Roll Up Smoke Up

Roll Up 
Smoke Up

Clearin’ my mind since I was a young kid on the grind

Just wanted to be somethin’ while watching father time

‘Till I woke up, and realized the illusion

People tellin’ me different concepts, thats mad confusin’

You just losin’ if you think you have it rough

because you create your reality, so get rid of that stuff

Smoke the mind away, blow the purple haze

Straight to the face, man I promise it ain’t laced

Just chill, tell me what’s the deal?

i’ll help you with your problems, if that shit you want to spill

Poetry in motion, while i’m sippin’ on some potion

Hennessy got my mind in a twisted up state

And smoking another joint will put me in my place

That zone, where I can’t be phoned

i’m just chillin’ with the homies, hope I make my way home

All this comin’ straight from my dome

Never held chrome, but i understand why people do

This life is fucked up sometimes but you gotta just…

Roll up

Smoke up - Jon the Shinko

Fireee lemon haze from the hidden hippie town at the top of Grenada! The smell and taste of this just blows any lemon haze I’ve smoked out of the water! Mouthwatering taste and the citrus flavour gets stuck in the back of your mouth 👌 There’s just something about the Spanish sun! #420 #budgood #cannabis #concentrates #dab #flavourgameinsane #girlswhosmoke #girlswhosmoke #high_larry_us #hash #kief #manchesterstoner #realimportdon #macro #iwillmarrymary #nugs #pot #potporn #officialmegabudatron #ph4wg #strainhunters #topshelflife #westmidzhighgrade #weedporn #trichomes #rawlife #0121highgrade by westmidzfire

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Blowing Smoke: Wind brings haze from wildfires to Willamette Valley
Winds blowing smoke for Oregon and Washington wildfires have created a thick haze over the Willamette Valley and Columbia Gorge.

The fires up here in Washington State are freaking crazy.

Here’s a video of like the smoke up here.

I mean yesterday was clear could see the hills an mountains and today, it smelled of camp fire and even the closest hills that surround us you couldn’t see. And that’s just us. Spokane is even worse.

Please send good vibes this way that we get this stuff under control. And no more live or homes are lost.

Fade ~
Layered In Your Specs
Galaxies Shine Through To Truths
Following Youth But I Collapse In Your Pools
Swimming In An Essence
At Times I Might Regret But Nothing Really Lasts
Trying To Say We Moved To Fast
Really We Were Just Destined To Crash
Faithful To The Flow
Painless When I Let Go
I Just Stay On The Road
Aimless Not Knowing Where It Goes
It’s Blasphemy, Yes I’m A Catastrophe
Maybe I’m Proud To Be
In Reflections Of Me I’m Answered By Spectrums
Geometrically Hesitant So I Take Hits
Blowing Out Clouds Of Haze
I Stay Hidden In A Fog That Lays Out
Phased In Your Sound Because You Are The Melody