I don’t know how anyone is sad over Terezi dying. She was so in control, and confident that John is going to fix things for the better. 

She was ready to go fuck around in the bubbles, and she’s made her mark on the world.

Her last words were pretty good too. 

Like, I saw a post that said, “oh this is apporpirate because Homestuck is a puzzle!”

No. Because the pay off, FROM DAY ONE, has been putting all the pieces together and having that ah-ha! moment, where everything is clear.

The entire reason this fucking series was written like it was, was to have everything make sense at the end of the day. If you could fit all the intricate details, catch all the foreshadowing, and suss out the answers to the questions, THAT was the pay off. The moments of clarity that came from figuring it all out. 

This “Ending” had none of that. There was no Ah-ha moment. There was no pay off. 

I think that a really useful definition of personhood arises when you consider the cognitive and gradient criteria together, using them both as a semi-nebulous meter stick of personness. I think this works really well on the individual scale, figuring out whether whatever’s in question is person enough to you to give a shit about them morally. 

 Sadly I think it’s not well defined enough to work at a governmental level, a level where personhood will soon again be up for consideration.

You know for a while I was pretty skeptical of the whole, HS isn’t going to end on 4/13, thing. But honestly, I can see it not happening. There is still SO MUCH that has to happen, that just straight up isn’t before the last two pages that contain act 7 come out. 

So either the last two “pages” are gonna be fucking huge, or it’s just not gonna be over. 

Personally I think it is gonna end, but I’m keeping my expectations fairly open. Huss hasn’t actually explicitly stated that it’s ending on 4/13. It was implied, but you can’t really trust that unquestioned.