Jack and I managed to get the house painted. The inside still needed to be painted but at least the house looked presentable. I love this color blue! Fun fact, Marie’s favorite color is blue, too! I couldn’t be happier with the way everything looks. Jack replaced the stairs inside and I finally got to see upstairs! Jack had brought his bedroom set over and we placed it in the master bedroom. I guess we’re living together now.

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I wanted to show off my OC and you guys are accepting these, sooooo… Here we are!

Report Card:

SHSL Paranormal Investigator

Name: Haruna Kurosawa

Age: 17

Blood Type: AB

Height: 5’6

Weight: 153 lbs

Chest: 40 in

Likes: Candles, Toffee, Birds, Family

Dislikes: Feeling Helpless, Coffee, Purposely provoking the dead


A silver cross necklace, pale blue collared shirt, collar and cuffs are white, black leggings with a black studded belt and black two layered skirt, and pale blue Mary Janes 


Haruna is a sluggish person as most her investigations go on at night and she doesn’t get much sleep. Despite being tired all the time she is very social and calm, love talking to new people. When she gets to know someone, she becomes a bit too protective of them. But when people wrong her, it usually takes a lot for her opinion of them to improve even the slightest. She’s a bit impulsive when under a great deal of stress and she doesn't think things through. 

Haruna is a bit of a neat freak and hates when people mess with her equipment without her prior consent. She also hates whiners more than anything, not only does she think it’s annoying, she finds it useless as well. 


Light is Your Guide

Haruna is in a dark hallway only illuminated with a candle that she holds in her hand. She starts to walk forward for a moment when a cheesy haunted house prop pops up, slightly startling her. She keeps walking forward and another pops up. The third one is a Monokuma and as it lunges towards her it blows out her candle. Thumps are heard and a scream. The lights turn on and a Monokuma with a bloody ax behind it’s back are shown.

I’m not totally set on her background, but the gist of it is that she could always sense the presence of other worldly beings, but only pursued it after her best friend died



Ten of my favourite free downloadable games; mostly of RPGMaker. Not in any order. They all have interesting plots, certain uniqueness and in most cases I adore the art, sound and music. It’s mostly about plot though. 

Crooked Man is the only one on the list above I didn’t get all the ends for; I couldn’t. COULDN’T do it.