Not sure if it counts as a WestAllen thing, but

I love how yellow irises mean ‘passion’ and a bouquet of blue irises mean ‘hope and faith’. Even if it’s just a coincidence, it make me think of Blue Lantern Flash and gave me a lot of feels for how Barry inspires hope in other people, while Iris inspires hope in him through her love and faith in him.


our hoodies - blue lantern flash (commission)

some of you already know i’ve been dealing with health issues. lately this and personal stuff combined and made it impossible for me to take care of hoodied as much as i should and i’d like to apologize for that. everyone awaiting a reply either here or on etsy - i promise to answer by the end of this weekend! ;u; i’ll do my best to make up for the wait! i also have a plenty of awesome commissions we’ve got to work on for the past few weeks and i’m super excited to share them with you guys! besides, i’d like to thank everyone for supporting us, there are no words to describe how amazing you all are and i don’t think we will ever be able to repay you! T_T thanks for sticking with us, you’re the best! ♥