What I know About the SPM villains

I have never played this game. Here goes.

- gimme ur goddamn money
- once exploded when someone inconvenienced her
-fuk u
-i too turn into nightmare fuel when I don’t get my way
-she cute tho
-i’d go on a date w/ her tbh
-I don’t think I’m buff enough for her tho
-oh well

- speaks in third person because he’s a pretentious fuck
-sad dad™
-gets people married so he can destroy the universe(s)
-screamed into void before it was cool
-is in love with a butterfly???

-loves sad dad™
-fans hyperfocus on this fact and ignore p much everything else
-used to be a bat so fuck off
-is done with your shit
-the only responsible one
- suppresses everything(#relatable)
-brainwashing ftw

-I dont know??
-how did they come up with this guy??
-arms are sashimi
- C H U N K Y
-Maybe not the smartest, but that’s okay
-has a crush on Nastasia??
-wears a kilt I think
-that’s important

Mr. L:
-mom what did you do to him
-edgy Luigi
-is Luigi
-keeps fucking up
-built a robot
-wants to die™
-hates Dimentio
-gets roasted on a daily basis

-do not
-clown-shaped trash can
-everybody is thirsty for him???why
-double-crosses the people he double-crossed his boss for earlier
-shut the fuck up, Dimentio
-still technically more redeemable than Sad Dad™, because he wanted a new universe
-whereas Sad Sad™ just wanted void
-takes nothing seriously
-will go through your shit

consider the following if you arent a coward