We have the best possible results! Mina’s xrays have been given the clear (possible excepting a few little “dietary indiscretions”, which is the best fucking phrasing I’ve ever heard), and her bloodwork is good save for signs of stress and dehydration, which was expected.

The diagnosis is gastroenteritis, for which she’s been given a shot to stop the vomiting, a round of IV rehydration, some antibiotics, and a very bland diet of rice and cottage cheese for the next week-ish.


Still, we’re so relieved. Worth it.

They’re a home while I head back out for provisions, including cottage cheese.


Hey Everyone, It's Nadjae...

Hey Everyone, I didn’t know where else to turn so I’d thought I’d turn to the all the wonderful ppl I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and bonding with on this site. You all already are a great support to me on YouTube and I feel guilty asking for anything else but I’m really trying my hardest to make this happen and I can’t do it Alone. As you guys know, I’m Transgender and like a lot of other guys I’m attempting to raise money for Top Surgery. (It’s fine if you’re unable to donate but please keep reading.)

To give you a bit of backstory, Back in August, I was able to save almost $1000 dollars of my savings, in addition to $300 of donations. A bit prior, I was laid off at my job, then my insurance decided to not cover my bloodwork for T and wait last minute to tell me so I had to come out of pocket with $660 because as required on HRT, my health is very important…. Right after that, My AC + Transmission cap broke in my car (In 90 degree+ FL) and I was forced to use the remaining money to fix it. So with no income the only reason I’ve been surviving since then is because of my best friend and gf paying for my essentials like food+toiletries & I’m now back at square one with my fundraiser..(S.N. I bind everyday for 10-15 hours a day currently which is Hot, Uncomfortable and Often Painful, as I have a very large chest; So this is incredibly important to me and getting rid of my back pain and dypshoria.)

Anyways, Before that, I was on track to have surgery Sometime this month as a birthday present to myself but life sort of kicked me in the face so I’m trying for March 2017. I just got a Seasonal job so I’m gonna be using this time to work super hard and save up everything I make, while attempting to raise the rest if I can. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE MY STORY AND IF YOU CAN, DONATE ANYTHING AT ALL (EVEN COUCH CHANGE) !! IT WOULD BE A HUGE HELP TO ME IN MAKING THIS A REALITY !!! MY LINK IS

anonymous asked:

Hey, I got to urgent care this morning and I was definitely throwing up blood, I have some GI bleeding. I'm kind of nervous right now, they wanted to look at the bloodwork and get back to me but they won't be able to until monday 🌸

hey it’s gonna be alright!! you’re fucking strong as hell and you have my support, so message me (or send me anons) any time you feel scared or anxious ok? I’m proud of you for getting yourself some help. just try to take it easy. things will be okay❤️