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Gaugnam Style Cardio Workout!

This workout is pretty intense if you push to your max effort! If you want a complete cardio workout for the day, replay the video 3 more times and you should be a sweaty mess!!

We will see you guys in the next video :)


Just got done editing a new video for you guys its a pretty hard workout video! Great for an at home workout for those who are looking to get into shape! And it also counts as a HIIT routine as well which we all know are the best for losing weight!!

It is exporting now so it will be up soon! 

Hope you guys enjoy!! 

<3 Christian & Amanda

Exercising With Music!!

So yesterday I went out for a jog with my mom (Who is like a running champ who can jog 3 miles without stopping!) and we were going through and decided to make the jog longer. 2 MILES LONGER!!!

While on this jog I was DYING!!! After the first 3 miles i felt like i could make it through and at this time I had no music playing! So after I felt like I couldn't go any further I remembered that i brought my iPod with me and the difference was AMAZING!!!

After I put my music in (I believe one song was Mr.Saxobeat lol) I was about to complete my jog and even had two 30 second sprints!! So I believe that music can be one of the ultimate motivations while working out!!

So next time that you are working-out and feel like you can’t go any further just pop in some music and see if it help!!