Doyers Street. Chinatown, New York City.

Out of the way streets tell a wealth of tales. The bright afternoon sun beats down on old decaying walls and fire escapes creating elongated shadows that seem to stretch indefinitely. If the well-worn awnings could talk, just think of the secrets they would reveal.

This particular photo is of Doyers Street, one of my favorite out of the way streets. It is a winding street that curves around and is tucked away from its hectic surroundings. The street is only about 200 feet long and runs from Pell Street to Chatham Square. It’s home to very old tenements and long-standing businesses like The Nom Wah Tea Parlor which opened in 1927.

In the early 20th century the curve in the street was known as “the Bloody Angle” because of a plethora of violent acts carried out by Chinatown gangs. The expression ‘hatchet man’ is said to have come from this era and these violent acts which often included hatchets. While the street is not bloody or violent today, it’s worth a visit to soak in the history, vibe and incredible scenery.

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Bloody Angle~More Americans died at the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania, Virginia, in May 1864 than at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944

“Their silent tents to spread, And glory guards, with solemn round. The bivouac of the dead.” (Stanza 9)  -Bivouac Of The Dead  By Theodore O'Hara

The First Veteran Volunteers nailed this stanza from the Bivouac of the Dead to a tree near the Bloody Angle. 

The Battle of Spotsylvania, Virginia, in May 1864 pitted 100,000 Union troops against 52,000 Confederates. The fiercest fighting occurred in pouring rain on May 12. For 23 hours straight the two sides fought hand-to-hand in a field near fortifications known as the Mule Shoe, and afterward as the Bloody Angle. 

Portion of Colonel Rufus R. Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry recalls what happened when his regiment was ordered into it during the middle of the battle.

During the early hours of the night the rain poured down in torrents. Sometime in the night I suspected that the enemy were retreating, and I crawled up with one man and satisfied myself that they had gone. I then ceased firing and my exhausted men lay down as best they could, and some laid their heads upon the dead and fell asleep.

In the morning the rebel works presented an awful spectacle. The cellars were crowded with dead and wounded, lying in some cases upon each other and in several inches of mud and water. I saw the body of a rebel soldier sitting in the corner of one of these cellars in a position of apparent ease, with the head entirely gone, and the flesh burned from the bones of the neck and shoulders. This was doubtless caused by the explosion of a shell from some small Cohorn mortars within our lines. The mortar shell is thrown high in the air, and comes down directly from above. On the morning of May 13th, the men were in a deplorable condition of exhaustion, and I marched the regiment away from the horrible scenes at the “Bloody Angle” and allowed the men to lie down and rest in the woods near at hand.

Source: Dawes, Rufus R. “Service With the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers,” Chapter 12, page 268.

Photo: Spotsylvania Court House. Body of a Confederate soldier near Mrs. Alsop’s house Library of Congress.

Adjutant Albert L. Peel, 19th Mississippi Infantry. Killed at the Bloody Angle, Spotsylvania Court House, VA, 12 May 1864.

“Adjutant Peel had thrown aside his sword and with a very fine rifle, captured from the enemy, he was shooting as rapidly as he could reload. He fell, shot through the head at the foot of an oak tree which had been cut down by deadly missiles. His body was found by his brother, Dr. R. H. Peel, who was then surgeon of the regiment, and it was buried after dark. The stump of this oak tree at the root of which Adjutant Peel fell measured at the time Twenty-two inches in diameter, and is now among the war relics in the museum at Washington City. We buried Adjutant Peel’s body beside his colonel, the gallant T. J. Hardin, who was also killed in the battle.” Excerpt from Confederate Veteran, Volume 10, Page 367: “THE LAST ROLL.”

Peel’s transcribed war diary is available here:

Doyer st. or Bloody Angle is on of Chinatown’s very curved side streets.  Supposedly it was the site of a number fo gang battles and was filled with tunnels to provide easy escape.  It is also home to Nam Wah tea house (see previous photograph.)

The Bloody Angle by Liz Jang

The street cobblers
believed that ghosts traveled in straight lines
so they built these streets angled
to protect it from the likes of you.

The gang members

thought that the angles could hide the terrible sins that we commit against the other sometimes
so they spilled the angle bloody
and made anonymous ghost stories out of scared men.

The irony of fearing ghosts
over men
has not been lost on me,
and I’m sure it hasn’t been lost on you, either.

The white men
said “It was, and is, an ideal place for ambush”
with turns so abrupt
That “not even a slant-eyed Chinaman can see around a corner.”

But even with these slant-eyed Chinaman eyes,
on the corner of Pelle and Doyer,
I thought I saw you.

lost somewhere in the limbo between
death and irony.

with wife (perhaps)
and life (the past).
Not so much ghost,
or even ghost story.
More like sad history,
a genealogical mystery.

a straight edge traveler,
trapped in the sharp angled limbo
Pelle and Doyer.

I thought I saw you.
Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania

Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania #overland150

I’d intended to post a few more articles timed to the events 150 years ago at Spotsylvania.  But pressing family issues have me away from the field and pull my thoughts elsewhere.  So for the Assault on the Mule Shoe Salient’s 150, I find myself as many do – watching from afar.

The Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania NMP twitter feed is buzzing with “dispatches” from the field. My friends Ron Baumgartena…

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newer traditional stuff:

1. bloody angle, I had just gotten my copic 36 set and and BAM blood and shit

2. A little drawing I did late one night,

3. My Art 1 final project, I drew my sister, I like how it came out actually

4. A sketch I did I did while waiting for my mom one day

5. A drawing I did for my sister, its me on top, my sister on the side and her best friend at the bottom.

6. splender man, fun little drawing

7. Young and Beautiful - the song inspired this drawing


Doyers Street 1900 and 2011. This street apparently holds some record of the most violent deaths to take place on a single street, as it’s unique curvature made it the street of choice for the bloody tong wars.  “Hatchet Men” would hide beyond the bend and engage in turf wars at the turn of the 20th century.  Today, it is the home of many cheap delicious restaurants, as well as trendy hot spots like Pulqueria and Apotheke. Surprisingly, it still has not lost it’s mystery and old world feel.

kaisn0w asked:

so this is kind of a stupid question but-- I kind of took a One Direction hiatus in 2012/13ish and I have no idea what Wellington is. And now it's resurfacing and I'm confused can u help me??

Hello sweety :) Sure!

Here we go!

On April 23rd 2012, the boys came out to spend a night in a bar in Wellington.

This a video in which they interact with fans:

What we are interested about, happened at 2.22, when you clearly hear Louis scream “BOYFRIEND!”

Here’s the video of this bloody moment from another angle, the most popular of all:


Because of the poor quality of the video, the larry shippers are going crazy for 3 years now, because the one question that everyone makes is “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?”

Now it seems there is a girl that has the video in high quality (It seems that she has it for years but has always kept secrets) and finally wants to publish it, saying it would be the biggest Larry proof.

Last night came out this photo, apparently from that video

Now you can understand why everyone is going crazy. We are finally discovering the truth?

Personally I don’t know what to think, if it’s true that this video exist or if it’s all a lie. Soon we will find out. (the girl said on twitter that she will post the video at 12pm est)

Anyway, thank you for making me this question, I am honored that you ask me for help, I hope you’ll understand what you needed from this post. By the way, you can watch the other stuff that I have recently repost/post about this situation, maybe you’ll understand better.

Hope you’ll a have a great day! See ya :* <3

(the video and the pics are not mine, credit to the owners)

“The Bloody Angle” at Spotsylvania Courthouse, where Union and Confederate troops fought in pitched battle for 22 straight hours