Bloodshot Eyes

I probably should have warned you. You see, I am very fucked up and I destroy anything and everything I meet. You should leave before I corrupt you in one way or another. Believe me you’re better off not even knowing my name.
—  {g.j.t}
Promise me
Promise me just one thing before we part our ways,
You will not forget my wild rage and bloodshot eyes at three in the morning,
Nor will you forget our sweet kisses the morning after, tongue and cheek and lips so pouty
Promise me that the sound of traffic won’t ever help you forget the echoes of my laughter
From those warm June nights
When grass was glued to every inch of your body, and the moon watched us become star lit fools
Promise me that my scent will forever be stuck to your nose and
That you will feel my absence from your heart down to the toes
You will tremble at the sight of any girl with my walk and realize that what we once had
We lost, all for damn naught
Promise me that the distance will set your soul on fire
That your heart and your mind will ceaselessly be at war
Promise me that you left for good reason
That it was all worth it
That we weren’t just for this season.
—  xanaxoxox

there is a girl,
as lonely as the sun
with burns across her
chest, seeping poison

there is a girl
who howls at the moon
during the night with swollen
eyes against her pillow case,

there is a girl,
with the feeling of guilt
dripping off her shoulders
because she didn’t believe
she was good enough.

there is a girl
who is so sorry that she
will ink the paper with the
words of bloodshot eyes
and black venom in her heart
yet the same girl will
understand how much
he lost when she is
rewarded with endless

—  there is a girl
Oh darling, he never even loved you.
Oh darling, they never even liked you.
Oh darling, this is never going to mend.
So darling, down your pills and pray for the end.
—  {g.j.t}