I know it would make more sense for a woman to point this out and be happy about it, but I think it’s great that they didn’t photoshop out the scars on Caroline Buchanan’s elbow. This is a marketing shot for a major brand, then borrowed for a Cosmopolitan Magazine reader poll. One of those sources could have easily seen it appropriate to remove them, and I think it’s a really good thing that they did not. Cheers to everyone involved for keeping it real. 

Next one up!

Yes, since all my plans been washed away cause of a virus I now have to set up new goals.

01. I was supposed to go down 5kg during the preseason but haven’t manage to do this cause of my illness and lack of motivation. So from today, I will kick-start this with a new plan and post the result here to keep my mojo going. My goal is to reach this result by 1 of August and from now on and 4 weeks forward Im forbidden to eat candy, snacks and other sugary stuff. I will also start using lifesum 100%, this time it will hold up, focus!

02. My focus has been at the gym but now I will stop this and ride more fun stuff, like parks, jumps and other tech stuff. This is what I need. This weekend I figured out that I don’t think its fun to ride when I can’t ride smooth and good. So this is where I need to but my focus. More fun less stress.

Swe Cup

Yes, this weekend Swe Cup will start here in Kungsbacka and this year I will ride with the eminent number 24! The 24″ cruiser number ;) 

I have decided to just go and have fun this weekend and not focus on my results. I need to learn that I can’t be in top shape all the time and that the main reason I do this is because I love it.