Another edit of an EA dress. The BG maid’s dress, turned into a short blouse with a cute little bow on the back. Comes in the 4 original colours, plus my palette (36 colours), so 40 colour options in total!! <3
🌞 Info 🌞
Comes in 40 colours
All LODs
Does have a custom thumbnail
🌞 Credits 🌞
EA for the original mesh
🌞 TOU 🌞
Please feel free to recolour, I can’t wait to see your beautiful recolours
No paysites and do not claim as your own pls
If you want to recolour, please don’t include the mesh
🌞 Download  Links 🌞


As usual, if you use this blouse or any of my creations, I’d love to see them in your game and reblog your posts, so use the tag #playwithlifesimblr <3