The story:

it was a rough start on the battlefield. Ben Elton didn’t like the fact Peter Capaldi told him to “Kiss my sweaty balls!” and then he got rid of him. Vyvyan got jealous that the dangerous brothers were being more dangerous them him, so he drank his last babycham and punched them to oblivion.

Dave Hedgehog killed Rocky The Rooster because he was hungry and depressed. Ralph Filthy hated anarchy and punched the Peoples poet.

(filthyralph) Kirby ran and ran to their last breath, and hid behind the tree. Kirby had killed the Expendables. Whether it was an attempt to avenge Mike’s blowup doll, or because Expendables 3 Bombed, Kirby was now done.

The Hunger games IV: It’s too late to apologize

coming to selective movie theatres near you


This video is one of my all time favorite videos in the world. Ugh.



so here’s exactly what was said in the scene when santana and rachel wake up, see that they were robbed, and then find kurt tied up. for those of you that don’t want to watch but want to know what happened:

rachel: “what happened??!" /they both run in and begin untying him

kurt: “rough trade santa (99% sure that’s what he said), that’s what happened! We were role playing and he wanted me to be his rudolph and when i said no, well that’s when he stopped being so jolly. oh god, he took off the suspenders and he tied me up…and…and well he did say it was sexy kissing me because it was like i had no teeth (wtf? did they really just have to insult his features in the middle of that? fuck you glee.)”

santana: "that’s disgusting. this is disgusting."

kurt: “i know! but then he just admitted that he was only here to rob us blind anyway.” 

rachel: "oh i think i’m gonna be sick."

 kurt: "aggghh!" /faceplants on bed, upset