So My 7 year old God Daughter and My 15 year old cousin stayed the night last weekend . We were having dinner and I must have reached for something and exposed My blue armpit hair . The conversation when like this :

15 year old “ Lol I forgot you have blue armpits .

Hubby : Oh you dyed them blue again , I didnt even notice .

7 year old : ( looks perplexed but amused )

 Hubby to 7 year old : Dont you dye your armpit hair ?

7 year old : I dont have armpit hair 

Me to Hubby : she didnt know women had armpit hair at all till just now .

Me to 7 year old : did you ?

7 year old : No I never knew girls had armpit hair 

Me : yep everyone gets armpit hair when they get older , Boys and girls . Alot of girls shave it off for fashion , BUT now its kinda popular to grow it out and dye it fun colors .

7 year old : Awesome ! 

Hubby : yeah and now some guys shave theirs !

7 year old : nuh uh ! boys cant shave their armpits , They are always hairy .

Me : Nope not always . Any Girl or any boy can have hairy or shaved armpits . Its all up to what you like .

7 year old : Oh ok :) 


I miss having abs, I miss my green/blue armpit hair, and I miss these undies!
My birthday is in 3 days and I’m stunned that I might actually be kind of maybe a little bit excited? If anyone wants to spoil me, I’ll love you foreva-eva💕
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ppl shit on feminism so much but they dont realize that its more than just wearing shorts to school or if some white girl dyes her armpit hair blue. women actually need it and not many countries treat women with equal respect. like u can have ur opinions but u have to realize that if u were born into a privileged life, u are just unaware to what others go through. not a lot of women can imagine what a day would be like in my shoes. 

young girls are being sold into sex and they dont even know it, girls are being forced into marriage and they’re having children with men the age of their grandfather and in girls in africa and the middle east are being circumcised.

you may tell me “what does western feminism do for them”. that proves to me that people are so unaware to OTHER kinds of feminism. Mainstream Feminism isn’t every woman’s feminist movement. I know i have more opportunities and land to roam than other girls and that isn’t fair. 

[EDIT: I’ve noticed that people didn’t like the generalization of Africa and the middle east (on FGM) and i thought i should add this

Simply putting down “africa” was very vague and unspecific. ]

[EDIT: this post is towards anti-feminists who dont know that there are actual women problems in other places other than america and I’m not even trying to paint these women as weak. just bc i brought these up doesn’t mean I’m trying to tell you they’re weak.]

[EDIT: ok so ppl didnt like that i added blind bc it was ableist. sorry but i didnt mean it or think of it that way. i changed it to unaware.]

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[had to pause for a minute due to laughing]

Who also thinks this person is a vegan, has blue armpit hair, pink hair and says that she actually respects different opinions?

Wow but yeah, the South Park creators are the real bad guys, everyone. Not the person suggesting that we put people with different opinions to hard labour (camps I’d imagine she’s suggesting) and that people with different opinions deserve to be assassinated.

But yeah, another example of the oh so tolerant regressive far left.

Muh tolerance. Such diversity of opinion. Very caring.

I hope none of these people never get into any kind of power


My experience thus far since I stopped shaving the natural growth of my hair has been an eye opener to say the least. People look at you with such confusion, and silently I am giggling to myself because I love stirring their minds. I love shaking people’s perspectives, not for my own pleasure, but because it makes them think beyond what they’ve been conditioned to think before. Yeah, I am a woman and have armpit hair. Is that really so unnatural? No. Does it have an impact on anyone except myself? No. Should other people be concerned with my choice? No. But those are my views, not everyone else’s. I’m simply choosing to allow my body to be as natural as I feel like. I’ll shave when I damn well please, not when society tells me I should.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :)


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imagine guy fieri dying his armpit hair blue, putting on shades, and screaming "get bungalowed!"

I’m not aware of what this is referencing but I still laughed