Blondie Lockes

@darlingstealyourgirlcharming made this cute AU about Cupid and Blondie “working at their campus student news network and being super subtle“”” about pining away for each other”.

I loved it immediatly and when I saw the outfits I was like god i need to draw them bless this au  



Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is dead! 

These shoes are from from Blondie Lockes’ Birthday Ball heels repainted to be Dorothy’s magic ruby shoes! I thought the light blue socks were perfect so I left that alone and repainted the rest, and then coated it lightly with glitter :3

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Apple White kills Blondie

There can be only one blonde haired blue eyed angel in this franchise.

Darling is safe because that’s her girlfriend so Daring is safe by extension.

But nobody else is.

Then once she’s done with the blondes she’s coming for the platinums - because who are y’all trying to fool? ya blonde too.


Take The Lead In Your Story
↪Epic Winter: Ep. 3 | Ice Castle Quest

EAH: Back To School (Budget)

The line Back To School comes with a budget line. And with that, we discover the new points of the budget dolls: the dresses have patterns only on the front, the dolls have only articulations at the elbows (no joints at the wrists and knees). And recycled accessories (like usually) or the same accessory for all them!

This line introduce three girls with simple dress (no patterns at the back!), flowers headband (cute!), recycled shoes and necklace (grrr!), a book (from Legacy Day line; good idea too!) and glasses (huh? They have problems of sight now these three?) for a chic geek look.

C.A. Cupid is cute but I’m disappointed to see her now only into Budget lines. She’d have have many beautiful dolls but now with her Birthday Ball’s doll and this line, I think she’s unfairly underexploited. = /

Blondie Lockes is my favorite! *w* Her dress is perfect for her new modern style and I love the fact she has a straight hair for once. *w* As she said: ‘This is Just Right!

And the last one… Darling Charming… Huh… Honestly, I love the patterns on her dress but not on this way. Darling are more pretty when she not releases with Budget dolls. And why is she so tanned?


I stopped being lazy and condensed my dream cast.