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Is Pen the tall height as Peter, or even shorter?

Pen is shorter! Originally I was going to make Pen tall and gangly but I changed it; Pen is about 5′5(ish) while Janey is 5′8. There’s not a radical height difference, but there is one, especially since Janey occasionally wears heels (while Pen only wears flat shoes)


Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt………..didn’t hesitate even 1 second… take a pitchfork to the side………for her witch girlfriend who’s powerful enough to flip tanks over and blow up planes………that’s all……….that’s all i wanted to say

Are we all just going to blow over the fact that Ryan’s dad said he met Naya a week before the wedding but apparently they’ve been good friends for 4 years. I don’t know about y'all but I’ve met all of my friends parents at least once


“"Why do we continue looking inwards? Why?! Why do we fight each other about this piece or that piece of land? Why are we not looking outwards to the West? If we raided together, we would not need to fight amongst ourselves. We would not need to kill anymore of our young folk. But instead, offer them land, land that they can farm.” [x]


Dinah Lauren answering my question at soundcheck 8.11.16

Hi, my question is for Dinah and it’s if you were a superhero and you has a superpower based off your personality, what would it be and why? Also I think your tagline would be “Thick Thighs Save Lives”.

classic revisited, 15 Jan 2012


10/2/14: Andrew Shaw on pranking Jonathan Toews [X]

“I remember we were in Nashville last year, I snuck a key, got in his room and fiddled with his toilet so when he flushed it water would spray everywhere, and put peanuts in his bedsheets, and I knew, like - I knew I was getting it back.

And next thing you know I have two hundred dollars of room service ordered to my room. He got up early, went to the rink the next day just to mess with all my equipment, just ‘cause I could tell I got under his skin.”