Does anyone else think the Blue Fairy could be part of the Black Fairy that she split off?

When Rumple tried to kill Hyde, he couldn’t, because Hyde was a part of Jekyll.

…maybe the reason the Blue Fairy didn’t die was actually because she was only a part of the Black Fairy and thus immortal because of the existence of her other half? It’s clear that people who are split, aren’t split into good and bad, but into what they repress and what they allow the world to see. The Black Fairy is mentioned while Blue is seemingly dead. They are also dealing with Pan’s shadow in that scene… but everybody has a shadow side, so what if that was foreshadowing for the true relationship between the Black and the Blue Fairy?

We’ve seen how Jekyll and Hyde’s story ended, so maybe Black and Blue will find a way to successfully merge? If they really are split, maybe it happened because she couldn’t really deal with losing her child, so she lost part of herself instead. It also lends itself to interpretations on the role of the Catholic Church and the shaming of women’s sexuality leading to repression…. Potentially interesting social commentary. 

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HC: Fiona, as a fairy, created a powerful curse. Since fairies have to watch over children, her curse would endanger them, thus being "a Dark Curse". Blue, horrified by such cruelty, and since fairies cannot alter dark magic, as they have good magic, procures the Apprentice, the OTHER titan of magic besides Merlin, to alter the Curse and include the Heart as main ingredient, to dissuade normal people from using it. Only EVIL ones would use it. Then the Apprentice sealed tne scroll in Bald Mt.

Sounds good to me, ShadyBlue!Anon. But the price of the Dark Curse being The Heart of the Thing You Love Most is one of the things I really loved about S1 because it helped define the whole “all magic comes with a price” idea. I loved that big magic required a big price and it had to be a PERSONAL one. Otherwise, why wouldn’t everyone just rush to use magic? 

The price for Sir Maurice saving his village from Ogres is his daughter’s eternal servitude– the person most “precious” to him. The price for opening a hat to another realm was Regina sacrificing the last picture of her beloved Daniel. The price for Snow getting a fake Excalibur sword was her beloved mother’s necklace. The price for saving someone’s life via Dark Candle is … another person’s life. The price for Regina Ctrl+Z’ing the Dark Curse was her losing the person she loved most– Henry. The price of magic used to be personal, proportionate, and HORRIBLE. It’s one of the characteristics that defined FTL and also why people hated and feared magical folk– because who would be so desperate to risk losing the things you loved most?

So this “your realm-spanning curses for nothing and your chicks for free” idea in S6 bugs me, Anon. I hope they explain the whole “And YOU lose a heart!” clause in future episodes but I kind of was hoping for the Black Fairy straight-up heart-smashing Tiger Lily ‘cause they were Secret Fairy Lovers– at least that would have been consistent with S1. (I’m happy Tiger Lily is still around, though! Stay away from Storybrooke!)

TL;DR– magic needs to have a @#$@#$ price again.

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Am i the only one who thinks that it was the dark realm that completely corrupted the BF? And in essence, blue just made the whole situation worse by sending her there?

This whole thing was a self-fulfilling prophecy and Blue played right into it. I agree that she simply passed the problem along. Remember this is a woman who supposedly can take a fairy’s wings, someone who is one of the great ancient powers. 

Blue is either supremely incompetent (and actively tries to hide it) or she’s straight up evil. There is NO option 3.