I don’t think this is a new theory but could the Blue Fairy be part of the Black Fairy that she split off?

When Rumple tried to kill Hyde, he couldn’t, because Hyde was a part of Jekyll.

…maybe the reason the Blue Fairy didn’t die was actually because she was only a part of the Black Fairy and thus immortal because of the existence of her other half? It’s clear that people who are split, aren’t split into good and bad, but into what they repress and what they allow the world to see. The Black Fairy is mentioned while Blue is seemingly dead. They are also dealing with Pan’s shadow in that scene… but everybody has a shadow side, so what if that was foreshadowing for the true relationship between the Black and the Blue Fairy?

We’ve seen how Jekyll and Hyde’s story ended, so maybe Black and Blue will find a way to successfully merge? If they really are split, maybe it happened because she couldn’t really deal with losing her child, so she lost part of herself instead. It also lends itself to interpretations on the role of the Catholic Church and the shaming of women’s sexuality leading to repression…. Potentially interesting social commentary. 

I rarely do any kind of OUAT speculating, but the whole fairy issue from the last ep has sucked me into coming up with a crack theory that might not be too crack-y for this particular show.

What if the Blue Fairy and the Black Fairy are alter egos, just like Jekell and Hyde and Regina/Evil Queen?

Blue was very particular that she couldn’t be the one to save the baby. Is that because the incantation would morph her into her alter-ego, the Black Fairy?

And who possessed the Black Fairy’s wand? Yep. Blue.

And who gave Baelfire the bean in the first place to either save his relationship with his dad or to “steal” him from his dad? Blue.

I read a post that reminded me that Blue was once called “blue star,” and the Black Fairy incantation included the words “dark star.”

Seriously. This could be a real thing. Especially now that Blue has the baby and there are spoiler reports of Blue filming with Rumple and Gideon.

Is this the year that all the shady Blue jokes will finally be made a reality?

Only time will tell.

After my tiny rant, here’s a little w.i.p. of a new painting I’m working on. Already taking about 3 times as long as my other paintings and I’m not even halfway done. o.o Ima say there’s a little bit of improvement going on, at least mental health wise for me. I decided to paint the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio because when I was younger, she was the most mysterious and wonderful character from any Disney movie for me. I was read Buratino when I was small and when I got older, I read another version of Pinocchio, illustrated by a super wonderful artist (I can’t find the book online! Gonna keep looking), and I was very much in love with the story and characters, especially the Fairy with Turquoise Hair in the woods. Going to paint the Disney version just because I thought she needed a little spicing up. From a quick look through deviantArt, no one has painted her! 

I used a pic of myself for reference and as always, painted in Krita with my Huion WH1409 tablet.


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