Sunrise Over Partners by Mark Willard
Via Flickr:
I am no longer active at this Flickr account. Please find my current and future account at “Partners” Statue Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Orlando, FL Hello Flickr! I’ve been doing Disney and travel photography for quite some time, but have never shared my photos beyond my facebook friends. With this photo as my first foray into flickr (my belated #DisneyFlickrDay entry) I’m excited to join the Disney photography community here. This shot was my first during the 24 hr day in the Magic Kingdom on May 24, 2013. I knew that I wanted to get here first before guests got in the way, so as soon as the rope dropped, I half-ran down Main Street, unfolding my tripod along the way (it was as awkward as it probably sounds). Once in front of Partners, I got set as quickly as possible and fired off three exposures using my camera’s automated bracketing. I wanted to try to get more photos here, but the instant my last exposure finished, a guest jumped right in the center of my frame and a Photopass photographer asked me to move. I didn’t really have a choice but to move on, but I’m pretty happy with how this photo turned out. Lens Used: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Shutter Speed: 2.5sec, 1.3sec, and 5sec respectively Editing: exposures combined using Merge to 32-bit HDR Lightroom plugin followed by basic Lightroom editing and a little clone stamping in Photoshop to remove a construction crane Thanks for your views, favs, and comments! Constructive criticism is always more than welcome! Email: Full Portfolio and Prints | New/Current Flickr | Blog (Tumblr) | 500px | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Entering a silent building in the dark of night, and waiting for the deep blue strains of nautical twilight to light up the building, every footstep and creak of the building resounds throughout, almost deafening.  There is nothing to do but walk about, feeling one’s way until the gloaming light allows one to see their first shot of the morning.  This was one of my first shots of the morning in the Wingdale Wards at Harlem Valley State Hospital; a long exposure, it was much darker and more eerie in person, as the blue light of morning began to flow into the 1932 building.

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