This shit is seriously pissing me off. I am so sick and tired of people drooling over these mixed kids as if fully black children aren’t just as beautiful. Before Blue Ivy was even born she was subjected to harsh bullying. Once we saw more of her she was criticized even more for her curly/kinky/natural styles that North West is now being praised for. I’ve rarley ever seen North’s hair done differently apart from a “gel comb over” or a tight pony tail. Blue Ivy has given us a prime example of how proper maintenance and natural hairstyles can make a fully black child’s hair grow just as long and thick ( in this case longer and thicker) as a mixed child. This shit is beyond ridiculous.



This is for those who think she’s doing this to capitalize off of black people for profit (which doesn’t make much sense at this point in her career. If she wants to make significant financial gain, she would sell out for white dollars like some of these other artists).