Everyone is already criticizing the opening of FFXV, I mean tbh I dont like how they just show you whats gonna happen later unless it is a dream like I’m theorizing but theres too many weird details in it? Unless theyre throwing us off? I just find that Chapter 0 isnt adding up with what we see in the afojack trailer, Noctis is clearly still 20 something in it because his hair is still blue. The older version of him its starting to fade. Its keeping me up at night lol

I was 8 years old in 1998 when I got my first pokemon game Blue version. I bought it at a yard sale for $20 and it came with a see-thru purple gameboy color, I saved for 3 months just to buy it. I didn’t know much english back then so I had trouble with my first play-through but it taught me new words as I progressed thru the game, so it helped me improve both my vocabulary and reading level. I’ve been in love with pokemon ever since.  Gold version in middle school, Emerald  and Diamond version in High school, and Black version and X version in college.  

And that is why I run a blog dedicated to my love of pokemon.  What makes it all worth if is having awesome followers who share this love for this franchise.

Happy 20th Birthday Pokemon.  Thank you for all the memories.