Hey guys!!! I swear i’m not dead! The old laptop that I was using to draw on had a huge a virus. Most of the time it would erase my drawings before I could actually do the lines art, so my brother tried to send it to someone so they could fix it, but they couldn’t find out what was wrong with it. 3 months later my brother offered to let me use his laptop because he was going to get a new one! I’m really excited to get back on track with the comic and you guys! I’m also going to answer “asks” that I haven’t answered and adding other drawings. I want to be more involved with you guys this time :). 

Thank you for sticking with me! I really appreciate it; it means a lot to me! Actually, for the next comic page @violet-thepony offered to draw it! The art is going to be all by her and the writing/script was by me. She offered to do this before I got the laptop. She’s an amazing person and I want to thank her for taking time off to just work on it T____T. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this!!!! <3 Also, look forward to seeing Pony Prom post. @violet-thepony and I are doing Bloodshot and Vanilla again! (The is sailing ):3). Also, I’m adding in some of the new refs soon! and if you want to ask some of the other Bloodshot cast to prom, just send an ask XD Thank you again for reading this! Have a nice day ~~~~