Facilities primarily are for protecting the public from the entities, Broadsword ( zitoisneato : art blog) but errors are made. We hope this answers your questions, Shadow Protector ( askshadowprotector : mod blog), Zippomoon (empty), austrianbrony (mod blog), and Starfall Leyline ( ask-starfall : awesome mod blog who should totally art more).

We do have a copy of the Necronomicon, Night Reign ( nightreign : mod blog), but it is Canterlot property. For the record David ( discordeddavid : RP blog), fighting a tree rat involves lots of biting; Sir Pendragon less so.

The security varies: some entities are allowed liberties, Aionis Finsternis ( aionisfinsternis : mod blog? ), while others need safeguards, malum-necesse (mod blog). The first rule of Luna’s training is “Watch where your hooves go”, askblazesong (mod/RP blog).

Finally, we apologize for your sister being unable to touch the statues, Silver Quill (asksilverquillandblueberrytart : inactive blog), but it was for her own safety.

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