B-Rabbit Plush from Pandora Hearts (manga)

My first commission completed in 2013, woo hoo!  This guy came out really cute (if not just a little bit creepy!)  I enjoy making very clean characters like this, even though it’s out of my normal style.  The eyes are wood beads.  I often use these beads for eyes, but I usually paint over them.  Since this is a doll, the beads just looked so perfect, I left them as is.

When I sculpt something with elements that are new to me, it opens me up to sculpting different subject matter which is very exciting.  I wonder what else I will create in this vein….

Materials : Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm Over a Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paint, Wooden Beads (eyes), Wood Base

Dimensions : 6.75” tall on a 5” base

Time Taken : 8 hours

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COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED!  New orders will be taken bi-monthly on a first come first serve basis starting in May 2013.   To be fair to everyone, there will be no waiting list.   Go here to sign up for an e-mail notification when commissions slots become available.  Please note that prices will be changing in 2013 and will apply to ALL new orders.

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Alice was alone. Again.

It wasn’t like she was completly alone, though. It just felt like it. Oz and the Seaweed Head weren’t there at the moment, nor Sharon or the clown. But even if they were, Alice would still feel alone. Isolated. Cold.

The only thing she was sure of was her current identity as the B-Rabbit. The most powerful chain in the Abyss. But it was all a lie. A beautifuly blood red colored lie… Everything that she thought she was, was wrong. And that made her feel lonely.

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“What can I do now?”