Recipe: Blueberry Tart

Description: It’s subtle and refreshing. 

Game ingredients: Wheat Flour, Egg, Blueberry, Sugar

This recipe restores 125 energy and 50 health. It can be obtained from Pierre after achieving 3 hearts and sells for 180g. 

Difficulty: Medium, 1½ hours. Serves 24 mini or 12 large.

This is a two-part recipe, but you can always use frozen pre-made tart shells instead of making the crust yourself. Follow the cooking instructions on the packaging. 


-113g (one stick) cold salted butter (not margarine)
-1¼ cup all-purpose flour
-4 to 6 tablespoons cold water


-2 cups blueberries (about 250g)
-½ cup sugar
-1 tablespoon cornstarch
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-2 to 3 teaspoons lemon juice
-Chocolate, optional

Cut the cold margarine into pieces and add it to a mixing bowl with the flour. With a pastry blender, cut and mix the flour and butter until it resembles coarse crumbs. 

Add the water one tablespoon at a time. Test the dough by packing a small amount with your hands to see if it crumbles. Once the mixture is ready, pack down the dough. Don’t worry if there’s excess flour in the bowl that won’t stick. Turn out the dough on to a flat surface and cut into 2 or 3 pieces. Use the heel of your hand and push out the dough. This helps to distribute the butter. 

Combine the pieces of dough back together and wrap in seran wrap. Refrigerate for at least half an hour so it holds its shape better.

 While the dough is setting, prepare the filling. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, and cinnamon. Add the lemon juice and combine. The liquid will help bind the ingredients together and add a bit of flavour.

Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface with a rolling pin to 1-2mm in thickness (or as desired; use thicker dough for larger pan sizes). Flour the edge of a small glass or a round cookie cutter and cut out circles in the dough in accordance to your pan size (I used a 24ct mini muffin tin). 

Place the circles of dough in the tins. You don’t need to grease the tins, but I’d recommend greasing around the top so it won’t stick if any blueberry mixture touches the pan. Fill with your desired amount of blueberries. If you like, you can put a small piece of chocolate at the bottom of the tart before adding the mixture. It’s subtle but compliments the other flavours well.

Cook the tins in a 350°F oven for 30-35 minutes. Let the tarts cool for about 10 minutes before removing them. 

They’re really yummy. I ate 15 of them. That’s not an exaggeration.


Pick Her Poison

Summary: Coffee shop meet cute: Bucky tries to convince you to have coffee with him.

Prompt(s): “I can fix this” for @just-some-drabbles​’ RomCom challenge!

Warnings: I think I swore once?

Word Count: 2557

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It was a gloomy fall day all around. The grey and drizzle outside had persisted at least since you’d woke well before dawn that morning and trudged to your bus stop and into work. Even in your waterproof hooded jacket, the humidity clung to your skin and filled your lungs like a smooth heavy smoke.

Once you unlocked the door and shrugged out of your dripping coat, you rubbed your hands together and got to the first order of business: making yourself some coffee. With the lights to the shop still dim and the world outside not quite waking, you started up the massive ovens and pulled out the racks of small pastries the night shift had prepared before closing yesterday. The morning continued as always, you buzzed through the small shop, swapping fresh baked pastries from the oven to the display case, sometimes adding a drizzle of sweet, sticky icing, sometimes a bit of orange zest, sometimes a thick, warm chocolate sauce that would firm up just enough to stick as it cooled.

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Alchemical Properties of Foods: Foodstuffs Classified According to Their Elemental Nature

Almonds are sacred to the gods Thoth, Hermes, and Mercury and are said to bring wisdom and prosperity by stimulating intuition and insight through the Third Eye Chakra. Magical wands are often made of almond wood. [Earth ++]

Apple, known as the Fruit of the Gods, is a very powerful source of spiritual energy that encourages balance and harmony. If cut horizontally, the apple reveals the pentagram pattern, which is considered the gateway to occult powers as well as symbol of the quintessence. The Egyptians offered apples to their highest and most powerful priests, whom they considered guardians of hidden knowledge. In the Middle Ages, sliced apples were used to foretell the future and eating them regularly was said to enable a person to live over 200 years. Modern clinical studies have proved that eating apples reduces cancer risk. [Air +++]

Apricots carry feminine spiritual energy and are used to sweeten someone’s disposition or instill romance and passion in a relationship. Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, apricots strengthen the immune system and have more of the antioxidant carotene than any other fruit. [Air ++]

Bananas represent the futility of material possessions, and Buddha is often shown meditating under a banana tree. On the other hand, the banana’s phallic shape represents male heroic energy. [Air +]

Barley is a gentle, nurturing force that stimulates the Heart Chakra and is used to ease a person’s emotional burden by turning harsh feelings into love and warding off any negativity that originates from other people. Barley grass juice is considered an effective psychological grounding agent and physical energizer. [Earth +++]

Basil was sacred to the Greeks, and women were not allowed to pick it. The herb soothes anger and hard feelings by encouraging feelings of love and is thought to simultaneously simulate the Heart and Sacral Chakras, thereby harmonizing stressful emotions while releasing sexual energies. It strengthens the immune system and is known to kill germs. [Fire +]

Blueberries embody the esoteric principles of calm acceptance, peace, and a protected environment. For centuries, witches have eaten blueberry tarts when under psychic attack to protect themselves. [Earth ++]

Cakes are thought to be easily enchanted and can convey both positive and negative psychic energy. Because they carry spells, cakes became associated with rites of passage such as christening, birthdays, and weddings. [Earth ++]

Cashews are used in magical spells to increase income and money. In cooking, they are added to dishes to raise their energy levels. [Earth ++]

Cheese is one of the oldest human foods. In cooking, cheese is used to raise the vibrational level of meals, adding a positive or joyous energy. [Air +]

Chocolate raises emotional energy and induces ecstatic feelings of love by stimulating the Heart Chakra. That belief is the origin of the custom of giving boxes of chocolates to women to win their favor. [Fire ++]

Cucumber promotes chastity and hinders lustful behavior. Cucumber peels are said to diminish headaches if placed on the forehead and relieve the pain of arthritis when wrapped around inflamed joints. [Water ++]

Dates were used by ancient Persians to celebrate the death and resurrection of Zoroaster, a Christ figure who dates back to 500 BC. Dried dates are considered fruits of the spiritual realm and are symbolic of the eternal resurrection of the soul. To live off dates is to be free of worldly concerns, though paradoxically, such a diet is said to make one extremely potent sexually. [Air +++]

Garlic was sacred to the goddess Hecate and left at crossroads as a sacrifice to her. The pungent cloves were also used for protection against evil and to break curses and hexes, and psychic cooks rub garlic into pots and pans to remove negative influences that might contaminate food. When eaten, garlic stimulates the immune system to protect the body, although it is said to induce lustful behavior in some people. Garlic is a proven antibiotic, cholesterol reducer, blood pressure reducer, and general heart remedy. [Fire ++]

Ginger is frequently part of love spells and is used to add power to other rituals. Ginger seems to release vital energies in the body and is used to cure motion sickness, hangovers, headaches, and nausea of all types. Adding cinnamon to ginger enhances its healing properties. [Fire +++]

Grapes carry spiritual energy and increase mental fertility, opening us to meaningful dreams and visions. Eating grapes or raisins is said to increase a woman’s fertility. [Air +++]

Guava fruit encourages romantic fantasy. Eating the fruit is said to allow people temporary relief from worldly concerns. [Air ++]

Honey is synonymous with happiness and fulfillment, and it is added to food and beverages to emphasize the good mood associated with it. It is used to treat indigestion, colds, flu, and headaches. [Water +++]

Lemons were thought to encourage longevity and faithfulness. Lemon pie fortifies fidelity, and lemon slices on a stranger’s plate or under his chair guarantees his or her friendship. Lemon juice is a powerful cleaning agent and is used to wash magical implements of all types of toxicity. A cleansing tea is made from dried lemon peels. [Fire ++]

Lime refreshes the soul. It is used in purification and healing rituals. [Fire ++]

Mango is sacred to Buddha, and it is considered one of the most spiritually charged and elevating fruits. [Air +++]

Maple Syrup is associated with long life and abundance. Maple leaves are used in many love and money rituals. In general, natural syrups carry the powers of the tree or fruit from which they are derived. [Water +++]

Mint leaf has been used in healing potions and teas for thousands of years. It is used in stomach tonics, and leaves of mint were once put in milk to keep it from curdling. Mint is also said to protect travelers and attract money. Peppermint raises spiritual vibrations and is used in purification and healing rituals. It transforms negative energies into healthy influences by stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra. [Fire ++]

Onions were worshipped in ancient Egypt for their ability to absorb impurities, and the Egyptians even swore to onions when they took oaths. American colonists hung onions over doorways to protect their families from infectious diseases, and onions are still used in exorcism rituals. Esoterically, onions stand for both physical and spiritual health and protection. Scallions and shallots are green onions with long stems and bulbous roots. Leeks are also a kind of onion. [Fire +++]

Oranges. All varieties of oranges provide purifying energy for both body and mind. In some Wiccan rituals, orange juice is drunk instead of wine, and orange peel tea is said to keep one from getting drunk or muddleheaded. Marmalade jam has the same effect. The vitamin C in citrus fruits raises the brain’s level of norepinephrine, which increases energy while reducing irritability. [Fire ++]

Pasta is a powerful accumulator of psychic energy, and food psychics believe its various shapes determine how much psychotronic energy can be projected and stored in it. The least amount of energy is carried by stringy kinds like spaghetti and fettuccini, while the most is carried by the twisted tortellini or hollow macaroni and rigatoni shapes. For psychic purposes, the stuffed pastas like cannelloni, ravioli, manicotti, and lasagna are considered breads. [Earth +++]

Peaches are a feminine symbol of love, spiritual fertility, and wishes come true. Serving peach pie to someone helps win his or her love and attention. In Asia, the peach is a symbol of virginity, and the blossoming of the peach tree is a sign of spring and youthful purity. Magic wands made of peach wood are used in exorcisms. [Air ++]

Peanuts provide the reality-based, aggressive energy associated with masculinity. [Earth ++]

Pears initiate lustful passion by stimulating the Sacral Chakra, and the fruit is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. [Air ++]

Pepper is used to break hexes and promote fidelity in family members. Within minutes of eating red peppers, the body releases gratifying, morphine-like endorphins into the blood stream. All the powdered peppers are known to break up congestion in the lungs and sinuses, relieve allergies, and increase metabolism. [Fire +++]

Pineapple; juice is drunk to ensure chastity; eating the fruit brings luck and prosperity. Pineapples are traditionally used in spells for the protection of a person’s possessions, including one’s spouse and children. [Fire ++]

Raspberries induce stamina and vigor, and at one time, the leaves were carried by pregnant women to help them through childbirth. The tea acts as a blood tonic to treat anemia and stop diarrhea. [Earth ++]

Strawberries are sacred to the Scandinavian fertility god, Freyr, and are served to promote physical love and zesty romance. Strawberry leaves are placed on serving plates or carried for good luck. The dried leaves make a mildly laxative tea. [Earth ++]

Sugar is used to dispel evil influences and preserve or enhance the qualities of many foods. Only raw cane sugar is used in making spells, since refined sugar has lost much of its magical power. Because of its protective signature, sugar embodies the feminine characteristics of the Water Element. [Water ++]

Tomatoes were called Love Apples when they were first introduced into Europe from the New World and were used to solicit romantic attention. Europeans also placed them on windowsills to repel negative energies. [Water ++]

Vanilla is used to increase the midrange or “loving” vibrations both in cooking and in aromatic sachets and has been called the “Middle C” of spices. At one time, just carrying a vanilla bean was thought to tune one’s consciousness to a higher level. [Air ++]

blueberry tart with lemon verbena ice cream

  • Servings: 4


for the ice cream

400 ml organic coconut milk
160 ml organic coconut cream (not the solid form)
100 ml grade B maple syrup
20 g lemon verbena leaves

for the tart

175 g organic ground almonds
50 g organic coconut oil
35 ml organic maple syrup
350 g fresh organic blueberries
30 g organic coconut sugar
1½ tsp organic cornflour


1. For the ice cream, pour the coconut milk into a saucepan. Add the coconut cream, maple syrup and lemon verbena. Stir and place over a low heat. Bring to simmering point and then immediately remove from the heat. Leave to cool and infuse.

2. When the mixture has cooled, strain into a bowl to remove the lemon verbena. Put the strained liquid in the fridge to chill for at least one hour. Pour the chilled ice cream mixture into an ice cream maker, and churn? Once it is starting to set, tip the ice cream out into a freezer proof container. Cover the container with a lid and freeze for at least 4 hours. Remove the ice cream from the freezer and leave to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving.

3. For the tarts, put the coconut oil and maple syrup in a pan over a low heat. Once melted, remove from the heat and add the ground almonds, stirring to combine. Press this mixture into each of the tart tins to create the outer shell for the tart. Preheat the oven to 170°C (325°F, gas mark 3). Place the tart shells in the refrigerator for half an hour so that the coconut oil sets and the shell hardens a little. Remove from the refrigerator and cook in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes, or until the shells are a light golden brown in colour. Leave to cool.

4. Next, place 250 g of the blueberries in a separate sauce pan with the coconut sugar and one tablespoon of water. Place over a medium heat and stir to combine. As soon as the liquid begins to bubble, reduce the heat to its lowest setting. Simmer gently for a further 10 minutes, stirring every so often. Mix the cornflour with 1 teaspoonful of water and stir until you have a smooth paste. Add this to the blueberries and stir. Remove from the heat and using a wooden spoon gently crush the blueberries in the pan. Leave to cool completely.

5. Divide the cooked blueberry between the tarts. Gently scatter the reserved blueberries over the top. If you have problems removing the tarts from their tins apply a little gentle heat to the tine, either using a blow torch for a few seconds on the side of the tin or by popping them into a warm oven for a minute, and they will then easily slip out. Serve with a generous scoop of the lemon verbena ice cream.


Hey, @stardewvalleyrecipes  I made your blue berry tart recipe!! They were soooo good!!! Thanks so much for it! I’m probably gonna make them again (because they’re almost gone now ;w; )

The only parts I did differently was not add as much cinnamon to the filling, and I didn’t put chocolate at the bottom. Instead, I put a bit of nutella at the bottom of a few of them. Oh, also, I left it in the oven for 10 more minutes with the heat off because I misread the recipe, whooops.. They were still delicious though!

Let Me Pt. 2 // Jeon Jungkook


the prompt: can you make prince!jungkook into a series (or mini series?) pleaseee? Your writing is so good and prince jungkook is so adoring I love it!! the au this is based off of: i’m supposed to inherent the throne but really I’d rather own this tiny bakery with you.

words: 1684

category: fluff

author note: i had a really good time writing this and delving back into prince jungkook. pls enjoy this lil continuation!

- destinee

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The Barista and the Novelist



Characters: Barista!Bucky x reader

Summary: You’re a fresh university graduate, set on finding the world’s best cup of tea to enjoy in your most favourite season of all: Autumn. On a day off from your internship, you venture down to the next coffee shop on your list with laptop in hand, hoping to be able to work on the ending of the novel you’re writing. That’s what you meet the charming Bucky Barnes, a barista with an eye for you from the moment he sees you walk through the door who just so happens to want to hear about your book.

Warnings: This is the fluffiest of all fluffy fluffs. Bad editing, I’ll go back later I promise.

Words: 3885

A/N: Autumn is the prettiest season and Bucky is the prettiest metal armed super soldier. Coincidence? I think not.

Tea was probably your most favourite substance on the planet. English breakfast, earl grey, orange pekoe, chai, you name it. You’d discovered that fall was by far the best time to engage in tea drinking, and you’d scour the coffee shops of your town in search of the best cup the moment you started to see the leaves change from luscious greens to crisp reds.

When you stepped out of your home a cool wind hit your face, blowing your thick scarf back behind your shoulder as the blissful scent of fall leaves and cinnamon from your neighbor next door, who’d ever so kindly left their kitchen window wide open to let the inviting smell of their baking echo into the streets.

A smile decorated your lips as you began the walk to the next coffee house on your list, ‘Howling Commandos Coffee’,  your leather boots picking up stray fallen leaves as you ever so happily marched down the sidewalk, a skip in your step all the while.

You reached into your purse, pulling out the pair of headphones that had be subject to a horrendous tangle while remaining stagnant in your bag for god knows how long. You were so prepared for fall, that you even had a fall playlist in your music.

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An anon asked if I had a masterpost of all the recipes I’ve made so far, so I figured I might as well make one. I’ll pin this to the main page and update as needed. 

Algae SoupArtichoke Dip - Autumn’s Bounty - Baked Fish - Bean Hotpot - Blackberry Cobbler - Blueberry Tart - Bread - Bruschetta - Carp Surprise - Cheese Cauliflower - Chocolate Cake - Chowder - Coleslaw - Complete Breakfast - Cookies - Crab Cakes - Cranberry Candy - Cranberry Sauce - Crispy Bass - Dish o’ The Sea - Eggplant Parmesan - Escargot - Farmer’s Lunch - Fiddlehead Risotto - Fish Stew - Fish Tacos - Fried Calamari - Fried Eel - Fried Egg - Fried Mushroom - Fruit Salad - Glazed Yams - Hashbrowns - Ice Cream - Lobster BisqueMaki Roll - Maple Bar - Miner’s TreatOmelet - Pancakes - Pale BrothParsnip Soup - Pepper Poppers - Pink Cake - Pizza - Poppyseed Muffin - Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Soup - Radish SaladRed PlateRhubarb Pie - Rice Pudding - Roasted Hazelnuts - Roots Platter - Salad - Salmon DinnerSpaghetti - Spicy Eel - Stir Fry - Stuffing - Strange Bun - Super MealSurvival Burger - Tom Kha Soup - Tortilla - Trout Soup - Vegetable Medley 

Bonus recipes:

Kale and Walnut Salad - Grilled Steak and Linguine with Mushroom Cream Sauce - Zucchini Fritters and Spicy Marinara Sauce - Yellow Curry - Stardrop - Vanilla Ice Cream and Blue Raspberry Sauce 

Decided to hash out Leander’s colors and the little squirrel sylvari is now officially a blueberry pop tart. 

He wears that leaf poncho  much 24/7 out in the wild. The mushrooms growing on his shoulders basically act as a secondary light source and he can also magick them to unleash toxic spores or channel his necro magic if he’s in danger. 

Sylvari belong to Arenanet, Leander is mine.

In Your Defence.

Summary: “So I saw the coffee shop with Merlin request and well I work in a coffee shop and now I need some Tequila-related coffee shop fluff if you could!! At my store we’re all supposed to be extra bubbly and nice to customers. Maybe one where reader is having a bad day and a rude customer is being mean, so Tequila comes in and defends her?”
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: A rude customer who says some shitty things. Very minor violence.
Word Count: 1354

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