So My 7 year old God Daughter and My 15 year old cousin stayed the night last weekend . We were having dinner and I must have reached for something and exposed My blue armpit hair . The conversation when like this :

15 year old “ Lol I forgot you have blue armpits .

Hubby : Oh you dyed them blue again , I didnt even notice .

7 year old : ( looks perplexed but amused )

 Hubby to 7 year old : Dont you dye your armpit hair ?

7 year old : I dont have armpit hair 

Me to Hubby : she didnt know women had armpit hair at all till just now .

Me to 7 year old : did you ?

7 year old : No I never knew girls had armpit hair 

Me : yep everyone gets armpit hair when they get older , Boys and girls . Alot of girls shave it off for fashion , BUT now its kinda popular to grow it out and dye it fun colors .

7 year old : Awesome ! 

Hubby : yeah and now some guys shave theirs !

7 year old : nuh uh ! boys cant shave their armpits , They are always hairy .

Me : Nope not always . Any Girl or any boy can have hairy or shaved armpits . Its all up to what you like .

7 year old : Oh ok :) 

V Headcannons

In ode of the upcoming V Route (since in some areas, IT’S AUGUST WOO) I’ve decided to address some V Headcannons that I personally think are completely plausible and holy fuck I love this man here we go

•He loves to cuddle. He’s not used to it, but he sure as hell loves it. Fight me on this I want my boy to be hugged and safe and warm and-

•V probably has sloth merchandise. He likes the way they live and finds them extremely adorable and thank the gods for this pure man and for these pure animals Jesus fucking Christ

•V’s pictures each have #Aesthetic names like, it’s canon one of the names are “Her Shadow” and another “Hope’s Beginning” so fuck yeah he’s aesthetic as hell


•V wears a lot of overalls and sweaters while traveling abroad to take photographs. He likes the feeling and likes how he doesn’t need to wear a belt. I love this man holy shi

•He has a dream journal… if anyone read it they’d be weirded out smh this boy has some weird ass dreams lemme tell you


•Remember how V tried telling Jumin he had terminal cancer in Baehee’s Route? Yeahhh I really hope he faked being sick so he could stay home sometimes during his schooldays. In those days he’d prob take pictures or stare at a wall and think about sloths or smth

•V used to have a cat when he was younger so maybe then he could finally get some pussy
Oh my fucking gods just pour bleach in my eyeballs now fucking hell

•When his sight began to fail, V bought so many sunglasses holy shit he probably has those steampunk sunglasses or even those cheesy five dollar ones with the bright colors and weird shapes. But he probably also has a small collection of fucking expensive as hell sunglasses that are probably worth more than my college tuition jfc

•V tips like a champ like for real he probably tried tipping 200% once and nearly made the waiter faint because it was a multi hundred dollar meal with Jumin who you fucking KNOW eats that expensive good good

•V’s phone battery is probably higher than your stoner cousin rn because he never knows when he doesn’t have his professional camera on him and needs to take a picture of like a flower (or a sloth)

•I stg V probably has read Harry Potter a fuck ton of times no joke and has merchandise and owns all of the movies. If you say a quote, he’ll probably tell you the book, chapter, page, paragraph, and sentence tbh what a dork

•I really hope V had an emo phase and when he first looked at Mint Eye!Saeran was probably thinking “yo what the fuck did Rika show you my old facebook account or what” even tho he’s too nice to say that shit out loud

•V hates chiffon cakes

•I really hope V likes camping for his photography. Like, you won’t hear from him for weeks (lol I bet whenever V goes AWOL the RFA just thinks he’s camping) and once nearly got mauled by a bear trying to take a picture of it (Yoosung’s favorite picture jfc)

•V uses contact lens and one time tore his right lens while swimming and started crying because that was his last right lens fucking hell

•V is such a fucking cutie when it comes to dates like holy shit what a gentleman. Like he’s vanilla af to dating (like do you really think he would date around?) so he tries his best to swoon the MC and it fuCKING WORKS TAKE ME

•He likes to wear eyeliner and once wore sparkly fingernail polish because he’s glitter af

•Doesn’t really watch anime that much, but probably has like a top ten that he likes. He once tried to watch Attack on Titan and nearly cried what a soft boy I love him

•He likes left Twix because Jumin likes right Twix and he thinks it’s funny what a cutie <3

•He likes planting flowers randomly in his house. One time he planted a sunflower next to his head and woke up to a butterfly on his nose aww
Long story short he sneezed -o-

•Alongside his sunglasses collection, you fucking bet your left titty that he has a flower crown collection. Rika tried getting rid of them while they dated, but he hid them and wears them while he goes camping. Smol flower boy uwu

•When he was younger he wanted a fantasy-like wedding but now our smol boy just wants to be loved by someone who won’t FUCKING SCRATCH HIS EYES OUT UHHH

•Used to be a crybaby when he was younger, now he knows how to cry on the inside more 
Someone please pet this boy’s cotton candy hair and tell him it’s gonna be alright ;-;

•You know those kids who would wake up hella early to watch cartoons?
V wasn’t one of them bye

•V wore reading glasses when he was little fight me on this

•V has a blog to help aspiring photographers and totally gives them #1 tips and is uber sweet abt it and holy fuck take my soul

•Once confused a fox and a cat while his eyesight was shit. He brought it in his house and everything. Jumin visited the next day and guess what he thought it was a cat too. It took a surprisingly long time for them to realize cats don’t look like foxes.
Hint he took the fox to the vet and found out after the secretary screamed

•Hates killing bugs but hates bugs

•V’s the kind of person who’s always buying lip balm but always losing them too like if you look under his couch he probably has like twenty down there

•Probably doesn’t take a lot of selfies, but when he does he looks bomb af and makes Zen reconsider his entire life

•Wanna bet my college savings that V has a really cute back tattoo?

•Once milked a cow. He asked permission and was uber polite to the cow, even apologized to it because he thought he was hurting it. Pet its baby and hugged the smol cow. V thinks cows are pretty.

•Once he came home after visiting Jumin and took a shower. Somehow his drain was filled with white cat hair.

•Once gave Saeyoung a kazoo. He regrets it.

•V is probably the type of person who leaves the empty cereal box in the panty and an empty carton of milk in the fridge. He means well but sometimes he just stares at it and decides somehow it’ll be easier to put it back instead of in the trash bin. He lives alone so it’s not like he’s being mean to anyone lol

•Cut his thumb with a spoon once (actually happened to me once, to this day I wonder how the fuck did I manage that) so V only has nineteen spoons now.

•Has a weird scar on his head from a shelf breaking while he was under it. Jumin had a professional interior designer plan out a “safer” living room for him. V was too nice to tell Jumin that it was silly and too embarrassed to admit that he’s just bad at installing things.

•Not a headcannon, just wondering. Do you think V has blue armpit hair?

•Has flower pillowcases but otherwise has plain sheets. Flower boy -3-

•Has a hobby of photoshopping Jumin’s face onto cats. He once accidentally sent it in a chatroom with Zen in it. Freaked the hell out of Zen and apologized, even though he found it kinda funny.

•Every once in awhile, he likes making cool shapes with his smoking pipe and shows them to Zen, smoking bros.

•He doesn’t play video games, but used to indulge himself in a few of Yoosung’s talks about LOLOL. What a sweetie

•Likes crunchy things, probably has like a lot of crunchy, dried fruits and vegetables in his pantry. Him and Zen snack between V using Zen as a model for photos. ZEN has V recommend him brands and his favorites.

•V tried chewing gum a few times, but always ended up swallowing it by accident so he decides he’d rather not. He also doesn’t like how sweet a lot of the brands are.

•A total dork and probably has a lot of movie dates with MC. They probably eat some of his crunchy fruits I mentioned above and drink champagne out of mugs. Once V got scared during a movie and spilled his drink on MC (and in the fruit but he doesn’t care about that) and offered to let her wear some of his pajamas. Nearly had a nosebleed when he saw (ha…) her

•Kinda wimpy when it comes to horror movies, but likes watching them in a big theatre so he knows he isn’t alone.

•Did I already say he is a cuddlebug? Yeah? Too bad, I love this dork and he needs cuddles -^-

That’s basically all I can manage rn if I have any typos it’s because I’m too lazy to proofread.

I learned something while writing these headcannons. It takes a special talent to write them, a talent I do not have but whatever they’re fun to write.


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Aaah, Rick in A3 would be perfect xDDDD (still for the clothes meme.... I'm sorry, I can't get enough of your art :,3 )

HONESTLY a dressy Rick just for you for bein so nice ; w ; !

I was watching some anime and had this weird idea. Imagine a reverse harem anime* where the protagonist is a conservative and a closeted lesbian in high school or college. She’s having trouble finding love because all the other lesbians she knows of seem like SJWs, and she doesn’t want to out herself just yet. And a bunch of Trump supporters have crushes on her.

She doesn’t know how to turn them down, and she doesn’t know all of them like her that way, so she starts cutting her hair short and dyeing it blue, growing armpit hair, etc. thinking it’ll stop them from being interested. Most of them still are, but they begin to question their assumptions about women with short hair, dyed hair, armpit hair, etc. and their initial assumptions of what they found attractive. And they’re really confused.

Once she starts changing her appearance, liberals on her campus assume she’s becoming one of them. She’s very suspicious about them and initially thinks they’re all SJWs, but she keeps this thought to herself for the most part. She reluctantly befriends a few, but she doesn’t tell them she’s a conservative. She still associates with her conservative friends and admirers, but never friends of both groups at the same time. She also becomes more open to listening to liberal perspectives when she was dismissive of them previously, but she’s still a conservative.

Then one day, her liberal friends find her hidden Make America Great Again hat, and some of them get really mad at her and stop being her friend. She’s distraught. Some of them defend her reluctantly but still feel a bit betrayed at first and can’t believe they’re siding with a Trump supporter. One of the lesbians privately reveals herself to be a conservative. She later starts crushing on this lesbian but is afraid she doesn’t like her back and doesn’t want to destroy their friendship by admitting her feelings as she’s still in the closet about her sexuality.

Then Milo Yiannopoulos visits their campus and does a talk, and she reveals herself as a lesbian conservative to all the attendees and protestors. All of her true friends, both the Trump supporters who were crushing on her, her other conservative friends, her new liberal friends, and the girl she loves, all applaud her. The protesters, including some of her ex-liberal friends, get really rude, but Milo shuts them all down with his fabulous sass powers. When the presentation’s over, she hugs him and gets a signed copy of his book.

After the Milo talk, it turns out the conservatives (including those who wanted to date her) are all supportive of her being a lesbian, and both the conservatives and liberals who are friends with her begin to respect each other and become friends as well. One of the conservatives admits to being trans. Her crush admits to everyone else that she’s conservative, and the liberals in their friend group continue to accept her. She and the protagonist start dating.

*for those of you who don’t know, reverse harem is basically a genre where the protagonist is a girl and a bunch of guys are romantically interested in her

Please stop reblogging This oh my god.

ppl shit on feminism so much but they dont realize that its more than just wearing shorts to school or if some white girl dyes her armpit hair blue. women actually need it and not many countries treat women with equal respect. like u can have ur opinions but u have to realize that if u were born into a privileged life, u are just unaware to what others go through. not a lot of women can imagine what a day would be like in my shoes. 

young girls are being sold into sex and they dont even know it, girls are being forced into marriage and they’re having children with men the age of their grandfather and in girls in africa and the middle east are being circumcised.

you may tell me “what does western feminism do for them”. that proves to me that people are so unaware to OTHER kinds of feminism. Mainstream Feminism isn’t every woman’s feminist movement. I know i have more opportunities and land to roam than other girls and that isn’t fair. 

[EDIT: I’ve noticed that people didn’t like the generalization of Africa and the middle east (on FGM) and i thought i should add this

Simply putting down “africa” was very vague and unspecific. ]

[EDIT: this post is towards anti-feminists who dont know that there are actual women problems in other places other than america and I’m not even trying to paint these women as weak. just bc i brought these up doesn’t mean I’m trying to tell you they’re weak.]

[EDIT: ok so ppl didnt like that i added blind bc it was ableist. sorry but i didnt mean it or think of it that way. i changed it to unaware.]

people had a problem with this post so its just a mess. dont even reblog it . thanks.


My experience thus far since I stopped shaving the natural growth of my hair has been an eye opener to say the least. People look at you with such confusion, and silently I am giggling to myself because I love stirring their minds. I love shaking people’s perspectives, not for my own pleasure, but because it makes them think beyond what they’ve been conditioned to think before. Yeah, I am a woman and have armpit hair. Is that really so unnatural? No. Does it have an impact on anyone except myself? No. Should other people be concerned with my choice? No. But those are my views, not everyone else’s. I’m simply choosing to allow my body to be as natural as I feel like. I’ll shave when I damn well please, not when society tells me I should.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)


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imagine guy fieri dying his armpit hair blue, putting on shades, and screaming "get bungalowed!"

I’m not aware of what this is referencing but I still laughed