The Secrets to Scandinavian Interior Styling 

I spend ages perusing through magazines, online blogs and Pinterest to find inspiration for my own home and to identify new trends to share through Loop the Loop. It’s important to make sure we know what’s on trend and it’s without doubt that Scandinavian designs and styling is still as appealing and popular as ever. So, I thought I’d focus some attention on two of my favorite Scandi brands, Bloomingville and House Doctor, whose products we sell here at Loop the Loop. And, I also wanted to look closely at why the Scandinavian style is so desirable and the secrets to creating this look. Firstly lets focus on  Bloomingville’s new Spring Collection 2015. This collection is all about being ‘bold with gold’, keeping things simple but interesting and combining classic shapes with more organic ones. The colour tones and hues are predominantly grey with pastel pinks, shiny golds and an occasional botanical inspired pattern or print. They’ve kept to the basic principles of classic Scandinavian style of natural, earthy tones with simple, clean cut shapes and combined them with high-end fashion. The styling of products and interiors is often bare-boned and raw, with roughly painted walls, stripped wooden floors and stark white lighting, but somehow this interprets into fresh, clean and inspirational images, and interiors you’d like to achieve in your own home. Just a few simple, key pieces is all that is necessary, it’s just a matter of choosing the right ones, this is what’s so great about Bloomingville and House Doctor, both offer fantastic products which help home interior lovers achieve immediate Scandi style

House Doctor is similar to Bloomingville, but offers a range of slightly bolder, statement pieces, such as the prints seen here in these images. They too have adopted key elements of classic Scandinavian style, with the combination of natural, raw materials of wood and glass, set against modern, concrete interiors, all softened with flowers and plants. I love the mixture of contrasting textures, metals versus wood and concrete versus glass. Again, their collection of furniture and home accessories ooze with simple style and classic, timeless design, which offer those wanting to achieve the Scandi look the opportunity to do so.

The key secrets to Scandinavian style:

1. Keep it simple, use clean cut shapes together with plain walls and floors.

2. Use contrasting materials and textures, such as concrete and wood.

3. Keep wood bare and natural.

4. Use light, natural hues, with grey and white being the foundation colour but don’t be afraid to inject something bright, like a vase, rug etc

5. Bring the outside in, decorate with plants and flowers to soften sharp edges.

6. Keep things organised and use lots of storage.

7. Group items together, such as vases, candles, pictures to create statement style.

8. And lastly, add lots of light into your rooms, using lamps, mirrors or even bigger windows.

I hope this blog post has been of some help, feel free to visit our website to see our ever changing collection of vintage and contemporary homeware, and if you’s like more information about House Doctor or Bloomingville products please just get in touch.