Queen Sugar (2016 – ∞ )

We want to win for all those who lost. For all the people who came before us who struggled and strained so we could be here right now making this decision, making it better. It’s our turn to try. They risked for us, why can’t we do the same?

Let’s talk about Wash learning about Junior.

Caboose shouting with excitement that he couldn’t wait to see Junior again, but Wash was too confused to ask who Junior was. Not that he got to see this stranger anyways. Which for some reason everyone seems upset the others. Not his place to ask though. How is he alive again?

Wash finds Tucker up early one morning baking a cake, but when Wash asks who the cake is for Tucker doesn’t say. Instead he just reminds Wash that they always celebrate birthdays. The rest of the Tucker vanishes into his room.

Wash finds an old Blue team flag and wants to throw it away. Caboose asks Wash not to throw it away, but when Wash asks why Caboose starts talking about Doc. Tucker sees the flag in the trash and starts a fight with Wash. “Don’t touch what isn’t yours dude!”

Wash catches Tucker whispering to about Junior in his sleep. Wash thinks its a past lover and feels hurt.

On their way home Tucker can’t stop talking about this Junior and how excited he is to see him again for the first time in forever. Wash is hurt and worried that this Junior will replace him.

After the crash Wash finds Tucker one night screaming to the stars that the world is shit and promises to see Junior again soon.

Wash finds that ripped up, old, dirty blue flag again in Tucker’s room. He wasn’t snooping though. He just needed a pair of socks.

After being reunited on Chorus, Donut getting excited talking about their past in BG and mentions how cute Junior was.

Grif and Simmons calling Junior scary but know he means the world to Tucker.


One night Wash finally spots the photo…

It’s a long night with a lot of confused questions.


Crankgameplays aesthetics! Someone requested them, can’t remember the URL right now, if the requester sees this hmu and I’ll credit you for it.

Does anyone else have any aesthetic suggestions? I’m not the BEST at making them but I think it’s fun!

Edit: Thanks @prince-gumgum for requesting!