cheeks warmed up. “Sorry I um your face made me want to kiss you” he said awkwardly as he slowly began walking away from you.


“So he tried to kiss you and you wouldn’t let him?” Yaewon hissed smacking your arm. You groaned as you heard squeals. You felt a tap on your shoulder as you turned seeing Yuta there with his hands behind his back. “I um wanted you to know I appreciate you….as my vice president” he quickly finished as he pulled flowers out from behind his back. Your eyes widened as you looked at him.

“Why does she get the flowers?” one of the other popular girls asked as Yuta rubbed his neck. “You don’t deserve them” another girl calls who was part of Yuta’s fanclub. “Yuta please go. I don’t want to die” you whisper as him as he nodded. “I’m sorry” he said as he rushed off. “Gimme those” one of the fans stated as you rolled your eyes turning away from him annoyed and headed to your class.


Throughout the day girls constantly grabbing flowers from your bouquet. To the point all you had was the wrapper. You gave a sad look as you got ready to leave for the day. Yuta through out the day saw the flowers and how girls spoke overly loudly about how they took them. So he ended up making a origami one. A lily. He smiled as he rushed to your classroom and headed in.

“Y/N” he says out of breath as you turn to him. “I heard that the girls took the flowers” he said as he held out the flower for you. He simply tucked it behind your ear. You were frozen as he leaned in closing his eyes and pressing his lips to yours. He was amazed that you didn’t pull away and let you two enjoy the kiss.


Yuta rushed to you with a smile. “Hello” he said as he have you a smile. You cleared your throat and gave a slight smile. “So yesterday. I want to make it clear I don’t do this with anyone so” he said grabbing your hand. “Kissing you means something” he said as he laced your fingers happily.

You could hear the whispers as you two walked down the hall. “Are they dating now?” “Why her?” “I know I should have ran for vice president” you could hear as Yuta simply smiled as you two walked “I’m going to die now” you say as he sighs. “Hey girls” Yuta says as he turns knowing his normal pack was following him. “I want you to stop following me every day okay? I want to be alone with my girlfriend” he said giving them one of his charming smiles. The head girl nodded as she quickly shoved the rest of the group back “thank you girls. Now have a good day” he said giving them a wink as he tugged you along. You could hear squeals as you two continued your walk. 

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seventeen as waterslides? (you guys are great btw<3)

s.coups: inflatable water slide
jeonghan: fluoro lights throughout
joshua: completely see through
jun: adults only slide
wonwoo: diving board.
hoshi: a slide that goes though a giant aquarium
woozi: pitch black slide
dk: baby slide
mingyu: a slide that will definitely give you tetanus
the8: a flat one that doesn’t go anywhere
seungkwan: a really obnoxiously named one like “supercalafragilisticexpialadocious awesome slide”
vernon: a really fast “straight” slide
dino: one that you need 2 people for


Ive just finished my first attempt at making an end grain chopping board. It’s not perfect as I did all by hand.

I started off buying some off cuts from eBay. One walnut and one English oak. I then went about sawing, gluing, clamping and plaining them until I was happy.

My idea was to make a raised chopping board so you could slide plates underneath to collect the processed meat/veg. Just waiting for it to dry now after it was oiled. Looking forward to its first use 😁.


Summary: This is inspired by the song Boston by Brendan Fletcher. It’s an amazing song you should listen to at some point. I just heard it tonight and started writing and this is what came out.

Word Count: 1,558

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Not requested by anyone but tagging @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The train’s window ices the left side of your face as you lean against it. Snowflakes drift down from the clouded sky, falling past your eyes, each tiny flake with its own design melting before anyone can appreciate it. The train huffs and others around you talk, their voices melding together into an indistinguishable clamor. Shouts come from the open door nearby, the one that lets anyone into the growling machine. You don’t look at the door, just watch the snow float past your window and pile up on the sidewalk nearby.

You sneak down, careful where you place your feet. Climbing into the case with one hand is tricky, but you don’t let that stop you. The sweet scent of the shed surrounds you as you enter it, peering around for Newt. He’s gone, though, so you step out into the field, scanning it. The grass nearby crackles under a foot.

Ducking back into the shed, you crouch behind a wide pot, peeking through the leaves. A pair of dirty boots step onto the creaking wood, sending a cloud of dust into the air. You fight a smile as they step past you, completely unaware of your presence.

Your knees ache and the gift in your hand begins to drip between your fingers as you wait for the boots to turn away from you. They never do, though, instead walking past your hiding spot again. You tense your muscles, preparing to leap from your spot. Before you can, though, the plant hiding your face is swept to the side.

Newt laughs at your stunned expression. “What are you doing?”

You move your hand behind your back, “Looking for your, um, lost cork?”

Newt’s face contorts into a confused frown. “I haven’t lost one, have I?”

You grin. “I haven’t found it yet. Want to know what I did find?”

“I’d love to.”

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A few of my favourite things from TDA Las Vegas!  

  • Literally all the best dancer winners
  • Brightyn Brems reaction to winning BD!
  • Megan Goldstein not only finally breaking the top 4, but winning BD.
  • Sabine Nehls making top 3 - I feel like that girl is gunna be on cloud 9 for the next week. I can’t wait to see her as a junior. 
  • BCool making top 3- Girl continues to amazing me, and I truly believe her time will come. She’s going to kill it in the Junior division.
  • Savannah Kristich making top 10- Y'all better be ready for her next year, she’s got a great shot at doing really well.
  • Simrin Player ending her competitive dance journey with winning senior best dancer, 1st player senior solo in the finals, and her studio winning SOTY
  • Ella Horan getting first runner up!!!!
  • Ava Brooks finally breaking the Top 4, and her improv when she decided to ditch the tap board and slide across the stage.
  • Club Dance winning SOTY 
  • The Female mini improv- how are they all so talented??? 
  • Crystal Huang. 
  • Eva Igo getting into the Top 4!!!! And her killer improv.
  • The entire Teen male improv- Best TDA improv IMO 
  •  Lauren Yakima making it Top 4 for what like the four year in a row????
  • Senior Male improv song being a James Bond theme song. (Sorry not sorry lmao)
  • The Mambo#5 dance. 

 And finally,

 "If scores aren’t changed, then why did it take so long for Awards to start? 🤔🤔" 
 And the creation of ML Meltdown™

Twenty-Four -- Ignis Scientia x Prompto Argentum

Song Selected: Twenty-Four by Switchfoot

Whoo! My first time writing some Promnis! c: It was fun to write, though it was a hard song to try pulling inspiration from. A good challenge to keep going at it though, and I’d definitely want to explore Promnis more in the future too. vuv Thanks for the request, Tea anon!

Word Count: 647
Character(s): Ignis Scientia/Prompto Argentum (Promnis)
Warnings: None

Twenty-four. A number that Ignis could associate with everything. Despite it seeming like an odd number, it truly was a pleasant one. Twenty-four hours in a day, meaning twenty-four hours to plan things to do. Twenty-four in two dozen, meaning he could make about twenty-four pastries for six to go to each of his companions and himself. Twenty-four carats to make up 100% pure gold. Twenty-four is the atomic number for chromium. The number itself was a feat, for there was plenty of reasons why twenty-four was such a valuable number.

So when Prompto asked Ignis to pick a number, Ignis’s instantaneous reaction was to say the number. “Twenty-four.”

“Really? Twenty-four again?” Prompto couldn’t help but laugh as he made a mental note of the number. “You really like that number, don’t ya?”

“Of course. Twenty-four is a very valuable number. Unlike its opposite, the number forty-two.”

“Like 4/20, yeah~?”

Ignis scoffed and rolled his eyes as he ran the back of his knife over the cutting board to slide the carrots and celery into the pot. Noctis will eat those vegetables whether he’d like it or not. “Twenty-four is a far classier number, and it happens to be a favorite of mine.”

“Didn’t know that you could have favorite numbers.” Prompto chuckled and rested his arms behind his head as he glanced up at the sky. “Why twenty-four though? Like, I guess it could be fun to write, but what makes a number special anyways? Figured it’d just mean more math!”

Ignis’s smile spread over his face as he shook his head. The number itself didn’t really have a reason to be valuable itself, but Prompto did make a good point. What made a number so special? It wasn’t because Ignis enjoyed writing it, or the number was convenient. Math was surely not a reason either, despite Ignis being content in doing basic mathematic functions. He merely hummed to himself as he gently tilted his head while he cleaned his cooking knife and slide it into its sheath to put it away. “There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the number twenty-four.”

“Plenty of reasons, huh? What’s your favorite reason though?” Prompto leaned forward with his elbows propping his chin up on the table, looking at Ignis with a genuinely curious expression.

Ignis’s expression only softened as his green gaze met the blond’s curious blue eyes. “My favorite reason? I suppose my favorite reason for liking the number is because you have approximately twenty-four freckles on your face. And each one of them light up when you smile. But do you know what makes each one of those freckles even more special?” Prompto’s reddening expression merely stared at Ignis with a dumbfounded expression. “Your freckles remind me of at least twenty-four reasons as to why I love you.”

The look over Prompto’s face began to shift from dumbfounded to overwhelmed with embarrassment and happiness. It was hard to process all Ignis’s words at once! The blond-haired photographer wasn’t expecting such an answer from Ignis, immediately growing flustered as he nervously chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. The toothy grin over his face was hard to hide as he found it harder and harder to keep his composure after Ignis had said such a charming thing.

“See? They’re illuminating your face right now.”

“God, Iggy. You’re so embarrassing…! Now I’m going to be self-conscious about me and my twenty-four freckles!” Prompto had to cover his face with his hands, only causing Ignis to chuckle in response and lean over to kiss the top of the photographer’s forehead. “I have twenty-four reasons why I love you too, you know.”

“Is that so? Perhaps after we eat, you can elaborate them all to me?”

Prompto gave a small nod as he leaned up and placed a small kiss on Ignis’s lips. “Yeah. I’d like that a lot.”

▪Missin' You... | Min Yoonji

Angst | Fluff | Requested by Anonnie

Word count: 5,800+

Pairing: min yoonji x reader

Anonnie said: Can you please do a yoonji x reader fic where both have a huge argument and they go days w/out talking but they end up missing each other so they make up in the end? You can choose/write how they make up so if you want to write smut, then that would be cool too [is the request too vague?] Also, Thank you :) P.S. I like your writing a lot 💖

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Check Yes, Juliet

So I finally finished the skater AU. It didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, but let me know what you think about it! I hope you guys enjoy it, and make sure to stop by my ask sometime and talk to me! Love you, sweethearts!


“Nice,” Piper commented as he slid down the ramp and took a seat beside her.

“Thanks,” Percy said, grabbing his skateboard and scooting off of the ramp so he didn’t trip anybody that came down.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, watching a few other people skate up and down the half-pipe. There were a few good people here, but it was mostly just kids that had dragged their parents to the park. Most of the other teens had already left, and they would probably come back later tonight to skate when there weren’t a bunch of little kids running around.

Percy and Piper had been friends since grade school. They had met each other in the fifth grade when they had been paired together to do a project about something informative, and after a few minutes of arguing, they had both realized that they liked to skate. So, they had made a kickass video and poster explaining the basics. Percy and Piper had even both worn their skating gear and brought their skateboards along. They had gotten an ‘A’ on the project, and they had been best friends ever since.

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anonymous asked:

this is angsty and sad but could you maybe write about kylo and hux having a really bad fight and kylo says something really mean about something personal hux told him and only him. and hux just shuts down emotionally and starts treating kylo as general hux and not armitage. kylo notices and apologizes profusely and begs for hux to come back to him.

Kylo is exceedingly angry that the doors on board the Finalizer are sliding, preventing him from slamming his in Hux’s face.

“Stop following me, Hux,” Kylo spits over his shoulder, throwing his helmet across his room.

“Not until you talk,” Hux retorts, standing tall behind Kylo, nose in the air. “I want to know why you disobeyed my orders. I specifically told you not to enter the native’s camp until reinforcements arrived.”

Kylo scrunches his nose.

“I knew I could handle it,” he growls, his shoulders feeling heavy with the weight of a failed mission burdening them, the weight of having failed Hux.

“Handle it?” Hux shouts. His arms straighten by his sides, fists clenched. “You could’ve been captured! Or worse, killed! All because you couldn’t listen to me!”

Kylo feels his anger rising. Is Hux questioning his skill? His power? How dare he. Kylo knows he’s more than capable of taking down a target without the aid of Hux’s pitiful troopers. They only get in Kylo’s way, slow down the mission. Kylo knew he could’ve completed the task if Hux hadn’t interfered.

“I knew what I was doing,” Kylo says, still with his back to Hux. “You, on the other hand, may need some further teachings in strategy.”

“Further–? You ignorant–” Hux huffs, sighs. “Ren. For stars sake! There’s nothing wrong with my military methods. It’s you! You don’t know when to quit, you don’t see when a task is too big for you to tackle alone!”

Kylo scrunches his eyes closed. He suddenly hears Luke Skywalker’s voice, chastising little Ben for being too bold in his lightsaber swings.

“You don’t understand,” Kylo mutters. “You never have. You’re blinded by your desire to prove yourself to see my power.”

Hux chokes on air.

“I’m trying to understand you, Ren.” Hux’s voice is soft as he reaches a hand out as though to touch Kylo, but hesitates. “Let me help–”

Kylo spins around, spitting at Hux, blood boiling in his veins at the anger that’s consuming him.

“You could never understand me, you bastard runt!”

The moment the words leave Kylo’s dry lips, he feels the air shift. Hux visibly recoils, taking a single step backwards, eyes wide, mouth hanging slightly agape. He looks distraught; a blank look in his pale green eyes that Kylo knows he’s caused.

“Hux?” Kylo’s voice shakes. His hand twitches by his side, beckoning him to lift it and reach out to Hux, but Kylo doesn’t. He can already see the cracks he’s caused in Hux’s heart; he doesn’t need to cause more on his skin. “Armitage, I’m sorry, I-I didn’t–”

But Hux merely turns sharply on his heels and exits, but not before Kylo sees a tear trickle down the cheek of the man he would tear apart the galaxy for.

With an anguished yell, Kylo sinks to his knees, shattering everything in his wake.

As the next few days pass, Kylo tries his best to filter out Hux’s pain but he admits that it’s difficult. Hux has always had a loud mind, seemingly even more so when his heart is aching.

He stands at the side of the bridge in his usual spot, face covered by his mask, his gaze hidden from all. He stares at Hux, watching the way his General moves, unnerved by the rigidity of Hux’s lithe body; the body that Kylo knows so well–

“Master Ren.”

Kylo turns, having been lost in thought, heart thumping at hearing Hux’s voice again.

“Hux! I–”

“Supreme Leader Snoke is requesting a meeting with you immediately,” Hux says, his tone as cold as his demeanour.

Kylo can still see the hurt in Hux’s eyes. He tries not too look deep into them for too long for fear of his guilt overwhelming him.

“Very well,” Kylo replies, breath heavy through his mask. “Hux, I’m sorry, let me just–”

“If that’s everything, Master Ren. I’m a busy man. I haven’t time for your idle chat.”

“Armitage, please.”

Hux snarls. “Refrain from using that name in my presence, Master Ren. I prefer to go by ‘General’ amongst my officers.”

Kylo can’t help his hands from shaking, his knees from weakening under the pressure of the General’s harsh stare. He can feel Hux’s distress emitting from his body, rolling off him in vicious waves. It’s not anger; it’s sadness, a resonating heartbreak that feels like betrayal more than rage. Kylo swallows hard.

It’s all his fault.

Three more days of being given the cold shoulder, and Kylo feels like he’s going to go mad with grief. He kneels quietly on the floor, gaze locked on the tiles below him, the sound of his heavy breathing his only company. He waits, stomach twisting every time a set of food steps approach the door, body tending in preparation for the agony he’s about to face.

It’s a familiar heel-click that catches Kylo’s distracted attention, a heavy footfall of leather boots getting closer to the room he’s waiting in. The door swishes open but Kylo doesn’t look up. He doesn’t dare.

“Before you scream and throw me out of the airlock, I need you to listen to me,” Kylo says, eyes scrunched closed, waiting for the shouting to begin, but he hears the door swish shut. “I’m nothing without you. I don’t need you to understand me, I just need you beside me because I don’t know who I am when you’re not here. I’m freezing…and burning.”

Kylo lifts his ungloved hands to stare at his palms, failing to recognise the patterns on his skin.

“I didn’t think anything would ever tear us apart. I wanted it to be us against the galaxy for eternity. I never dreamed it’d be me to push you away. I’ll do anything, Hux. Just come back to me. I can’t do this. I can’t. Please don’t make me carry on without you.”

Tears begin dripping down Kylo’s cheeks and onto his open hands, water pooling in the centre. His shoulders tremble, begging the Force with every fibre of his soul to allow Hux to forgive him for his disgusting behaviour.


Kylo opens his eyes, seeing Hux kneeling in front of him, his own eyes filled with tears, his own ungloved hands trembling as he reaches up to touch Kylo’s damp cheeks.

“My ridiculous fool,” Hux says, and Kylo throws his arms around his General’s neck, sobbing into his shoulder. He feels Hux return his embrace, holding him tightly, as though it’s the first time in a millennia that they’ve touched one another. “I’ll always forgive you.”

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Mulder is totally bisexual

“Did you see him eyeing that reporter? He was totally checking him out!”

“Langly, get your head out of your ass. The only person Mulder ever eyes these days is the delectable Agent Scully.” Leaning back in his chair, Frohike reaches behind him, pulls a photo off the cork board, and slides it across the table. “He’s Scullysexual.”

Langly rolls his eyes and glances at the photo. It’s Mulder and Scully on the couch in the back room, her head on his shoulder asleep. A casefile sits open in Mulder’s hands, but his eyes are on her face.

“Your voyeurism via camera lens is truly creeptastic,“ Langly says and pushes the photo back across the table.

“Doesn’t change my point.”

“Whatever I stand by my original statement. The Mul-dude is bisexual.”




Dropping a box between them, Byers interrupts the argument.

“Would you two knock it off? We have work to do.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my Ask box and I will write the next five.

Haunting - Tate Langdon x Reader

Sorry this is short, it was on my mind so I had to get it out. I might keep going with it if you like it enough. Sorry it’s so sad, I’ve been feeling blah lately.

“'Cause I’ve done some things that I can’t speak
And I’ve tried to wash you away but you just won’t leave.”

You felt his eyes on you constantly. You knew he was there, even though he wasn’t showing himself to you, you knew. The past few weeks had been harder than you had expected them to. Telling Tate to go away wasn’t something you had ever thought you’d have to do, but when you found out the truth of what he’d done, you didn’t think you had a choice. You loved him, you truly did, but how could you forgive him? He was a murderer.

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