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what is this about a blue neighborhood series??? my gay ass loves that album and lil troye , what are you doing friend??

Hi!! So I’m writing a series on ao3. First off it’s a mafia au kind of deal, but not really (it’ll make sense as he story goes on). Each fic will be titled after a song off of the album Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan so the series is called Blue Neighborhood. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just posted the first chapter of a fic earlier today, it’s a namjin fic to start off. I’ll reblog the link so anyone who missed it can read if they would like. It’s going to be a bit more serious than my social media au’s though, so I would pay attention to the tags


in the last three years (and three months) that i have had this blog open it has helped me … a lot. it has been a source for not only distraction but a good use of my free time. it’s also helped me when i’ve felt anxious and i’ve been able to meet a handful of friends that i hold very near and dear to me through it. beyond this, through the 32,900(+) followers that i have gained, i have been able to have countless interesting and heartwarming conversations that i would never take back or take for granted. each and every one of you has been nothing short of kind and gracious toward me which, in my opinion, is a lot more than i deserve as a simple blog admin. despite this, i want to gave back to you all somehow and the best way that i was able to think of doing so can be found below:

at the linked below you can find a very … deeply organized maze of folders. this is the entirety of my archival folder that i have on my personal computer. these images and videos took me years to collect, whether it be simply through saving or downloading or taking my own personal screencaptures. the content spans the entirety of jonghyun and shinee’s career. i have made everything completely public so you may do whatever you please with the content as long as it is properly credited to the watermarked, etc. you can download it all, you can download some or you can just bookmark it to come back and look at when you feel like doing so. due to the high gigabite count across the board for the files (and my not really having the spare money to buy up extra google drive space at the moment) i had to split everything between two accounts. an early note that this is not a definitive collection of all of the photos of jonghyun out there. that’d be impossible to have, but it’s everything that i do have that i haven’t uploaded onto fyjjong already. you can easily find anything that isn’t included by going through either the archive or looking through the pages located under the dates page on the main blog. with the date and event folders all are organized by year, event and fansite

link #1 (click here): fantaken and newstaken photos from 2014 - 2017. album scans, blue night radio (older official photos), endorsements, hello baby, inkigayo bts, older official board photos, photoshoots (both official pictures and scans - mostly pre-2015), predebut photos, screencaptures (from bts videos, fancams and variety), selfies (older), starcall videos (with english subtitles), naver starcast photos, ufo photos and videos (various bts, cfs, undated fancams, photoshoot bts / interviews, some yunhanam bts, misc stuff). total files: 3,491

link #2 (click here): fantaken and newstaken photos from 2008 - 2013. total files: 17,370

other than wanting to give back to you all my primary reason for doing this is pretty simple: i have a queue set up on fyjjong to post one photo a day until the start of april. this is, in my opinion, the best way that i can take care of myself as i do not feel that i am emotionally ready to update archival content of jonghyun into my queue that is simply that: archival. i will get to that in due time but, until then, i didn’t want everything to just … sit around collecting dust on my computer so this is my gift to you - for being so great and supportive, especially over the last week.