So...You wanna be a witch?

Requested by r0se–quartz

Ghoul requested that I do a 101 post about Witchcraft in general. How to get started and such. So here are my notes on becoming a witch. 

You need to identify your reasons for wanting to practice witchcraft. 

This may not seem very important, but trust me, it is. Your reasons will impact which paths you lean more towards and what you use your magick for. A sense of identity is vital to nurturing a healthy amount of intention. And intention is the battery that makes this baby go.

Ask questions. Acquire teachers or mentors. 

There is a reasons witchcraft is called a ‘practice’. We are always learning. So pick your teachers wisely. At the end of this post is a list of books and blogs that you may find helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember that the universe and nature is our best teacher, and she is always willing to guide us should we be willing to learn.

Pick your path.
Decide what kind of witch you wanna be. This can change at any time, and you can have multiple paths at once. For example, I am a Green, Storm, Sun, Kitchen, and Solitary Witch. For now. There are no rules saying you have to be a certain thing. You just have to know what that thing is. Once again, knowing who you are and what you want is pretty important to conducting magick.

Pick your deities.
Or let them pick you. However you wanna role. Or if you want to be a secular witch, you don’t need deities. Personally, I have a massive pantheon that is always growing. I acknowledge hundreds of gods but I am only a devotee of a select few. You are not your deity’s servant. It is a partnership. You are their companion, and they are yours.  Together you will do fucking amazing things.

Make witchy friends.
Here on tumblr, the witching community is alive and for the most part, very friendly. Hell, I will be your witch friend if you want me to. Friends are not VITAL to becoming a witch, but they sure make it a hell of a lot more fun. Who else are you gonna gush to about that beautiful amethyst cluster you found at the rock shop? Witchy friends are also great to learn from, and to teach. Witches should always try to learn from one another. Surrounding yourself with equally curious and magickal minds will do you good.

Start hoarding.
You heard me. HOARD! Hoard jars especially. Hoard dirt from different areas. Hoard storm water. Hoard sand. Hoard seashells. Hoard rocks. Hoard crystals. Hoard herbs. Hoard books. Hoard hoard hoard! Collecting is a big part of most witchy paths.

Don’t just wander willy nilly into a dragon’s astral cave. BE PREPARED. Study and meditate on your actions before you do them. Especially when it comes to summoning magickal creatures or placing curses on people.

Curses. We all wanna know.
Whether or not you curse is all up to you. Some witches do it, some don’t. Just depends on which path you follow and what you believe. However, I do tend to follow and encourage this rule: Please don’t curse another witch. It is a popular belief that all witches draw their energy from the same pool, so cursing another witch is kinda like shooting at a sheet of metal. That bullet is just going to bounce back and hit you in the eye. One should also be careful with binding. The laws of return and justice are strong. If someone has wronged you or is just a terrible human being in general, a justice spell may be what you are looking for. There are witches out there that just curse to curse. Its all a matter of opinion, really. Just tread carefully.

What you have to look forward to
Being a witch is literally magical. If you nurture your powers properly, you can learn to talk to trees, acquire familiars, befriend dragons and other magical creatures, astral travel or “flying”, talk to the dead, work with gods and goddesses, cast powerful spells, make kickass potions, heal yourself and your loved ones, protect yourself and your loved ones, seek guidance from crystals, and just generally enhance your life and the lives of those around you. It’s a hellova ride. Enjoy it. :)

Violet’s favorite books:
True Magick by Amber K
Where to Park your Broomstick by Lauren Manoy
Cunningham’s Book of Shadows by Scott Cunningham
Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli
Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura
Witch in the Kitchen by Cait Johnson
Magickal Mystical Creatures by DJ Conway
Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews
The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by Susan Gregg
Leaves in Myth, Magic and Medicine by Alice Thomas Vitale
The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall
Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes and other Unsavory Notions by Dorothy Morrison

Violet’s favorite blogs: 























Also, be sure to check out my witchy tips tag, where I post all my witch content

. if you have any questions, don’t be shy, shoot me a message! Have fun!

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areyoufit asked:

Hi! What do you recommend- creating a studyblr as a side blog or creating a studyblr as its own blog? Thanks!!

Hello. I wish that I had set mine up as it’s own blog so that I would have a dash of just study stuff (plus my follows would come up as study-well instead of my main blog which I think can cause confusion). 


Usuário do Tumblr em Destaque: Thiago Krening

Blog: Krening e Thiago Krening

Primeira Postagem: Janeiro de 2013

Conversamos com o ilustrador gaúcho Thiago Krening sobre os seus trabalhos incríveis e sobre as coisas que o inspiram, como cinema e o seu time do coração, o Grêmio. Além do grande talento, Krening até já recebeu uma curtida do mestre Neil Gaiman em um dos seus projetos. 

Adoramos seus desenhos. Como e quando você começou a desenhar?

Obrigado! Fico bem feliz que vocês curtam meu trabalho! Bom, acho que como muita gente da área, eu desenho desde que me conheço por gente… Não lembro de algum momento em que não adorasse sentar horas na frente de uma folha em branco. Comecei a levar um pouco mais a sério o desenho pelos quinze anos. Nessa época, eu tinha certeza que era o que eu ia seguir fazendo pela vida. Comecei a fazer alguns cursos e descobri a faculdade de design (ou desenho industrial), que tinha disciplinas como ilustração, animação e histórias em quadrinhos. E isso me deixou muito empolgado!

Tem uma ilustração sua que mostra os dilemas de ser criativo. Você já trabalhou em agência? É difícil ser criativo sendo… criativo?

Já trabalhei de diversas formas diferentes desde que me formei. Tive estúdio de ilustração, trabalhei como freelancer, trabalhei em agência de publicidade, em produtoras de vídeo, dei aulas e atualmente trabalho em um canal de televisão. Esse universo é conhecido por ter alguns problemas crônicos, como a falta de prazo, as pressões dos clientes e, em muitos casos, a não valorização do trabalho. Eu acredito que consigo trabalhar bem no meio dessa pressão toda, mas é preciso muito foco. Não gosto muito dessas definições de “criativo” que costumam ser utilizadas neste meio, pois elas fazem a criação parecer algo mágico, algum tipo de dom, quando, na realidade, é fruto de muito suor e dedicação. Não posso dizer que seja a carreira mais fácil do mundo, mas não imagino outra que fosse tão satisfatória quanto esta para mim.

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