The Witness : Modeling epiphany
Leigh Alexander catches up with Jon Blow about The Witness , and asks the enigmatic designer some questions she has always been afraid to ask him.
By Leigh Alexander

I ask Blow about game design as practice – a consistent application of oneself to something on a daily basis. He says his 2011 IndieCade talk with Marc Ten Bosch helps highlight many of the things he finds interesting about design practice, “but the real thing is subtler than that: there aren’t rules, as I always say.”

“I like games that ask something of the player, that have faith the player is a smart person that is interested in what games are doing, that don’t manipulate the player,” he says. “Those don’t sound like techniques of game design, they sound like general philosophy… that turns into technique really fast, because you start saying, ‘what should I do in this particular case’." 

On The Witness.