To all the ladies in the place with books and taste. Summer isn’t quite over just yet and if you live in L.A does it ever end? This may be your last chance to get some radical shades before the stores start transitioning over to fall. Nordstrom is on your side; bringing Warby Parker closer to you. You may of may not have heard that these two brilliant companies have teamed up to offer a spunky new line of shades exclusively for this event. Along with a selection of McSweeney’s books, Clare V fold over clutches, and Pike St. Press Notecards. And, the best part ? In true Warby Parker form, for every pair of glasses sold, a set is distributed to someone in need.

Take a look at these four shades they released for in the Pop In @ Nordstrom. Hurry now, they are going fast and soon this excitement will all be over September 6, 2015. Can’t make it to the locations below, you’re in luck go to to get the Pop In @ Nordstrom experience. 


cleversnail asked:

Any luck with shoes that are men's US size 6 and under? ASOS, I've found, but any others? Thanks for this great blog!

Nordstrom has a “special size” category (link here) that you can select sizes below six, the smallest section from the drop down is “five and under,” which hopefully means they do offer smaller sizes.

Jay Butler makes unisex loafers that start at $145, and the sizes run from 4-14. (Read a review here)

Zappos has a drop down menu that offers sizes down to a size 1, but I believe the selection is slim to none. Around size 4.5 are a lot of sneakers.

Allen Edmonds offers really nice shoes that go down to a size five. A little bit pricier, but they look awesome and they’ll definitely last. offers sizes down to a 2, a few more options than Zappos but roughly the same types of sneakers and casual shoes.

ASOS seems like a pretty good bet, but out of these I’d say Nordstrom would be the next best, unless you’re willing to make an investment in Allen Edmonds.

Best of luck!

The Scent of Summer: Q&A with Dolce & Gabbana Models
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A few weeks ago, I got to witness a Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot at The Edition Hotel in Miami Beach. As a stylist having worked a variety of photo shoots, to experience this was not only an awesome lesson to see how something like this gets executed, but it was an epic experience that I’ll never forget. The photo shoot was to celebrate the launch of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Sunset in Salina and Swimming in Lipari. Models David Gandy and  Bianca Balti are the faces of the campaign in Miami and they were inches away from me and yes, they are just as gorgeous in the flesh maybe even more so. This specific shoot was snapped inside the sandbox at the hotel which was transformed into a luxurious beach retreat that one dreams of vacationing at. I got to chat up both models on everything from what model life is like to what they relish about the 305 and of course, the perfume. Check it out: 

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