March 24, 2017.
its been 4 days since im working on my economy notes and also reviewing some of the old uni tests and im kinda satisfied with how it looks omg i havent been sooo happy with my notes before😅😅 (i know its kinda bleeding but yeah its just a cheap brand of notebook sooo and its A4 which much bigger than i used to write my notes soo i kinda like it)

pens i used in this:
✏ Zebra Sarasa Pen 0.5mm in Black
✏ Zebra Mildliner in Mild Magenta, Mild Gold, Mild Smoke Blue, Mild Blue Green and Mild Blue
✏ Crayola Supertips in Turquoise, Sun Yellow and Light Peach
✏ Artline Stix in Apricot and Light Blue
✏ Snowman Brush Pen in Black
✏ Zig Kuretake Fudebiyori Brush Pen in Indigo
✏ Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip

alsooo ive been listening to Stay by Zedd ft. Alessia Cara this whole week omg that song sooo good😍😍😍

random harry concept™

You’re at a party talking to some of your shared friends.

And Harry is next to you, his hand around your hips softly but lowkey protectively.

And he has a drink in the other hand, his ring-clad fingers wrapped around the round class, leaving smudges in the condensation, the metal of his jewelry clinking against the glass. He smells like Dolce Gabana, wine and smoke bc he took a swig from Ben’s cig.

And you’re talking about school and life and stuff and he leans in and his hair tickles the back of your jaw and ears. It’s starting to grow back out, little curls struggling to wrap around his ears.

His breath is cold from the ice in his drink as he talks. “I’m gonna go talk to Alexa for a bit, yeah? Haven’t seen her in a while.”

And you murmur a quick “okay,” feeling the warmth of his body slide away from you but you don’t worry bc you know he’ll be fine.

After a while you glance around the flat to see where he is, spotting him at the bar surrounded by a couple of people and tipping back tequila shots with someone like a pro.

It’s a race, apparently, as you see a row of shots laid out before him and he tosses them back as fast as possible, his jaw clenching and face scrunching up at the sour taste, but he shakes it off with a shudder of his broad shoulders. He flips the tiny glass upside down on the marble counter, reaching for a blue snowman cup filled with orange juice.

He’s going at it hard– it’s evident even from far away. Sweat has matted his hairline and beads his forehead, his lips a cherry pinkish red, his cheeks flushed lightly and his pupils are blown out of proportion.

The people around him cheer him on, one of his family buddies filling up more glasses and sliding them towards him. The guy opposite him is tipping them back hella hard, too, being ahead of Harry by three hits.

Alexa is standing behind him, massaging his shoulders and giving him a rough pep talk. You see Harry nod his head hazily, smiling all watery and drunk off his ass as his fingers go up to his shirt, popping the first three buttons air out some heat.

He then downs two shots, making an audible grunt as he slams them down on the tabletop, the cheering around him swelling. You smile softly because it’s good to see him so happy and carefree. He deserves some hardcore fun after all his hard work on the movie.

Some more time passes as you talk Christmas plans with Gemma, who had arrived right after Harry had won the tequila contest.

You turn your head to check up on him again and your words lodge in your throat.

He’s gripping a booze bottle by the neck, a sparkler shoved into the top. Alexa is next to him, smoking a cig, and to your horror, you see him stick his tongue all the way out, making a beeline for the end of the lit cigarette. When Alexa backs up, laughing, shaking her head at him, he veers off course, his sights set on the crackling sparkler instead.

“Harry!” You call over the thumping music, scrambling up from the couch with a quick apology to Gemma and pacing towards him.

You get there just in time to snatch the popping firework off the bottle, putting it out and setting it on the nearest table.

“Have you gone mental?” You screech quietly, prying the booze from his big, clumsy hand as he pouts his ruby lips and puts on his puppy dog eyes.

“Y/NNNNNN,” he slurs, stomping one of his feet and coughing thickly, “s'just some fun, sweetheart. Liven up, would ya?”

“Swallowing a goddamn firecracker and licking a lit cigar is your idea of fun?” You snort in disbelief, grabbing at his arm as he teeters on his feet.

“Ooooh,” Alexa hums dangerously, chuckling as you scold him. “Someone’s in big trouble.”

You roll your eyes at her playfully. “You have no idea.”

You tug Harry away from the bar, heading towards the first bathroom you see. He stumbles over his feet behind you, whining half-heartedly. At one point you pass Sandy, who whistles over at you both.

“You gon’ get a spankin’, Styles? Been a bad boy?”

Harry gives him a toothy grin, throwing the man a lazy wink. “You know it, mate.”

He then proceeds to slap his rear several times, releasing a high-pitched moan. “Oh, baby, just like that! I’ve been such a bad baby boy! Whip me into shape, please. I’m begging you!”

His friends burst into a roar, causing your cheeks flush.

“Come on, you bugger.” You tug him harshly, continuing your journey to the loo.

The door swings open and you shove him through it, locking it behind you. He wobbles over to lean on the marble counter, knuckling at his wide eyes as he giggles messily.

The bathroom is spotless, much to your surprise. Alexa had really gone all out for this party. You grab a linen towel from a big basket near the jacuzzi bathtub, wetting it under the faucet and drifting towards Harry, who is distracted childishly with his dog tag, tugging and twisting at it.

You dab the warm cloth onto his forehead, wiping the dried sweat and sliding it down his jaw and around his mouth to rid of the residue of liquor.

He behaves obediently, reaching up to play with the ends of your hair, tugging at it every now and then, his eyes quickly flitting up to yours to see your reaction. You wipe down his neck and the exposed bit of his chest until he’s fairly clean. You toss the towel in the dirty hamper, buttoning up his shirt once again and finger combing his floppy mop of semi-curls, then massaging his ears in small, long, circular motions.

He hums appreciatively, blinking sluggishly down at you and grinning like a fool. “S'good. You’re good, I mean. With your hands. You’re good with tour hands.”

“Oh, am I really?” You cock an eyebrow, amused at the suggestiveness of his words, even though he didn’t mean them in such way.

He nods his head quickly a few times, not catching on immediately, but the idea eventually dawns on him, eyes going even bigger. “Oh, wait! No, I didn’t– I, like…Not like that or anything! I meant it as in you’re good at massaging my ears, not my dick.”

“So I’m not good at handies, is what you’re saying?” You pout with fake hurt, looking down at your feet.

“What? No! No, you’re amazing, darling! You’re amazing at getting me off! It’s just that, at this moment, I didn’t mean it like that. But you aren’t bad, I swear. You’re real good at massaging everything– anything– I just–” He babbles aimlessly, seeming like a deer caught in headlights.

It makes you smile. “I know, dumbass. I know what you mean.”

“Okay, good,” he sighs in relief, looking down as you sift your fingers with his. “You’re good.”

You nod slowly, kissing his forehead with care. He squeezes your hands gently, melting into your body as you kiss all over his face.

“You’re…so good to me.” He glubs, his tongue suddenly losing feeling inside his mouth. His eyes slowly trail up to yours, his teeth worrying the inside of his bottom lip. “You’re…” Harry takes one of your hands, setting it over his belt buckle. “Incredible.”

You get the memo right away, your fingers toying with the metal bit of the accessory. “Yeah? How incredible?”

His breathing is hitching in his throat, his stomach making faint churning noises as the alcohol settles into his system. A hiccup jolts his shoulders, his eyebrows scrunching at the spontaneous motion. Your hand is already worked into his pants, fingers cupping him over his briefs. He’s hot and heavy over the fabric, twitching with excitement.

You grope him roughly, repeating your question. “How incredible, H?”

His eyes flick up and down between your actions below and your eyes up top, dopily picking at the nails on his long fingers. “Really incredible. Don’t–” he swallows heavily, chipping off a large piece of the black nail polish you had helped him coat on a couple days back. “Don’t deserve you sometimes.”

You’re movements stop and an objecting whimper strings out from him immediately.

“What d'you mean you don’t deserve me?” You question quietly, reaching your free hand up to cup his jaw, your heart melting when he cradles it into your palm.

“S'like…” He trails off, sniffling faintly and you remember how sentimental he can get when he gets drunk.

“It’s like what, baby?” You nudge gently, smiling up at him with soft encouragement.

Harry’s breathing becomes more controlled as he switches hands now, all of the nail lacquer chipped clean off his right hand. “Can you…can you keep going?”


“Can you…” He clenches his thighs, bringing your attention down to his swollen prick. You hadn’t realized how badly it had started to throb. He looks away shyly, cheeks and neck strawberry red as he asks you to keep jerking him off.

“Sure, Har. Feels nice? Helps you think a little better?” You dip inside his underwear, tugging his wet shaft out of its confinements and pumping it slowly.

“Y-Yeah,” He sighs shakily, hands trembling. He throws his head back against the light, lavender wall, the muscle inside his jaw ticking. “Oh, fuck yeah…”

“Now what’s this whole–” You give him a small squeeze just below the head, thumbing a couple of times over his leaking hole, just how he likes it, “thing about not deserving me?”

“S'just…after I got off on break, I said I had done it to spend more time with youuu-oh!” His hips give a tight buck into your cupped hand and he’s obviously trying to control himself.


“And then I took up the m-movie deal. And you…you weren’t even angry at me? I did it out of no where and you were nothing but happy, even though I broke the promise…” He’s sniffling again, wiping his nose along his shoulder with the shirt sleeve. “You did nothing but support me when I just left you hanging like that and I don’t deserve your patience. I leave you all by yourself to go on tour, get off of tour and then leave you again to do a movie and you haven’t said one bad thing and I just…And then now, having to deal with me drunk off my ass and trying to eat a fucking cig, for Christ’s sake! I don’t–”

“Bullshit.” You state, your tone so strict to the point where he jumps slightly. “I knew that dating you would come with this and I did it anyways because I love you. You never have to worry about this stuff with me, H. If I ever get sad about it, I’ll tell you, but don’t beat yourself up, alright? You live an exhausting enough life as it is, so don’t worry about me, okay? I’m always gonna be here for you because you more than deserve me– you’re a good man with a huge heart and you’re doing all you can to get a good, solid career. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Harry smiles all watery, kissing your nose. “I love you– fuck, I–so much. You’re just…can’t even put it into words.”

You kiss at the pulse in his neck, murmuring comfort. “Love you, too, my sparkler-eating dumbass.”

He chokes out a laugh, which is cut off by a hearty moan as you give his dick a twist.

“Can I finish you off now without any more tears being shed?” You tease, biting along the skin of his jaw.

“Hell yeah.”


Golden Age villains didn’t always have the best plots, but Villainy Inc. really brings their A-Game. After securing the prison they set out to capture Hippolyta, whom they use to lure the rest of the Amazons, including Wonder Woman, into their trap. The stakes are genuinely high this time around. You can tell Marston was having a blast figuring out how skills and powers of the individual villains would work as a unit.


☃️Frosty Fluff❄️

It’s interesting to me that Snowman has Blue Blood. You could argue that it’s a metaphor for her being royalty (or blue blooded, as the saying goes) but the White Queen has red blood.

Mostly it just reminds me of Vriska, who also has blue blood and a number eight motif. It makes me wonder if there’s an even deeper connection between the two of them then what we’ve seen.


Gearing up to give the asshole who’d been banging on your front door for the last five minutes a piece of your mind, you stomped toward that slab of wood and yanked at the handle before realizing that it had been Rene standing on the other side… Dumbfounded, you blinked and furrowed your brows before asking, “What are you doing here?”

It could have been your tone or maybe the question in general but whatever the reason, Rene immediately grit his teeth and set his jaw before dropping his hard stare to the ground. With his nostrils flaring, he all but slammed a hand in his pocket and quickly fished out a small box that had been wrapped in light blue, snowman-printed tissue paper before shoving it toward you. 

“Here.” He snarled, causing your eyes to dart from the box to his face to see that his expression was twisted up in a painful mixture of anger and distress. “I don’t know if…” He tried, pinching his eyes shut for just a moment before taking a deep breath and shaking his head. “I don’t know where we’re going to be next Christmas and I know that right now, you’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met but…”

“But?” You prompted.

“Alright.” Lifting his gaze, he finally looked you dead in the eye and said, “You make me all sorts of loco and there are times when I think it’s better if we walk away from this…”

“Was this supposed to be an apology?” You bit. “Because this is starting to look like a breakup.”

“No-I just…” Pursing his lips, Rene shook his head again and said, “You make me laugh too. And I like that feeling I get when you’re around. It’s like…” He pulled a fist over his chest before flexing his fingers outward and letting a low explosive sound - a boof - push through his lungs. “So, I wanted to give you this.”

“And what is that?”

“A Christmas present.”

There was an irrepressible smile tugging at your lips and before you could stop yourself, you stepped forward to wrap your arms around Rene’s neck and say, “I got you one too… You know, even though you’ve been an ass.”

At that he chuckled and hooked one of his limbs around your lower back before gathering you against his chest and dropping his mouth to your forehead. “You’re ridiculous.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Mad at Rene but Still Exchanging Gifts for Christmas*

@asian-aaron-samuels​: Holiday Request: Imagine you and Rene are still fuming from an intense fight, but you’re still trying to give each other presents.


request for: @please-dean-stick-it-in

word count: 758

pairing: brother!casxreader, deanxangel!reader, samxangel!reader


“Y/N!” Your older brother, Cas, called for you.

“Yes.” You walked down the stairs and into the living room.

“Come on, I want to introduce you to the Winchesters.” He gave you a rare smile and you took his hand, letting him zap the two of you to the brothers he always talks so much about.

You arrived in a home- or at least you thought it was a home. There was a map on the table and books and weapons lining the walls; it looked more like a battle station.

“Is this where they work?” You asked Cas in confusion.

“Yes, but they also live here.” Your brother responded.

“Cas?” a man with green eyes asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Dean, I want to introduce you to my little sister.” He stepped aside, preventing you from hiding behind him. “This is Y/N.”

The man- Dean- walked up to you and shook your hand. “Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“You too, Dean.” You nodded and then asked, “Are you the human that has a profound bond with my brother?”

“Yes, Y/N, that’s him.” Cas answered your question.

“Well then it is very nice to meet you Dean Winchester.” You told him, letting go of his hand.

Dean smiled before calling out over his shoulder, “Sammy get in here!”

The other brother, Sam, walked down the hallway with a book in hand and an annoyed expression on his face. You didn’t understand. You thought brothers should never be annoyed with each other?

“Sam, this is Cas’ sister, Y/N.” Dean told Sam. He put his book down and walked over to you, giving you a hug.

“What is this?” You asked, sticking your arms straight out. “I do not understand.”

Sam laughed lightly before explaining. “This is a hug.”

“Yes, I’ve seen other humans talk about it before but what do I do?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

“You wrap your arms around me.” Sam clarified before moving your arms so they were wrapped tightly around him. “Like this.”

“Thank you.” You nodded.

When you stepped away from Sam, your brother came up to you, placing his hand on your shoulder. “Y/N, I have to go do some business for heaven. I will be right back.”

“Okay.” You nodded, watching your brother disappear before you.

“So Y/N,” Dean began. “What do you want to do?”

“I do not know what humans do.” You responded and shrugged.

“What about some TV?” Sam suggested.

“What is this thing you call a ‘TV?’ ” You asked.

“She’s just like Cas.” Sam smiled.

“I know.” Dean laughed lightly. “C'mon, Y/N, we’ll show you.”

“Will I need my angel blade for this?” You questioned. “My brother says that you do a lot of things that involve an angel blade.”

“No angel blade necessary.” Dean assured you, grabbing your hand and leading you over to the couch.

“What would you like to watch?” Sam asked.

“Watch?” You asked. “Like how guardian angels watch other humans?”

Sam and Dean looked at each other with a happy expression.

“Let’s put frozen in.” Dean suggested.

“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “Good idea.”

Dean went over to the 'tv’ and took out a shiny, grey disk before inserting it into a box. Immediately, the 'tv’ lit up blue and a talking snowman came onto the screen.

“How is that snowman talking?” You asked the two brothers, fascinated. “I did not think snowmen could talk.

"It’s a Disney movie.” Dean told you. “In a Disney movie, anything can happen.”

“Are we in a Disney movie?” You asked, hopeful.

“No, Y/N, but we can watch them.” Sam smiled.

The three of you sat there watching the dancing and singing snowman on the 'tv’ until Castiel returned.

“Castiel!” You cheered, giving your brother a hug. “There is a dancing snowman in Disney films.”

“Yes, Y/N, his name is Olaf.” Your brother smiled at you. “But now we should go home.”

Your face fell but you still nodded.

“You know, Cas,” Dean placed his hands in his pockets. “You can leave her here for awhile.”

“Yeah,” Sam continued. “So she can finish watching her Disney movies.”

“Alright.” Cas agreed. “I will see you tomorrow.”

“How about two days. There’s a lot of Disney movies.” Dean suggested.

Cas nodded. “I will be back in two days.”

When your brother left, you sat back on the couch with the two Winchester brothers who had their arms wrapped around you and continued to watch all of the Disney movies.


Updated the “Sweater Dress” and made a little snowman version.

Secret Santa headcanons

Lucy Heartfilia

  • Lucy’s secret santa is Gray.
  • Lucy buys Gray a black beanie and black scarf along with a gift card to his favorite frozen yogurt place. She neatly wraps it all in gold wrapping paper and carefully arranges it in a green bag with a simple holly pattern.
  • Gray guesses Lucy on his first try and she’s upset that it was so obvious that it was her.

Natsu Dragneel

  • Natsu’s secret santa is Jellal.
  • Nastu buys Jellal the ugliest Christmas sweater he can find. He sloppily wraps it in brown paper and ties a red bow around it. He has Happy write the tag so that Jellal can’t tell whose handwriting it is.
  • When Jellal has to guess who gave him his gift, he doesn’t have a chance to because Natsu busts out laughing the minute he unwraps the gift.

Gray Fullbuster

  • Gray’s secret santa is Juvia.
  • Gray buys Juvia bath salts as well as various types of soaps for bubble baths. He also buys her a little pale blue wash cloth with a snowman on it. He wraps it all in white tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with reindeer on it.
  • Juvia immediately guess Gray first, and when he admits it is him, she nearly faints from absolute joy.

Juvia Lockser

  • Juvia’s secret santa is Mira.
  • Juvia buys Mira a cute floppy pink hat and a pink flower charm on a silver necklace chain. She puts the hat in a hat box and wraps it in gold tissue paper. She puts the necklace in a little pouch and places both gifts in a white bag with sparkly white snowflakes.
  • Mira could tell from the start that it was Juvia from the way the girl was sitting on the edge of her seat and looking nervously from the gift to Mira. To humor her, Mira guesses it is Juvia on her last try and Juvia happily confirms her guess.

Erza Scarlet

  • Erza’s secret santa is Gajeel.
  • Erza buys Gajeel his own wireless microphone. She shakily wraps it in snowflake tissue paper and puts it in a blue bag with a snowman on it.
  • Gajeel is so happy with his gift that he almost forgets to guess, but he doesn’t guess that it’s Erza anyways.

Jellal Fernandes

  • Jellal’s secret santa is Laxus.
  • Jellal buys Laxus a pair of headphones that are also earmuffs. He carefully wraps the boxed gift in green wrapping paper and finishes it off with a big red bow.
  • Laxus guesses Jellal on his first try, but it was a fluke. He was just randomly picking people in the circle and Jellal happened to be the first one he laid eyes on.

Gajeel Redfox

  • Gajeel’s secret santa is Levy.
  • Gajeel buys Levy a set of books about dragons and the history of dragons. He wraps the gift somewhat neatly in black wrapping paper with silver snowflakes and completes the present with a red bow.
  • Levy doesn’t guess Gajeel right away and figures it out immediately after she uses her final guess. His bright red blush and shifting eyes gave him away.

Levy McGarden

  • Levy’s secret santa is Lucy.
  • Levy buys Lucy a new pair of Gale-Force Reading glasses as well as the first two books in a fantasy series that Levy loves. She also buys a couple bottles of pastel nail polishes. She wraps the whole gift in candy cane striped tissue paper and neatly arranges them in a cute red santa bag.
  • Lucy guesses Levy on her third and final try because Levy’s large grin made it obvious.

Mirajane Strauss

  • Mira’s secret santa is Erza.
  • Mira buys Erza a membership to the new cake shop that opened up near the guild and a variety of cake mixes that she can try to bake. She makes a cute handmade card and sticks the membership certificate inside and wraps the cake mixes  in blue wrapping paper with silver stripes, a silver bow stuck on top.
  • Erza honestly has no clue Mira is her secret santa and isn’t able to guess correctly at all despite the fact that the card is most definitely in Mira’s handwriting.

Laxus Dreyar

  • Laxus’ secret santa is Natsu.
  • Laxus buys Natsu a stuffed red dragon and a pair of flame patterned underpants. He shoves it all in a red bag with snowflakes on it and stuffs white tissue paper on the top.
  • Natsu finds the gift to be humorous, but doesn’t guess Laxus. His three guesses consisted of “Gray, Gray, and Gray.”
Under The Mistletoe *Steve Rogers x reader*

Originally posted by hatver

(the gif has nothing to do with the one-shot I just really like Chris Evans and Chris Hemswroth bromance, look at them, is it weird that this reminds me of my mum and dad? They act like them, its hilarious)
Requested by Anon: could you do one where you (avenger) bring a date to Tony’s Xmas party & the date turns out to be using u to meet the team. and it ends with the reader and Steve under the mistletoe by accident? just a bit of angst and a lot of fluff? 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff and Steve being a Super Sweetie
Admins Note: I have been writing Wanda stuff left, right and centre its good to be writing some cute Steve stuff. Hopefully you’ll like this, worked super hard on it. SHUT UP I REALLY LIKE JUSTIN BIEBERS CHRISTMAS SONG… OKAY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

“STEVE!” Yelled in delight once you found the super soldier, he stopped walking instantly the moment he heard your voice. He turned to see you running down the hallway with the biggest grin on your face; probably the most beautiful sight he had ever seen “I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” you over exaggerate, he smiled down at you.

“What do you need (Y/N)?” he asked you, you simply grinned. A couple days ago Steve told you to ask your crush to Tony’s Christmas party, of course, he didn’t think it would be him but he couldn’t help but hope for you to miraculously love him back; you did have the biggest crush on Steve but you always thought he was still hooked on the past, so you saved yourself the rejection and asked someone else you had your eyes upon.

No, not to ask but to thank,” you correct, he frowned. “I did it. I took control of my nerves and asked that guy to Tony’s party” his shoulders slumped down, for a split second he let his face show his heart breaking but he pulled it together, grinning and hugging you in congratulations.

 He now has to go to the party and watch the girl he loves with some other guy, it felt like the world was constantly against Steve, he couldn’t be happy in the forties and now he can be happy in the twenties!

“That’s great,” his voice broke and coughed lightly. “So…who’s the lucky guy?” he asked and you tapped your nose, a beautiful smile on your face that made Steve’s head spin in circles, just once he wished that he was the reason behind your happiness.

“It’s a surprise, he kinda asked me before I could ask him but I hinted that I had no date, he seems eager to go with me,” you giggle and he nods.
“Well, he has to get past the Avengers test first.” He mused you rolled your (E/C) eyes at him as he chuckled. “Kidding, but seriously I’m going to give him the talk,” you groaned but smiled, he always protective of you, you liked that about Steve; always so caring.

Okay, old man,” you patted his shoulder following him down the hallway, Steve scoffed at the pet name you had given him, something he hates others calling him but lets side when you say it.

I am not old,” he defended and you laughed. “Besides, Tony said women love older men, something about their money, although he calls me the whole elderly package deal; I’m old at heart but young on the outside.” Steve frowned looking down at you, you laughed loudly, holding onto his arm for support as you walked so you wouldn’t fall over.

That’s brilliant!” You calmed down after a few seconds, “elderly package deal, do me, Natasha and Wanda get friend discount if we date you?” you asked in amusement, he sarcastically laughed, shoving you away slightly with his shoulder. “I’ll see you tonight, Steven,” you saluted to him and he did the same back.


Martin was the exact opposite of Steve in every way possible. He was a brunette, with hazel eyes and he was small compared to Steve, kind of Clint’s height. Despite not being Avenger he was ‘cool’ or that’s how you would describe him, he wasn’t like Steve who was opposed to partying and drinking, in fact, Martin lived for that lifestyle; even though he is an Agent like Maria. 

Everybody likes him, or a lot of people hate him, he’s like Marmite, unlike Steve where you can’t help but love the guy; even Tony would admit that you can’t help but like him. Maybe that’s why you wanted Martin around you, he was different to Steve and maybe that’s what you needed to get over this affection you had for the super soldier, a different person altogether.

You wore a red dress which flowed out into a skater skirt, the hem of the dress was deep green, it was your go to Christmas dress because of the colours. At the top it had a white peter-pan collar, and it was long sleeved, it fit you nicely and the shoes were black ankle boots; you didn’t really want to wear heels tonight. When Martin showed up he was wearing a long sleeve white shirt with black skinny jeans, you couldn’t help but think that Steve would hate this guy, Steve wouldn’t dare admit it but you would be able to tell. 

You arrived at the party ten minutes late; due to the fact Martin was late to pick you up, figures. The party was already in full swing with everyone drinking, dancing and mingling amongst themselves, a few faces you recognised as friends and others must be Tony’s acquaintances. 

You held Martin’s hand as you made your way through the guests, trying to get to the bar, people stopped to greet you and you smiled and introduced yourselves, or hugged them if you knew them already. 

“So, where are you, friends?” Martin asked you shrugged looking around, guessing you would find them later; instead grabbing a drink before you could be bothered to look for any of them. You and Martin talked at the bar, he was an only child like you, he didn’t actually want to be an agent in the beginning but when his boxing career fell through he applied. 

You listened to him, although when it came to you he seemed to be lost in translation, he didn’t seem interested in the past rather what’s happening now; with you being an Avenger, which seemed to be his favourite topic.

Oh, Martin this is Clint and Natasha,” you pulled them towards your date, they both smiled, extending a hand to him. “Or also known as Hawkeye and Black Widow, where are the others?” you asked Natasha, she shrugged.

“Bruce and Tony are somewhere on the dance floor with Thor, don’t ask,” you chuckled. “Steve had invited all those war veterans and are sat on the sofas talking, it’s really cute, they are all wearing ugly Christmas jumpers and got one for Steve; adorable you need to see it.” 

Your heart clenched at the image that popped into your head, the thought of Steve sat around with people from his time in ugly sweaters made you feel warm and fuzzy with delight. “Wanda and Pietro are playing beer-pong against Rhodes and Sam,” she concluded, in which you nodded, looking at Martin to ask if he was ready to meet some others.

Natasha was right, Steve looked utterly adorable in his jumper, it was blue with a snowman on the front and the carrot nose was 3D and stuck out; he was drinking eggnog with his friends.

“Well, hello beautiful,” one of the veterans called, you chuckled, You had met them all before and they all loved you; despite them being all over ninety whenever they flirted it still made you blush. 

Hey, Richard,” you called, Steve grinned at you. “Natasha told me you brought Steve a present, I dare say you look smashing tonight, gentlemen,” you looked at each, even Steve, all laughing at you. “This is Martin, my date. Martin that is Captain America and this is his squad,” you gesture to the men who all held their glasses up in welcome. Steve stood up and offered a firm handshake, you chuckled at the fact he tried to seem menacing in that god-awful jumper, it still somehow managed to work.

After you introduced Martin to everyone, he somehow went missing, you searched everywhere for him but came up empty handed; he can’t have gotten far, although Starks place is massive. When Wanda eventually found you, she sat at the bar with you, talking about how she defeated Pietro at beer pong and that now he has to do her laundry for the whole year of 2016.

“Can I throw some of my stuff in?” you asked and she nodded. “Not like he’ll know the difference,” you mused with her. You laughed rather loudly with one another, although that eventually died out when you saw Martin dancing with another girl. Wanda followed your eyes, she sighed, she hoped you wouldn’t see if she kept you distracted.

I didn’t want to say anything,” she muttered, you turned to look at her. “He used you just so he could come to this party and meet us,” you sighed, you should have known better. The first time someone shows interest in you and just to come to a party with the Avengers, you are one yourself but you couldn’t compare to the others; it’s no surprise that Martin left you. 

“I can ask Tony to get him kicked out, and then we can watch him get dragged away together?” she suggested, you sighed shaking your head, he’s here now besides you can still have a good time, right?

I might go sit with Steve’s veteran friends, thanks, Wanda,” you stand up and she nods. Steve was playing beer pong against Thor, you could see them both as you walked over to the sofas that held veterans, they all cheered when you sat down; at least these guys were interested in what you had to say. 

My money’s on the God,” one called, four others joined him, and you laughed as they all betted on who would win. Steve won, he bowed as everyone clapped and cheered, Sam patted his back and Thor waved him off going back to dancing with Jane.

Where’s your date?” Steve sat on the arm beside you, you let out a huff of air, you had already explained to the veterans what happened; all offered to go beat him up for you, you had a difficult time declining, but you did for some stupid reason.

“He ditched me,” you confirm, he widens his eyes and you nod. “Yeah, using me to meet all of you guys,” you shrugged as if you knew that would happen. “Should have known better,” you mutter but Steve hears and scoffs loudly.
“He’s an idiot!” he tells you “Don’t think for a second you aren’t good enough (Y/N) because you are more than enough to somebody.” You nod with a small smile.

“Yeah but that somebody is taking a frigging long time to come into my life,” you mutter, he chuckled and nodded in agreement, standing up he offers his hand. “Come on, Tony put up a really cool Avengers Christmas tree in the other room, it has all of us on it,” you chuckle and take his hand and follow him.

 The other room is decked out in Christmas lights, all of which are actually Steve’s shield, glowing red and blue; its pretty cool. The tree is above ten feet, on top of the tree is an Iron Man action figure with small white wings, of course, Tony would do that and all the ornaments are Avengers related.

“This is amazing,” you whisper, an action figure of yourself is dressed in an elf costume and bellow Steve’s who was dressed as Santa. “That’s actually hilarious,” you chuckled and walked around the room with Steve following. 

Every Christmas decoration was somehow related to the Avengers, Tony really went for it this year, you stopped and looked at the fireplace; a snow globe sat right in the middle. The Avengers Tower inside; Thor was in mid-flight, Tony was hovering as Iron Man, the Hulk was climbing the tower like King-Kong. 

Clint was perched at the top, arrows in hand, Natasha and yourself were on the floor, guns pointed in opposite directions, backs pressed together and Steve was near you, the shield being thrown. You had seen this last year but this time, Wanda and Pietro had been added, well a blue blur was to signify Pietro and Wanda had her hands raised and red lights signified her powers.

“What the hell is that?” you dragged your eyes away from the snow-globe and looked to where Steve was, you choked on the air as you saw mistletoe above yourself and Steve, he narrowed his eyes. “Is that… mistletoe?” he asked somewhat confused as to why Tony would decorate the tower with mistletoe, what if himself and Tony got stuck under it? 

We don’t have to…” you trailed off.“ Tony probably put there to prank people,” you mutter, embarrassed about this whole situation.    

I mean… I wouldn’t mind,” Steve whispered, you looked at Steve who was shuffling on his feet, he wrung his hands together, his palms sweating with embarrassment. He knew if he kissed (Y/N) under this mistletoe he would have to thank Tony.

“You want to kiss me?” you asked, somewhat shocked by this, he nodded slowly and you smiled, Steve shared the same feelings all this time. “You mean all this time you’ve liked me and never said anything?” he nodded and you sighed. “You goofball,” you mutter and you both laughed.

Steve took a hold of your face, both hands on each cheek as he slowly brushed his mouth against yours, your eyes fluttered shut and he kissed you softly and slowly. Your heart was racing; it felt like it would beat out of your chest, both of your hands rested on Steve’s shoulders as you stood on your tippy-toes to somehow push yourself more into Steve’s embrace; both his hands slide up into your (H/C) hair, pulling softly as he went. 

He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance, once you compiled his tongue darted into your mouth, this whole moment was surreal and yet wonderful at the same time. Steve slowly pulled away from your mouth, his head resting against yours as his breathing was short and breathy like your own, he chuckled breathlessly and smiled.

“Best Christmas ever,” he muttered mainly to himself but you smiled, kissing him softly in a short tender kiss, pulling away to hug him around his neck. 

Can I get that discount?” you whisper-ask and he chuckled, his shoulders shaking as he hugged you, making you laugh with him and pull away. Noticing the mistletoe was now gone, you looked to the door where Wanda was using her powers to pull it back to her and the other Avengers, you frown.

“It was Bruce and Tony’s idea,” Thor yelled running away holding Sam and Jane, Pietro pulled Wanda and Natasha away, whilst Clint jumped up onto a shelf and into a vent leaving Bruce and Tony to stand in the doorway.

(Okay wow this is over 2,000 words… I am so sorry that its really long. I had no intention on making it that long either, plus the ending was added bonud because my Uncle Dondy complained that me and Angie don’t write enough Science Bro’s stuff… my whole family looks at our blog its hilarious; well actually my four uncles, my parents and my brother, no idea if my sister reads my stuff since she has an account also. Remember you can request; imagines, ships and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee)