The Blue Crystal

In Heaven’s caves a blue crystal is engraved. 
Four seraphs mine it from the glittering wall- 
The crystal is carried through corridors and brought 
To his golden throne. He blesses the crystal, 
Holding it tight in his grasp, not ready to let go. 
This prized possession is pried from God’s palms. 
He drops the crystal and like a feather in the sky 
The crystal serenely falls to Earth, dancing with constellations, 
Soaring through space and time before falling into the lap of 
A deserving mother and father.

Two hounds guard this blue crystal created midsummer. 
This blue crystal is etched with an eternal serenity- 
Her edges are smooth, 
Her edges sparkle with a beauty 
Only a newly forged crystal can produce. 
To imagine what is seen through the crystal’s gaze- 
The peace, the love, the purity… 
This crystal has yet to be toyed with- 
Hasn’t witnessed death, 
Hasn’t discovered heartbreak. 

Her blueness gazes up at a 
Smiling mother, a proud father. 
Her carved edges curve into a smile, 
Innocent giggles escape the black depths. 
Mother shuts off the light, 
Feels her feet rise the stairwell, 
Feels her heart forgotten 
In the crystal’s room, 
A phantom limb. 

Morning dawns- 
Radiance! No other words suffice. 
A mother drinks her brown coffee, 
A father drinks his white milk, 
A blue crystal between them, 
Finally home.