Y'all waddup waddup this person right here need some more of that memes so pls just give this post some notes if you got some good memes or just posts or shitposts or maybe sweet textposts of these specific animus/mangoes then u the mvp so let me just follow u thx thx 😘😘

-tokyo ghoul
-one punch man aka the ultimate memenime
-d gray man
-akatsuki no yona
-ao no exorcist
-gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
-hunter x hunter
-pokemon go
-sum shoujo manga idk
-sum shounen idk

Its even better if you give out reccommendations!!

pls give some notes so i could check and follow your blogs luv u all esp the memelords


The world of anime can be an overwhelming if you’re new to it (and a bit much even if you’re a hardcore fan). Don’t give up! As baffling and strange it can seem, it also contains some of the most memorable characters and best stories to grace any medium. Tales with heart, humor, romance, and awes…

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Idk if you've seen Avatar or Legend of Korra, but if you have, which type of bender would Yukio and the exwires be?

I grew UP on ATLA! I think about it everyday. 

  • Yukio would grow up thinking he’s a non bender but then realize he’s a water bender.
  • Rin’s a fire bending prodigy like Azula was (how he has the blue fire i mean there’s no other reason, Am i right?)
  • Izumo is also a water bender, she specializes in healing.
  • Shima is a fire bender, loves “lightning bending.”
  • Konekomaru is an air bender, connected to the spirit world.
  • Shiemi is also an airbender, though she can NOT connect to the spirit world and this greatly disgruntles her. She was only able to get there once.
  • Bon is a earth bender. He flings rocks on accident when he’s mad. 
  • Takara is a non bender, but invents useful things like Asami.

If it’s Blue Exorcist, then naturally it must be drawn on…. green paper?

I’ve been reading Blue Exorcist lately, and while I was reading it at work I took it upon myself to sketch Rin and Kuro!!

While I’d read the manga before, at the time I was sketching  I was only at volume 2, so I had to look up Kuro for reference. I don’t think it looks too unusual though.

  • Person:So, how's your fandom going?
  • Me:I'm not sure, I haven't been on tumblr in a few days.
  • Me:*logs onto tumblr*
  • *Everyone from the fandom are running around screaming. Everything is on fire. The world is burning. People are dying*
  • Me:Nothing's changed.

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hi i was wondering what Yukio's children would be like. would they be smart, but also troubled, like him, or would they be completely different? would Rin rub off on them? how about Shiemi?

 Well, there is absolutely no guarantee about how children grow up, or who they’ll be like. In this respect, I would need to know who the other parent is, and under what circumstance they’re being raised. Even then, children often learn from their parents and tend to avoid being like them, because lets be honest most kids now a day can’t seem to get along with their parents. 

 That being said, should these children grow up in the middle of a war between the illuminate and True Cross I believe they would take significantly after Yukio, who would easily be a role model and hero for them. I mean kick ass dad who fights the bad guys and slays demons is begging for his kids to call him their idol.

 Should this war end before their born or when they’re young, they’d be a lot like what ever they find the most influencing. For instance, if they found their uncle Rin to be the coolest guy on earth they would assimilate some of his personality characteristics and tics. 

 Should they idolize Shiemi they would most likely take interests in plants, and would most likely have a quieter personality. 

 The only reason these kids could be troubled like Yukio is if he or any other outside force gives them reason to become troubled, not even taking on account if they inherit any of Yukio’s demon gene’s, which could easily cause discrimination and cause people to target them for any given reason. 

Anime Summaries In One Sentence
  • Naruto:Naruto, you're such a dumbass.
  • Seraph of the End:Yu, calm down a little, geez.
  • Fairy Tail:Yay! We destroyed the town (by accident)!
  • Black Butler:You're such a brat, young master.
  • Death Note:Y'all are too smart.
  • Blue Exorcist:No, Rin.
  • Free!:No, Haru, life isn't all about water.