♡ ♡ I love this outfit so much ♡ ♡

♡ Sunglasses - Wolfgang
♡ Necklace - LillyGreene Children’s Boutique
♡ Mint Cardigan - Thrifted
♡ Purple Tank - Wolfgang
♡ Blue Pants - Thrifted
♡ Jelly Sandals - Sunjellies

anonymous asked:

What drew you to rping this character?

Well… I really, really, really like Sans. I identify him on a few minor counts and, heck, I used to rp as him on Chatzy for a while. 

But I didn’t know whether I could pull off the percieved seriousness behind the character. Sure, he’s a joker and a buttface and a wiseguy but he also has a few darker themes behind him that hit a little too home to me, and i didn’t want to play off him and make myself worse in the progress.

During my chatzy days I mett Jelly aka @swappedpapyrus, who made her blog well before me and didn’t in fact have a Sans to play off her Papyrus. She introduced me to Underswap, which quickly became my most favourite interpretations of the characters, and the lightheartedness and bubbliness of Sans in this AU spurred me on to create this blog. Lighthearted and bubbly I can do, and do well.

Of course, over the months of roleplay I’ve done both on or off here Blue has evolved into more than just the stereotype I began rping him as, and I found I could rp those darker themes. And I don’t regret any of it for a second.

The auction was based on a point system at the meet, I had 300 points and got blue jellies and bloody marys for zero real people money. About 20 of each, hundred dollars worth of shrimp. Also got some large ramshorn snails, I have my slimy boys.