Does anyone else think the Blue Fairy could be part of the Black Fairy that she split off?

When Rumple tried to kill Hyde, he couldn’t, because Hyde was a part of Jekyll.

…maybe the reason the Blue Fairy didn’t die was actually because she was only a part of the Black Fairy and thus immortal because of the existence of her other half? It’s clear that people who are split, aren’t split into good and bad, but into what they repress and what they allow the world to see. The Black Fairy is mentioned while Blue is seemingly dead. They are also dealing with Pan’s shadow in that scene… but everybody has a shadow side, so what if that was foreshadowing for the true relationship between the Black and the Blue Fairy?

We’ve seen how Jekyll and Hyde’s story ended, so maybe Black and Blue will find a way to successfully merge? If they really are split, maybe it happened because she couldn’t really deal with losing her child, so she lost part of herself instead. It also lends itself to interpretations on the role of the Catholic Church and the shaming of women’s sexuality leading to repression…. Potentially interesting social commentary. 

Pinocchio is a bit of an anomaly… he is a witch who was created by the great Blue Fairy, who then abandoned him. Learning everything from a cricket, Pinocchio wanders around Italy making mostly bad decisions, turning boys into donkeys, and causing havoc on the shoreline thanks to a run in with a beastly whale. Is there hope for this little wooden witch? 

INKtober 2017 Day 14