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Dr. D & Show Pony headcanons
  • D and Pony have the sort of relationship Red does with Nicky (OITNB)- Pony had a really severe substance abuse problem after leaving the City because he didn’t know any other way of coping with the desert. D found him and helped him get clean, acting as a very strong fatherly figure, which Pony never really had.
  • Pony’s first priority is always D. Over anything and everything.
  • Pony isn’t the only killjoy D has helped get clean, but he’s one of the only ones who takes care of D, and the only one who lives with him.
  • D truly enjoys Pony’s company. As much of a lone wolf as he comes off to be, he prefers to be around at least one other person. He has a valid “strength in numbers” mentality.
  • D’s favorite music is reggae, blues, and rock (specifically Americana). Pony prefers J-Pop and techno. Once or twice a week, Pony makes a mixtape for D’s station.
  • Pony makes little charms and hangs them off of D’s wheelchair.
  • D is the only person in the Zones who knows Pony’s real name.
  • Pony learned how to rollerskate so that both him and D could be on wheels.

Keb’ Mo’: BLUESAmericana

Keb’ Mo’
(Kind of Blue)
3 out of 5 stars

Those who were disappointed in the slick, blues-free approach that made Keb’ Mo’s previous release so bland will be pleased to know this follow-up three years later is a substantial improvement. Despite the singer/guitarist’s early affiliation with Robert Johnson, his albums have been more informed by an easy on the ears pop/blues/soul mix that hewed too close to snoozy to have much bite. But putting “blues” in caps for this release’s title is an indication of how he has retreated to the music that first put him on the map in 1994. While no one will mistake this for Muddy Waters or even Mo’s old mentor Taj Mahal, it’s encouraging that the album’s only non-original is from deep bluesman (and Waters sideman) Jimmy Rogers as opposed to a less than convincing Eagles cover from 2008’s fuzzy The Reflection.

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The fabulous Keb’ Mo’ brings his BluesAmericana Tour to town on 1/29!

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New Adventures in Bluesland music video “Our Lucky Day” premiers exclusively this week at Rock NYC Live and Recorded. Click here to watch the video!
From the debut album The American Dream on World Wide Vibe Records.

“The 50s concept is enhanced by producer/director Prefab International Cine, filming it at “Bel Air Motel” (which looks like LA but isn’t), with pulp fiction novels and glamor movie star magazines scattered about and cool guy Phil Gammage singing to an unseen lady love. It is bright and also faded, like a Philip Marlowe summer, the “77 Sunset Strip” album is no coincidence.”

Timber Timbre - Live im Astra, Berlin

Ein von den sonst so üblichen Fotografen verwaister Konzertgraben (der Bereich zwischen Bühne und Publikum) zeigte es an: hier kommt etwas Ungewöhnliches. Nämlich die in fast kompletter Dunkelheit spielenden kanadischen Düsternis-Folk-Rocker von Timber Timbre. Scharfe Konzertfotos zwecklos, hier … #verucasalt #laughinginthesugarbowl #ghostnotes. Read all about it with @ballscanada and @ajjunop at #coldfade. @verucasaltband #Junop #Balsom #music #popculture #blues #contemporary #Folk #hiphop #rap #rock #country #alternative #Indie #urban #jazz #americana #pop #soul #newwave #Worldmusic #electronic #life
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CD Teek, Record Store

Year: 1989

Address: Kleine Berg 52, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Date: 20 July 2015

Name (owner + employees): R. Blommendaal + Walter, Karel, Menno, Koen.

Best Albums: R.Blommendaal: The Stooges - s/t, Walter: Benjamin Lew - Nebka, Karel: The Sound - Jeopardy, Koen: Fireside - Elite.

Hi there. Welcome to Eindhoven Rockcity! Are you looking for new or used cd´s, dvd´s and vinyl records? Than the CD Teek is the shop in Eindhoven you’re looking for. We buy and sell all kinds of music like metal, pop, rock, electronics, jazz, blues, country, americana… You name it and we -almost always- got it. And if we don’t, we’ll try to order and/or get it for you.
Feel welcome to visit our shop regularly, since we have weekly new and used cd’s and vinyls in stock. You’ll find the CD Teek at Kleine Berg 52 in Eindhoven.”

Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith foi uma cantora de Blues norte-americana. Às vezes referida como “A Imperatriz dos Blues”, Smith foi a mais popular cantora de blues das décadas de 20 e 30 do século XX.

Bessie  (Film)


Uma cinebiografia da “Imperatriz dos Blues”, Bessie Smith. O caminho que a levou de uma infância simples no Tennessee ao estrelato como uma das principais divas da música norte-americana.

An Exclusive Interview with Warren Haynes!

An Exclusive Interview with Warren Haynes!

An Exclusive interview with Warren Haynes!

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