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this deserves more views


Seeing as we’re getting closer to that time of year, I decided to combine two extraterrestrials I adore to make a Xenomorph Blurr! I feel it’s a perfect union of ‘sexy’ and ‘scary’ for Halloween. :3 


I attempted to draw Blurr from Transformers Animated, the first character that I’ve draw as well from the series! He is surprisingly easy to draw and I liked how his color scheme is Blue! I love blue!! (^///^*)

The image below was my first attempt to draw Blurr on whole body on school during class hour. I think I just made my own style of Blurr too;; His face actually was quite different from original wwww

My music background while drawing Blurr, some epic music that sounds like you’re running on adventure


Sudden size differences are a pain.

Thank you all who joined the first stream on this blog, I’m sorry I haven’t had my channel verified yet, because we somehow managed to actually hit the 50 people limit rather quickly, but next time, I’ll see to it that more can join!

If you want to watch me draw this, you should be able to watch the video here.


Enough for Blurr today.

I need this out of my system now 0-: Too much Blurr in my mind;;; 
Anyway, the animated was quite half finish because its really hard to work in it. And the second one, it was a fan art for Hambone(hamfootsia)'s Longarm/Blurr fanfic, Textbook Felony! I loved all his/her stories!! (*^///^)

And the bottom ones, was actually an extra thing about the "nice view" from my Blurr animation~