You can never see too many sunsets on the Blue Ridge Parkway. After the first snow in Virginia this winter, photographer Brandon Dewey drove out to capture the sights. “The sky normally lights up once the sun dips behind the mountain ridges, but this night, there wasn’t that much color. About 20 minutes after sunset, I was just about to pack up my gear when the sky finally caught on fire for less than two minutes.” Photo courtesy of Brandon Dewey.

Loneliness in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Have you ever felt alone?
I’ve felt many emotions in my life.
I feel that the strongest feeling is loneliness.
You can be a million miles away from the people standing next to you.
Or scream from a mountain top and the only sound you hear is your own.
So if you’re listening.
Please know that you’re not alone.
We’re alone together.