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↪Epic Winter: Ep. 3 | Ice Castle Quest


Hello there!!!

I recently got Thronecoming Briar Beauty’s playset so I decided to restyle them now that my collection was complete! I added braids in all their hairstyles and changed a few things from the original one. 

I went for a GoT Cersei Lannister look for my Apple White because she was perfect for it with the blonde hair and the red and golden color scheme! And I love how it turned out!

I followed the original style for Briar, mixing waves and curls and I added a braid replacing the rubber band she was wearing (which I never liked).

I liked the buns style for Blondie but not as they were so I decided to go for an odango hairstyle as Sailor Moon Princess Serenity.

I wanted Cupid’s hair to look more ancient greek inspired so I made some braids work on her and I also mixed waves and curls!

And finally Raven, I also made some serious braids work on her too but following the original hair concept. Some of the braids can’t be seen though because they are holding the bun.

I hope you like them!! <3 <3

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