Mystery Trio
Brian H. Kim
Mystery Trio

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - My New Wand. WE’RE BACK Y’ALL.

This is a tricky cue for a tricky episode, in which there are three plots happening in one place in only 11 minutes of show. So the main challenge throughout was making sure the episode didn’t get confusing by introducing too many different kinds of score. 

For this section in the middle where we are rapidly cutting from Star to Marco to Glossaryck and back again, we needed one cue that included elements that represented all three characters (Star bells! Glossaryck percussion! Weird mysterious FX for Marco in the closet! Etc!), but was still one piece of music.

I didn’t score the bit where she throws the blowfish into the door, because why would you score someone throwing a blowfish into a door?

Lots of cool plot seeds planted in this episode. How will they grow? TIME WILL TELL.