You know for a while I was pretty skeptical of the whole, HS isn’t going to end on 4/13, thing. But honestly, I can see it not happening. There is still SO MUCH that has to happen, that just straight up isn’t before the last two pages that contain act 7 come out. 

So either the last two “pages” are gonna be fucking huge, or it’s just not gonna be over. 

Personally I think it is gonna end, but I’m keeping my expectations fairly open. Huss hasn’t actually explicitly stated that it’s ending on 4/13. It was implied, but you can’t really trust that unquestioned.

6 facts about yourself.

I was tagged by @garbagehime! Like three days ago. Sorry I didn’t notice sooner!

Well, 1: I pretty much always have a knife on my person. Everywhere I go, save the usual places where it’s prohibited, like schools and airports ect.

On that note, I also 2: Wear my backpack everywhere too. Mostly I use it for carrying groceries home from the store/foodbank, but I’ve used it for a few other things, namely holding hats/clothes that I didn’t need anymore because of going inside, or just because I over dressed for the weather.

3: I have 3 pieces of clothing that I’ve just scavenged from random places. One pair of fairly worn shoes that I found in a target shoebox, a Hurley t-shirt I found on the ground on the path I take to the CVS, and a pair of fingerless gloves very near the place I found the shirt, but in the middle of the road. If I find a pair of pants that fit me, I plan to wear them all together from time to time, and call it “the scrounger’s outfit” 

4: I took stock of all the live ammo we have in the house. We have 43 shotgun shells and 58 .22 LR rimfire carts. Though that is split between subsonic and supersonic ammo.

5: I make tea in a way that would probably offend most people who drink it. I microwave the water in the mug for one minute and then let the tea steep for five. I don’t know if actually boiling works better, but this method works well enough for me, and I don’t have to sit around for 20 minuets so that the tea doesn’t burn my tastebuds clean off. 

And finally; 6: I use (and have used for many years) a mug that says “aged to perfection” on it ironically, and I intend to continue to do so into the future.

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