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(Since you asked in your tags: The name Bluestreak refers to a slightly outdated colloquialism that means a rapid and barely understandable stream of words. He's Bluestreak because he talks a lot and kinda fast. "He swore a blue streak" is the usual usage of the phrase primarily still used in parts of the southern US but fallen out of most northern vocabulary. )

as a sometimes-nerd for linguistics, i declare this message awesome

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I wanna dye my hair bright blue buuut I'm really scared to bleach it because that fucks up your hair big time.. do you think it's worth it? Or maybe I should dye it w/o bleaching but then it'd be dark blue because I have dark brown hair sigh idk

maybe start with blue streaks and see how that looks? idk ive never dyed my hair someone help this poor anon